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MADnightstar chapter 1 . 2/14
Thank you for presenting this story
MADnightstar chapter 1 . 2/14
My favourite guilty crown fanfiction till date.I have fallen in love with this story and the ship Daryl/Tsugumi. I always thought that it had a lot of you for writing this. Great work.
practicingproductivity chapter 23 . 7/7/2016
Here I am, two years late to the party, having just recently finished Guilty Crown. I needed this fic like whoa. The way GC ended left me wanting more and you delivered. I love your interpretation of Daryl, how he is not just "crazy." The back and forth between him and Tsugumi was perfect, and totally in character. Daryl's development was so wonderful. I loved how you touched on his inner conflict of wanting to be a better person, but also struggling with empathy and selfishness. His and Tsugumi's relationship just felt very natural, the kinds of obstacles they had and over coming them. Thank you for writing this story! Truly, it was a joy to read and I'm super impressed you maintained your weekly updates with such a busy schedule. I strive to follow your example but I fear I write very slowly, haha.
ifup chapter 23 . 12/1/2015
beautiful story, i read it after i watched the anime and i can say that it was very good, i enjoyed each chapter and i love how you ended it. i hope you wrote other stories based on this couple seeing as they are a cute match. good luck with your future projects and thank you for such a good story :)
Fan chapter 23 . 7/12/2015
Really enjoyed this. I'll log in and include a lengthier review later but its considered very disrespctul and uncultured to spear this with a chopstick. They have skewers set aside for that sort of thing. They would pick up dim sum with chopsticks as they would mosy other foods.
AonoKenshi chapter 1 . 6/19/2015
I was rereading this..,ummm should I review?
I find it even more interesting now after reading your prequel.
eliestarr chapter 23 . 1/19/2015
This story was absolutely everything I was looking for in a Daryl/Tsugumi resolution following Guilty Crown's conclusion! Thank you so very much for writing it, it was a wonderful read and all the thought that went into fleshing out their careful relationship and especially Daryl's backstory was really great!
Lady Penrose chapter 23 . 1/1/2015
I haven't read the manga and I've recently just watched the anime, and I admit that I didn't even watch the whole thing and skipped 1-2 episodes. I just read episode summaries for whatever I missed. The anime didn't really pull me in, and I was watching only because I was interested in a few of the characters. Daryl Yan was one of them. First I have to say is that I ended up loving said characters and more, and Daryl ended up being my favourite. I just found it a shame that most of them weren't elaborated enough on or given more screen-time to develop. It felt like there were so many holes because of it, especially around Daryl. But this story fills those holes. Every word written about Daryl's background, every detail and tidbit showing us more of how both Daryl's and Tsugumi's personalities worked, and how Daryl was shaped into who he was/is-everything was so believable and real. It gave me everything I felt was missing from the anime, everything the anime failed to give. And the explanation for Daryl's void-beautiful. It made so much sense and fit so well that I feel like it was something the anime should have really included. This story was written very well, and I love the inner conflict Daryl has had to face. I love how obviously "broken" he was, but I love how you gave a sense of that. That he both knew better and at the same time didn't. I felt it in my gut. The pacing of Daryl and Tsugumi's relationship and the bumps in their road were executed very nicely as well. In my opinion, this fanfic had a better story than the anime itself. I'm not just saying that, honest. I would have fell in love with the show if the writers/directors had put as much thought into the characters as you had.
Aquen chapter 23 . 11/30/2014
It was a very sweet story! I really appreciated the thought you put into the characters and story arc, it was super sweet and very nice paced Great job!
Dean Hanel chapter 23 . 11/26/2014
Thank you so much for writing this. Almost every other piece for this pairing that I've found was smut, despite the fact that out of all the pairings in GC, this one clearly has the most interesting potential and legitimate base. I loved every word of this story even the parts where Daryl was being a giant asshat. The fluffier moments often reminded me of my own slightly cheesy brand of romance, and those are always my favorites. If you don't mind, could I ask if you post your original works anywhere? I would love to read some of your original material if I could.
143Maid-sama chapter 23 . 11/20/2014
Aww...I'm kinda sad that it's the end already but I am really satisfied now :D
My love for DarylXTsugumi was refueled and it was all thanks to you.
Thanks for creating this story! :D
Guest chapter 23 . 7/21/2014
The real interest in Daryl and Tsugumi being a couple started in the episode when they first meet in the cultural festival, with her shoving boxes, bags, and candy apples towards Daryl. And I was so disappointed that throughout the rest of the season that they didn't show any more interest in each other besides the fact that Daryl hesitated to shoot at Shu, Ayase, Tsugumi, and the other person's doubles;and saved her from Gai. When Daryl was later saved at the very end by Rowan, it felt like that there was a sliver of a chance of Daryl and Tsugumi meeting up once again in the epilogue, but again I was met with bitter disappointment when they failed to mention Daryl at all! :( Also it was a big let down that all the show focused on was Shu and Inori (I don't really even understand why Shu was in love with Inori anyways...) While stewing over the fact of no Dargumi, I came across this fanfic (Which actually has been my first) and was immediately enthralled with the plot and the depth of the characters, and I could tell that you had given much thought to the personalities behind each character and what motivated them as individuals. While coming in on only ten chapters to begin with, I have eagerly waited for more each week. I'm really impressed with how you paced the story, not rushing with Daryl and Tsugumi's relationship because, who they were and what the problems they experienced individually would later rise to the surface in their relationship, but also not dragging the story line along. When I came to the chapter titled "Kaleidoscope" I was further more impressed with how much Tsugumi understood Daryl's void, that instead of it just being a powerful weapon it portrayed his heart and his insecurity as to how people would judge his true self. This chapter not only showed how much Tsugumi understood Daryl, how much they were meant to be, but it also showed how much you thought, perceived, connected, and related to the characters feelings and emotions. The ending is well written for Dargumi, though it is bittersweet to think that this is the end (and I know this is really nerdy of me to say but...) Daryl and Tsugumi's story will continue to live on in our hearts 3. To sum up this review, I say this is very well written (cause we all know there are some fanfics that are totally inaccurate to the story, tv series, or the character types are blown out of proportion!) and I look forward to read more of your work!
Senzaemon chapter 23 . 7/21/2014
Ghaaaaaaa, the ending was so beautiful. I can't believe it's already been 5 months since the beginning of the story. The story itself was so amazing, as in how simple the plot was, but you managed to capture all of Daryl's and Tsugumi's connections so perfectly. Out of so many stories I've read from so many other fandoms too, I swear this is the only one that made it to my favorites even if I only watched GC once hardly paying attention to all of the characters save for Dargumi. (Really appreciate it with how you continued this even with so many hours of work ._.)

I know my words are probably gonna fall short too, but I guess something about Little Heart was really moving, especially where the title came from as I honestly never expected Little Heart itself to mean 点心even though it was brought up so frequently (Dang it, should have saw it coming) XD

Dammit, I just loved every moment of this fic, like how I waited for updates and checking back every week, but I really can't stressed how much I loved the ending. Yeah, kinda heartbreaking that this story has ended, but the ending was just sure how to discribe it, but so perfect (somehow I feel that describing it as 完美 would fit it more) I really loved the part where Daryl asked Tsugumi to stay with him. It's was somewhat bittersweet, probably because of how he confessed to feeling lonely, but I swear the story has ended with so much more bright possibilities to come

Oh my god, I swear this whole review is a mess ()︵
So I'm not sure, maybe just treat this as a review finale to Little Heart? (• ε •)
I know Imperfectly Forged won't be coming out reaaaaal soon, but I'm really looking forward to it

( )
The Gatsby chapter 23 . 7/20/2014
I cannot tell you how great this story is. They're aren't many good Daryl and Tsugumi romance fanfics out there but this is at the top! The characterization, the little details and finally the title drop were amazing!
I love it!
-The Gatsby
Ford1114 chapter 23 . 7/20/2014
This clinch it, Daryl is finally accepted to go to university. And this story is finally complete (and the title of the final chap reference the story) with the couple kiss, and like the description that it taste like 'dim sum'.

Yep, take a rest for a few months before doing the prequel. You earn it, and we all have the same boat of writing and improving our stories.
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