Reviews for Tricksters and Gods
FledditFliveflind chapter 8 . 7/18
Ah, from this chapter I learned you're a child, and have zero idea how literally anything in the real world works LOL

You can't just move your money to a different country for it to be out of reach. And the government can 100% get at your estate to get their money back, even if you "paid your taxes on the family property on time"
FledditFliveflind chapter 7 . 7/18
"Bankrupt the USA by making one or two of the suits"..? Whaaaaat?

If ONE SUIT could bankrupt the USA, you really think a single billionaire could afford them..? LOL Holy fuck, this story sucks, but this is just the greatest example of that so far. Modern aircraft carriers cost like 13 BILLION Dollars. If the USA, a giant super power country, can't afford that in your story, Tony Stark definitely can't. Especially since the USA has TWENTY carriers. You think Tony Stark can afford to spend 260 BILLION DOLLARS on just twenty suits?

You're a fucking idiot.
wanderingwitchelaine chapter 21 . 7/1
brilliant story thanks!
wanderingwitchelaine chapter 18 . 7/1
another brilliant chapter :) thanks!
wanderingwitchelaine chapter 17 . 7/1
hah now I like Twlight, it wasnt a bad read but thats brilliant, look forward to more (I hate sparking vampires though) bleh
wanderingwitchelaine chapter 1 . 7/1
fun, look forward to more
Guest chapter 1 . 6/26
Crackfic with an author that's mentally unstable
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 17 . 4/29
Drake has got the best deal ever.
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 13 . 4/29
Why am I laughing . . . . ?
Kitsune Obsessed Freak chapter 1 . 4/26
Ororo not Aurora... Please tell me this story is not going to be like this the entire time
Kitsune Obsessed Freak chapter 1 . 4/26
Dude... Slytherin is in the dungeon, not a tower. Please re read the books man
BlazeStryker chapter 19 . 2/10
Odin should understand the necessity of the Draught once it was explained. With the Odinsleep, he's not exactly bereft of analogous experience.
RakuHundred chapter 9 . 1/4
Good Story
Guest chapter 18 . 12/19/2020
Ah silver tongue indeed...the guy has all the power to squash you like an ant but he can equally do so with his words

This is awesome man
Guest chapter 1 . 12/18/2020
Um Slytherin dorms are lower in the hogwarts that needs a password and she would’ve needed to be invisible to slip by all the people unless they were all asleep or she might’ve used a polly juice potion and erased the victim’s memory and not to mention she also has to actually find harrys room cuz they all have theyr own private room and when she does all that ginny is gonna need to get past all harrys wards to open the door

If she did all that she might be better than hermione
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