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DefiantDreams chapter 47 . 1/18
Oh my god HAHAHA well that was a fucking ride. I usually don't like fics where everyone's so in love with Sakura, but I was curious to see who the father was so I kept going. I admit, I really thought it was Itachi for awhile. When u came out w the whole Fugaku as the father thing I was like holy fuck and laughed so hard HAHA. I love the intricacies in this, it seemed really thought out, from Sakura's tattoo to the gifts from Fugaku, everything. It's crazy how all the Uchihas were so drawn to her, but it was a very fun read and I still enjoyed it. I laughed pretty hard too when she eventually ended up with Madara in the end. Wow, what a whirlwind. Such an exciting fic HAHA

Thann you for writing and sharing this! Super enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/23/2017
I am curious to why this story is rated M?
Audrey Alvarez chapter 47 . 8/4/2017
This is, hands down, the best fic I've read in my entire life. Words can't explain how much I enjoyed reading this. Thank you!
Kylnee chapter 22 . 8/2/2017
Wait a momento, why was she in America? O.o
Kylnee chapter 21 . 8/2/2017
Guest chapter 47 . 6/28/2017
I binged your whole fic. It was really great until FugaSaku reared its ugly head but I refused to give up on the story since I was so far along. I absolutely HATED your choice of MadaSaku. That's literally the crackiest of crack pairings ESPECIALLY since Sakura used to actively have sex with his "son". Overall you didn't do poor Sakura Justice with all of these damn convoluted and often times really awkward and gross pairings. The world doesn't revolve around the damn Uchihas Good concept, poor execution in my opinion.
wolfeerin01 chapter 47 . 5/30/2017
Yoooo this story was such a trip. Like gahhdammn, it was good but there were so many quick turns. Shit man this was gooood
PerceptionOftheUnique chapter 47 . 4/7/2017
This story is truly unique, and just absolutely beautiful in its own twisted way of how we as humans make mistakes, how we live ours trying to be perfect, to not give in to temptations. You showed us, the readers an entirely different world, especially when you showed how each character's perspective played a role in this story, it really makes us question, and see that the world is not entirely black and white as we want it to be. This story is so amazing in how it can make you feel so many emotions at once, how it continues to stay on your mind throughout your day, unable to stop yourself from wanting to read the next chapter. I cannot express enough how much this story has changed my life with these past few days, how it really makes feel so connected, yet so torn with my own life, and I can't help but love this story, to see so many complicated situations all at once shows that this is life and we must take it as it comes, to be there, to communicate, to honor, to forgive and forget for the ones we love, for they are our life. So thank you writing and posting such an beautiful, yet twisted story.
AdennaN chapter 47 . 3/29/2017
Thank you for this amazing story. I loved every little thing in it.
FlowerGoddess1 chapter 47 . 3/15/2017
This Story is Fucking Awesome It's breathtaking absolutely awesome
srooone chapter 47 . 1/23/2017
What a fantastic ending! I enjoyed this story from start to finish, especially the cheeky bits of tension between Naruto and Sakura. This story managed to throw me for a loop, I was absolutely shocked when the father turned out to be Fugaku. But it just made the story so rich, I could easily imagine them together. Even the twist at the end where Sakura ends up with Madara was just poetic justice. I adored this story, thank you for such an enjoyable read!
ShySnowStar chapter 47 . 1/3/2017
OMG I LOVE YOUR STORY! (AND YOUR WRITING!) It had a lot of unexpected twist and turns, even the expected scenes was interesting and fun. I couldn't wait to finish the story the whole time I was reading to. If I had read this while it was ongoing, I might just have dies from the anticipations.I do hope you write another story like this soon!
EmeraldBlossom17 chapter 46 . 12/14/2016
When I found out who Sakura's second husband I was like THE UCHIHA FAMILY IS FUCKED UP WHAT THE HELL. First she was with Fugaku then with Madara AND THERE BROTHERS . Its kinda the same if Itachi was the baby daddy and her 1st husband and then Sasuke was her second husband its the same since there brothers as well and their HER FUCKING AGE except Madara and Fugaku ARE HALF HER FUCKING AGE OH GOD!.
EmeraldBlossom17 chapter 47 . 12/14/2016
WHYYYY DID IT HAVE TO BE FUGAKU WHY COULDNT IT BE ITACHI OR SAI OR SASUKE OR EVEN SHISUI PLLLLZZZZ ANY GUY OTHER THAN FUGAKU. I kinda got grossed out like Sakura's half his age (Fugaku)and she had a kid by him which makes Rei Sasuke and Itachis brother. Then Sakura married Madara and had a kid which makes there kid and Rei cousins and siblings and then Sakura is Fugakus ex-wife and sister in-law and then Mikoto is just ughhh i'm sorry i usually like her but i dont know about this one. I just cant believe she had sex with a guy half her age "gross" but I kinda like the beginning. So I guess this story is not really incest but something like it but its a pretty great story but I was shocked when i found out Fugaku was the father of Rei i actually thought it was itachi was super happy. Lol i just skipped straight to the end but it was an amazing story great job plz make a sequel :)
Uchiha's sister chapter 47 . 12/8/2016
That was quite a satisfying, long ending. Victory!
At the time it was difficult to imagine a mess like this ever being fixed, but apparently it did, in a different and better way. It only took twelve years, but they made it.

I'm very glad you didn't use the second version ending here, where Sakura acts all pissed and defensive instead of remorseful and apologetic. Even though her words were technically correct, I would've hated that Sakura a hell of a lot more and wouldn't cared less if she got hit by a bus on the way out (JK, referring to Mean Girls, she just pissed me off to hell and back), while the other one had a better chance for forgiveness and people willing to feel bad for her, even just a little. So the first version was way better, because at least she was sorry. Plus, in the first version, Mikoto was already sorry even mentioned in her anger that Sakura not fit to be a mother before the confrontation happened, so didn't bother mentioning it again.

Honestly, neither woman has the higher ground. They both got a problem.

Somehow, I wasn't all that shocked that Madara ended up as Sakura's second husband, but WTF?! Guess it makes it official that ALL the Uchiha men had fallen under Sakura's spell, just like Sakura can never completely resist an Uchiha. Couldn't be helped, I guess. At least Madara did everything the right way in the end, taking it slow and all. And above all, he wasn't already married, so everything seems fine. They even have a daughter (yeah, Madara better beat off those future boys with a stick, because somebody should have done that for Sakura before this whole mess started).

Anyway, I was so overjoyed to read about Sai and Itachi finding the love of their lives. Of course, it was Ino for Sai, which is beautiful and perfect, and based on the description of Itachi's mysterious love-at-first-sight woman, I think I have pretty good idea who it was, and it just lifted my heart sky-high just thinking about his future. He deserves it:)

As for Sasuke and Karin, I don't usually support their pairing, but in this story, I can make an exception, because it actually turned out okay in the end. I expected a divorce to happen, but this was actually better. The main reason Sasuke wanted to leave Karin was because of Sakura, but since the scandal was revealed, his perfect image of Sakura was blown to bits, so there was no real reason for him not to start all over with Karin and do some soul-searching himself. He probably didn't want to continue following his father's example, either. It makes sense, and I actually feel happy for them.

They are like what Fugaku and Mikoto could have done, but they are now too late and too damaged. I really pity them both. A divorce would have lessened their misery and had them move on to do their own soul-searching, but of course….

But best of all, I'm so happy for Genma that I'm bursting with happiness for him. In the beginning, I had felt really sorry for him, but things happen for a reason and he got very lucky in the end.

I have to admit that I had gotten all choked up in tears when seeing Rei and Fugaku meet for the first time. It was probably what both of them really needed. Since the last few chapters, I was too angry at both Fugaku and Sakura to really believe Rei would ever want to meet his father after he would learn about what happened between him and his mother, but then again, it has been twelve years and he probably already had a few years since finding out, getting mad, thinking it over, cooling down, and then finally wanted to fill a missing gap in his life. It makes sense, because they're still family in the end, no matter how much it hurts, or how imperfect it is.

Good story!
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