Reviews for Light Me A Lantern
wilson chapter 32 . 5/6

I have to get up at 4am. I have to wake up in a few hours. and I haven't slept yet because this fic is just THAT DAMN GOOD. the PLOT. the INTRIGUE. the CONFLICT. I'M LOVING IT. WORTH THE LOSS OF SLEEP, 10/10. I am so glad to finally know how this godstone and masao came to be and I'm so so so excited to see what's about to happen next.
madmonnette chapter 32 . 5/3
love this! can't wait for more!
Silly'n'SuperDorky chapter 32 . 5/2
Silly'n'SuperDorky chapter 11 . 4/21
This was beautifully written. Everything about it was astounding from the emotions portrayed to how in sync they were, up until the end of the chapter. The "I love you's" killed me, and I felt all of the feels. I can't wait to see where this story will take me!
SB chapter 32 . 4/20
Please update soon! This story is fantastic. You are fantastic.
S.B chapter 11 . 4/12
OMG! This chapter got me soooo good! I didn’t expect it at all, you are a fantastic writer and I am hooked. Oh the fan art I will spend my day doing lol Thank you for being amazinggg!
ItsBritneyBitch chapter 23 . 3/10
Hey, no tea no shade no lemonade, but this is better than 65% of published books I've picked up at the library. I REALLY hope u continue writing. Kagome is honestly more 3 dimensional than when Rumiko Takahashi wrote her, yet is still recognizably the same girl from the anime. She's still super brave and kind and her uncertainty in herself makes her relatable and an underdog that everyone can relate to. Your historical background is perfect. Inuyasha and her are so damn in love. Inuyasha has matured but still in character, damn you write so well I wish I could write like that. Pls this is so good. It could be a standalone novel? I'm so damn serious. If you had've put more exposition of the events of Inuyasha this takes place after , it would be deadass a better novel than any of the garbage Young Adult literature I've read. I'm so damn serious that this is better than novels I've read off the nyc bestsellers list
that's just morbid chapter 32 . 3/5
Oh... My goodness... What to even say! I've been recommended this story by so many people and I didn't realize it wasn't even over yet! Now I'm so excited to finish it along with everyone else... My favorite moments so far are when Kagome told Inuyasha to drop the tough guy act and he said 'I don't know how!'- I got chills. Then when she's about to pin him and there's no time and all they can say is 'I love you,' that whole chapter was just perfect. The exchange in the jail, when Sesshomaru was mad, 'who ever said I want to marry you?', all of it. Can't wait for more!
roseeyes chapter 32 . 2/26
For some reason, I wasn't expecting Kaede to seal Masao much like Kikyo sealed Inuyasha, but it makes perfect sense. I've got a bad feeling about this... If Masao discovers her betrayal, Inuyasha won't be able to reach her in time; Sango and Miroku can't really help her, and Masao's general seems ready to take matters into his own hands! Oh, what a beautiful web you weave... :) Looking forward to the next chapter!
sesshylovr chapter 32 . 2/25
This story is so good and is giving me so much anxiety because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Incredible work! Definitely one of the best stories I've read so far
mal chapter 32 . 2/23
oh god, did I ever enjoy you bludgeoning me to death with back story. That was wonderful. Well done. I very much understand where things whent wrong.

At the end, was he really there? I wanna know!

Thank you so much for writing and updating.
Mal chapter 31 . 2/22
damn. what a chapter! all nice and fluffy. and then wow... what a total 180. i cried. You made meeeeeee cry. That's the mark of a good writer. thank you for sharing.
Mal chapter 30 . 2/22
This was so wonderful. Chapter totally worth the weight. Your words are always worth the weight. I cried a little when Kagome was playing with the kids. Love Kagome and Rin getting one over on their teacher. Hahahaha.
windbreaking chapter 32 . 2/22
Okay... it is almost 4:00 AM and I am finally at this chapter. This story is so good. I kept sneaking reading it at work. I can't believe this story is talking about what happened to the demons. It is so tragic and bittersweet. Especially reading about Inuyasha and Shippo. And Inuyasha's powers are like a legend. This story is really a continuation of the manga. Of course after Naraku is gone then it would be normal for humans to want to protect themselves from demons. Even when they win. Kagome can't stop history. She can only postpone it for awhile. And this story is really a story about war. It is amazing how well you showed the difference and complications of fighting a lord vs. fighting a criminal. Then the big twist about Kaeda and hints of her ghost was the best twist ever. Why I never saw this story? I don't know. But I am following.
sosha20 chapter 32 . 2/21
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