Reviews for Dextro, Levo, Reciprocity
Washed Clean chapter 1 . 1/11/2015
Owch. But why would Tali risk blowing Shepard if something like that could happen?

Nice work, though.
MKTerra chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
Sooooo... Foreplay is a no then?
Highlord chapter 1 . 5/9/2014
...actually, Tali won't be /that/ bad off. Human semen is about 99% glucose, AKA: Sugar. Which is entirely dextro.

And Shep will be fine pretty quick too, as humans can and do metabolize large amounts of dextro proteins in our diet. It's required for us actually, as our brains and nervous systems run on them pretty much exclusively.
Beo the Wulf chapter 1 . 3/10/2014
That was interesting. Tali was a bit... rude considering she was the one sucking his manhood (I mean, what did she expect?) And Shepard should've done his research! Much safer to "do it" in the quarian equivalent of the vagina.
"While all fluids excreted by the human penis are effectively sterile (unless the human has a urinary tract infection), ingestion of seminal fluid may cause stomach cramps and allergic reactions to the quarian. [...] Although ingestion of human seminal fluid is dangerous for a quarian, ejaculation within the vagina is reasonably safe. Since the body does not attempt to digest or extract nutrition from the seminal fluid as it would from ingestion, it goes largely ignored within the quarian's body. The spermatozoa pose no threat, and are eventually killed by the quarian's immune system (or die off on their own). Anything that remains of the seminal fluid ends up being flushed with bodily waste. Seminal fluid also contains no bacteria, unless the human has a urinary tract infection." - Chapter 11 of "Adamo" by Andrio here on FanFiction. An excellent story as well - I recommend it! :) s/6009299/11/Adamo

Anyway, this was a good little one shot - very well done! :)

kill-phil chapter 1 . 3/10/2014
Well, i have to say that it makes sense. From the games we know that Levo Dextro contact isn't that healthy. More so for a Quarian that just exposed herself to the outside. That is why those two really have to watch out when they do it Good work.
I kinda found that whole chapter hilarious. It made me laugh quite often and i think it was your intention anyway. So good work!

I don't say anything to the lemon itself. Everybody has to know what you might face when you read a "M" rated story.

One thing though. I was a bit confused throughout the chapter. I think you forgot to make a separation line for the scene change. Or was it a memory from one of them? I mean in one scene Tali is puking and in the next Shepard is? Nothing serious though,

So overall i enjoyed that story very much. Made me laugh and in the end, the whole puking thing after digesting Levo/Dextro "stuff", made a lot of sense. Good work!