Reviews for The Accidental Arrival of Lauren Harris
Ambrosia19 chapter 35 . 10/13
I love the story!About Mac being VPs son, Anna told that to Lauriel.
Blazeb79 chapter 44 . 9/19
Great story! It was awesome and so well written.
KT chapter 27 . 9/9
When I first started reading this i could not put it down! It was so well written and Lauren was amazing! I love Haldir so much and was disappointed when Lauren dismissed him so easily. I know this story is already done and has been for some time, but I just felt like Legolas and Lauren were rushed and the intensity of her feelings didn’t make sense? She said that since she hadn’t seen Haldir in 10 years and he didn’t write to her she grew and moved on, but hadn’t she not seen Legolas in years by that time too? And didn’t Gandalf tell Elrond that he didn’t write her either? Why did that boot Haldir out completely and solidify her feelings for Legolas? And also I felt like her friends/ his family kind of just let it go pretty easily (which it’s good their not holding a grudge), but I still feel like they’d still lean towards Haldir’s side. Even if it’s just for solidarity’s sake. Idk I love the fic, but it’s just kind of frustrating Haldir never really had a chance at the endgame. Though I’m assuming you always had prepared for Legolas to get her in the end. Idk maybe it’s just your fault for making Haldir so damn rootable? Bc I’m super surprised I’m actually rooting for him instead of Leggy (whom I love!)
inukamisfan chapter 44 . 9/7
This is one of the best fanfics I have had the honor of reading in a long time. You have the true gift of story telling.
Amy Gavin chapter 44 . 8/29
Amazing. Loved this story so much.
missingn0te chapter 44 . 8/22
This was the most intricate and detailed LOTR fanfiction of a girl-falls-in-middle-earth I have ever read. It was realistic, heartbreaking, heartwarming and overall an absolute pleasure of a journey to read. Thank you so much for sharing Lauren's story. For not being afraid to write the collision of two worlds, and for doing it so masterfully. It didn't feel like a version of LOTR with Legolas and a girl anymore, it was an entire new story to me. I loved the OC's as much as I loved the canon characters. The ending was everything I wanted it to be and more and you somehow pulled it off without being cheesy or wishful. It was perfect.
missingn0te chapter 37 . 8/21
Now I'm legitimately welling up, the next chapter will make me cry, I already know! I'm so proud of Kevin too! AHHH!
missingn0te chapter 36 . 8/21
I have read many fanfictions over many fandoms, but none have ever managed to break my heart the way Admiral Harris’ and Legolas’ conversation has. I’m still enjoying this story and I’m still very invested, it is well written and I’m thankful for you to providing me so much joy for sharing your talent, but the mix of the worlds has made me uncomfortable and I find myself very protective over beautiful Middle Earth. I also keep forgetting about the original story. When Frodo and Sam were mentioned I was like ‘lol oh yeah, THAT.’ Owing to that, its really refreshing since I’ve read many tenth walkers that make me yawn – you have truly spun this tale around.
missingn0te chapter 33 . 8/21
I have to admit, this chapter had me sweating when Scott and Jim turned up. I've never TRULY panicked like that before reading a fanfiction. I have to offer huge praise to you as an author and storyteller for making me feel that! I felt uncomfortable seeing the collision of modern and medieval. I like how the new weapons tied in with what Lauren explained over a decade ago earlier in the story, it shows this was all masterfully planned. Jim's reaction to Gandalf fighting was hilarious!
missingn0te chapter 25 . 8/21
I love the protective, jealous Haldir. I'm a sucker for those types ;) Your writing is impeccable once again, every scene is detailed and explained so well. Though I have to say, I do feel bad for the Marchwarden and what seems to inevitably be coming. I love the interactions between Lauriel and the fellowship, you capture everyones personality well. Sam's crush is cute! The last part of this chapter had my heart pounding, though I would almost hate to see her return mid-story. I'm glad she managed to throw her necklace through.
cujoo chapter 44 . 8/20
This epic tale has changed my life. Thank you for sharing it. I've never laughed out loud, cried an ugly cry , been so happy I squeaked or been so angry that I almost threw my phone all for the same story. This is truly a masterpiece. You somehow managed to blend ancient and modern times within a mythical realm and keep it flowing. I'm hoping you have more delicious tales ahead for me to submerge myself in. If not I will be more than happy rereading this every few weeks!
missingn0te chapter 24 . 8/20
I was torn between Haldir and Legolas, but this chapter has made my heart swell for Legolas now. He is his sweet, ellon self - now that he's not putting on that disappointing fake-love act he had in Mirkwood. I was also wondering how I could imagine Lauriel falling for him since she was so enamoured by Haldir, he had even asked to court her (They just feel way far ahead in this love triangle). I'm going to assume it all unfolds after Helms Deep if the story stays true.
missingn0te chapter 14 . 8/20
Okay, I actually fangirled when I realised it was Legolas. I guess the anticipation in the first few chapters were well worth it for that effect on your readers! I love how you portrayed Thranduil and Lauren's interpretation of him, it was perfect.
missingn0te chapter 13 . 8/19
From what I'm gathering with the story tags and your author notes, this ends up being a Legolas/OC fic. I'm interested to see how you will pull this off considering it took her three years to warm up enough to Haldir (then again she was having the confusing into to Middle Earth freak out period all OC's get so I guess that would slow down any possible love interests). Owing to this, I kind of wish they hadn't kissed - but I'm sure you had your reasons! Nevertheless, I am hugely enjoying the character development with Lauren, when she first arived in Arda she was a hardened woman, but now she freely sheds tears over a man (or elf) and even Haldir as he was letting his guard down and opening up to her. Your writing is easy to read; you know when to go in depth and when to summarise which is particularly important when you start retelling the movie storylines. I appreciate the time jumping as well, now Lauren is immersed and comfortable in Middle Earth the story is moving along at a good pace.
missingn0te chapter 6 . 8/19
Even though he was only in two chaptersI'm sad to see him gone and my chest felt heavy at his passing. That's a tip of the hat to your great character work in such short time. I think it was mostly owing to Lauren being alone again too. Hopefully another survivor turns up? Maybe even accompanying our favourite heroes? *wiggles brows*
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