Reviews for Winds of Change
killgore444 chapter 4 . 5/10/2014
An interesting story. I like how you haven’t kept the ridiculously under powered and no-range versions of weapons from Battletech. Most crossovers with BT seem to highlight how weak their weapons are compared to whatever universe it is being crossed with.
I do have some questions; are you using the original artwork for battletech? The stuff Fasa used from Macross and several other animias, or the new stuff?
If yes, does anyone notice it, or is that a future plot point? Likewise with Veritechs and LAMs?
All in all, a really good story so far, eight out of ten.
ESKJC chapter 4 . 4/26/2014
Gonna need more. Great story. So few good macross stories.
PriestoftheRing chapter 4 . 3/26/2014
Good idea to start with medtech, one of the most prevalent philosophies in the OWA worlds, Omniss, believe that only tech that directly associated with the preservation of life should be used by mankind.

Probably not something they have to worry about in the Roost, but a good thing to keep in mind.

Loved the comparison between the League and the Zents, it added depth to what a lot of people would have made into just a list of facts. The capture of the Lightnings was a stroke of luck for Spacy. IS autocannon jam too easily compared to Spacy guns, but the ammo/propellant would help immensely with VF damage output.

This also shows the difference in IS/Spacy thinking. PPC is a cannon, PBG is more of a rifle.

Once they acclimatize, the Meltran will absolutely terrify any pirate/slaver that they meet. After all, Breetai was willing to fight against a fleet many times his own after a few weeks(?) of 'culture'. These girls will likely have months. The pirates are doomed.

What is Spacy legal enlistment age? 18 or so. That leaves Helena 20-21 before she starts actually flying and 25 when the Clans invade. Cause the invasion is something Spacy will not ignore.

Waiting for Chapter 4
serack chapter 4 . 3/26/2014
:) great read :)
PriestoftheRing chapter 3 . 3/24/2014
Glad that you decided to go macross rather than robotech for this cross, makes it easier to make comparisons between technology without the FoL in Robo.

Is it just me, or has the spacy pre-empted several technologies that otherwise would not be created for 10-20 years in the IS. Rotary AC (gunpod), null sig (stealth), Blue shield particle Field Dampener (Pin point Barrier), Land-Air Mechs, plus all their other Tech.
What's more is that they do all these things with Thermonuclear fission engines- upgraded with OverTech but still. I'm guessing the power problem will be solved when Spacy applies OverTech upgraded Fusion engines to the 171's.
Will you have Spacy start selling things like water purifiers or offer 'civil engineering works' to other planets in the coming years?

Eagerly waiting on the next chapter
kamikage86 chapter 1 . 3/12/2014
I like this story but I love 'Robotech: Future Past' more, please continue it soon, PLEASE!
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