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Red Death chapter 2 . 7/20
Correction: The Room of Requirement is on Hogwarts' seventh floor, not the third.
Shian chapter 20 . 7/20
Read this story a month or so ago. Sorry I haven't reviewed yet. Absolutely fantastic story! Loved this Fanfiction! Out of all the Harry Potter Fanfictions that involve Harry and his allies either; taking down the Wizarding Society, or using non-magical warfare against their enemies, or both, this one is definitely my favourite, for many different reasons! Some of these reasons why I enjoyed reading this so much are that; the good side suffered many losses as well, which showed what a realistic war would be like; the survivors suffered from various amounts of PTSD, or were changed in other ways, which also showed what a realistic war would be like; this story wasn't just in Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's points of view, but also a wide range of other Harry Potter characters, along with a number of your own original characters; Harry included everyone that wished to join his vigilante group, no matter what their background was like; at the end there weren't really any victors, and that the war mostly ended simply because everyone was sick of fighting each other; and also that the war did not end with the world becoming perfect, but instead there was still discontent, and those who survived the fighting were still suffering for years afterwards. My only complaint is that it ended too abruptly, with the status of many characters being left unknown. Other than that, this was just awesome!
Estelle Lumene chapter 4 . 7/11
Psycological warfare, huh? XD
Estelle Lumene chapter 3 . 7/11
When I started reading this I thought I smelt Game of thrones - the animalistic rage is here. Not that strong as Westeros but still and now ypu said you started reading the book D
Meech Macko chapter 20 . 7/3
So in the end the star was the deranged OC character Megan...should have seen this commin...

Its always the OC that steals the spotlight.

It was too easy...muggle weapons are so much sophisticated and how the hell do the know how to use a sniper rifle calculating for windage and bullet drop unless, it was ranges within 150m.

How the hell did the girls manage to use a tank missile/AT missile?

At least you could have put a warning saying that this is OC centered.

The end part seemed more like a parody.
Mfoto chapter 1 . 6/18
Interesting read
Carolyn Ohlmann chapter 8 . 6/16
This is a great story! (But you need to proofread better.). Please keep writing-I like the stories of yours that I've read...
Fencer22 chapter 20 . 5/28
This might just be my favorite HP fanfic. You had them fight an actual war which is always nice to see. They did it with guns which is awesome, they got a freaking tank which is amazing! And best of all you didn't sugar coat it. People died. Characters people love died. Some really fell apart from the stress of it all and a lot of them got realistic rather than picture perfect endings. I really really love this :)
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
"... corrupt the minds of children. Because when they grow up, they'll be his soldiers! Children are brainwashed from before they can walk to accept the words of their leader as if he were God."
It's unfortunate that hey don't come to the conclusion that it's Dumbledore who is brainwashing the children. This is nicely illustrated by Ron and Neville:
"You're talking about Professor Dumbledore," Ron said weakly.
"But he's Dumbledore!" Neville burst out, staring at Harry as though he had spoken blasphemy.

Dumbledore is the one who has at least three major positions of power, including the school where he impresses the benevolent, infallible image in the students. It's obvious that he doesn't take the responsibilities of these positions seriously, else he wouldn't try to attract Voldemort to a school. There also have to be some situations where his positions are at odds with each other, so what does he when there is a conflict of interest? Probably the same as always, ignoring both responsibilities and do what he considers the Greater Good. A phrase that was coined by Grindelwald.

The Death Eatrs and Voldemort are a minority, and they want power, but they don't have it (yet). Dumbledore on the other hand has the power in the school and in the Wizengamot, but doesn't really use it against Voldemort or students like Draco. Instead he protects and thereby encourages Snape. Of course Draco tries to spread his father's ideas, but he doesn't do that from a position of power, just with Snape's and Dumbledore's support. The Death Eaters mainly influenced their own children, while Dumbledore influenced most students.
The question is, what are Dumbledore's motives? From his actions, it would seem he supports Voldemort's aims, but not necessarily his methods. If Voldemort weren't criminally stupid and Harry had some ridiculous circumstances in his favor, Voldemort would have won.

Voldemort is at least honest, and all he wants for Harry is a quick, painless death.
Dumbledore's plan is to appear like a grandfatherly figure to Harry, while he arranges a horrible childhood for Harry, with the aim that he will be willing to die, because it can't be worse than the life he had.

Dumbledore has a prophecy that Harry is the only one who can vanquish the Dark Lord, and his plan is that Harry should get himself killed? Does he really want Voldemort to be invincible?
141fanficfan chapter 8 . 5/11
Wanda, sweetheart, darling, I love your stories, but for the love of all that is holy please turn spell check off. Then learn the difference between to, too, and two.
ShadeVarden chapter 9 . 5/11
Nice job incorporating the fandoms into the List.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/23
Let freedom reign indeed!
Guest chapter 4 . 4/23
Eat that Umbridge! Lol.
Luna Nora chapter 20 . 4/19
I must say… well I stayed awake all night to read it and I'm most surely not disapointed.
I belive your takes in the war were belivable and posible, you keep being at least realistic without angering every one, so I must say that I loved every bit of it. Really.
bleachTG.GC chapter 20 . 4/18
Ahh, the satisfaction of a good ending! I'm very impressed at the fact that you've managed to make it believable, instead of Harry gaining super-powers, and single-handedly defeating everyone, while his allies stay alive.
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