Reviews for Embraced by the Darkness
avidreader28 chapter 14 . 4/22
This is going to get real interesting! Cant wait for more!
jamesfan89 chapter 14 . 4/10
OH! Hmmm how did he know where to look for them?
Magic and the Single Wizard chapter 14 . 4/9
Wow, I just got to the end of the story so far and all I have to say is it's so good! I can't wait for an update. I love this Harry, powerful but not super or godlike!Harry I do have a question though. Do you have any pairing planned for Harry at this moment? Thanks and please update soon!
TheDeadGirlRisenTroller chapter 14 . 4/7
Bloody brilliant cant wait for the next chapter! XD
waternymph569 chapter 14 . 4/7
Great story can't wait for an update
thepkrmgc chapter 14 . 4/4
the quidditch stuff isnt the most interesting, and you can hardly say that the crawfords deserved their fate (poetic justice is good, but tends to imply some actual justness) its still very well done though and im looking forward to the next chapter
thepkrmgc chapter 13 . 4/4
nice job concluding that arc, props to theo for resisting torture.
thepkrmgc chapter 12 . 4/4
if voldy had told harry beforehand to prepare for the "kneel before me" bit then it would have been even more awesome, but its incredibly epic as is
thepkrmgc chapter 11 . 4/4
i think that this is an act, and also what harry saw in his vision: voldy didnt tell harry to keep his actions authentic. harry's going to have the fight of his life anyway, but by establishing harry as his public rival then voldy can play both sides of the war
thepkrmgc chapter 10 . 4/4
the italian is voldy in disguise, im honestly curious about theo though, does he have a horcrux or is he traumatised by his fathers reinitiation?
thepkrmgc chapter 9 . 4/4
the correspondence based format is always interesting, nice job on it!
thepkrmgc chapter 8 . 4/4
cedric and the rest of harry's "light" associates are going to be in for an interesting dilemma when harry's allegiances become public
thepkrmgc chapter 7 . 4/4
it seems like sirius has made his choice, and voldy has two spys among the order
thepkrmgc chapter 6 . 4/4
harry certainly did better then i expected, though voldy was doubtlessly going easy: and is snape knows about the vision then voldy does too
thepkrmgc chapter 5 . 4/4
its good to see that harry isnt putting too much stock into the gem, fates a tricky thing, and while i dont belive voldy's amenability is entirely genuine, he clearly sees harry as a protege, or even heir material
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