Reviews for Reinforced Magic
Nihatclodra chapter 19 . 11/27
Wait, so, did Harry ever get his cloak back?
Brenden chapter 19 . 11/22
neogoki chapter 7 . 11/16
Reinforce tempting Fate, the irony of that statement would provoke so many comments from Hayate XD
Isa Lumitus chapter 18 . 10/28
Not sure how I feel about Harry taking the unicorn as a familiar. The Unspeakable is pretty interesting, though.
Isa Lumitus chapter 13 . 10/28
I feel the need to say that Prof Dumb is really living up to his nickname, here. Not intervening in rapes is a stupidly impractical way to increase the magical population, even if you leave out the likelyhood of magical termination of the pregnancy. A more practical, if no less evil, way would be to encourage wizards to take multiple muggle lovers, especially married women, and memory charm them afterward. Given the number of muggles that exist, it would be possible for every wizard to have children numbering in the triple digits. I say this because there are stories of pharoahs with unlimited 'willing' women having 100-200 children.
Marie chapter 19 . 9/9
Fun stuff! Thanks for the fic.
Zekrob chapter 11 . 8/22
Sooooo... this tome could become the "Infinite Archive"? That's kinda funny in my opinion
Rakaan chapter 1 . 8/3
So, he has half his face melted off, and he just sits there having a conversation with some random girl?
Space King Wizard Duck chapter 1 . 8/1
Oh hey, thought just came to me, Squibs, they have linker cores, instead of magical cores like normal wizards? *shrug* just a thought.
egwolf65 chapter 19 . 7/26
great story!
Master of Dragons God chapter 4 . 7/13
Nice chapter.
Master of Dragons God chapter 3 . 7/13
Nice chapter,
Master of Dragons God chapter 2 . 7/13
nice chapter u
Master of Dragons God chapter 1 . 7/13
Nice chapter
TheBladesEnd chapter 19 . 6/29
Very enjoyable story. I read this after finishing Fate's Gamble so rereading the events which transpired in canon from a different angle was thoroughly welcome and enjoyable. And the familiars! Isis and Loki are adorable! Who knew unicorns were such perverts!

All I can say is thanks for the entertainment and I look forward reading on to your next completed work.
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