Reviews for Mirror, Mirror
Locothehood chapter 4 . 6/12
Sweet keep it up
Wrin chapter 4 . 5/25
I'm running out of things to say when I review your stories. Please consider yourself and your work complimented, thanked, and begged for more.
MattKennedy chapter 4 . 5/16
Very cool story! And interesting promise in the saved vampire fans. :D
Tropp chapter 4 . 5/14
You are one weird writer at times, entertaining though.
Suzululu4moe chapter 4 . 4/13
Ironic if Cordelia is the one to awaken Willows bisexual side .

A cult of nude arsonists... I pity them when Giles finally joins them.. There is only so much of the annoying principle Snyder that the man can take without going Ripper...
Suzululu4moe chapter 3 . 4/13
Alice in wonderland nice.
Suzululu4moe chapter 2 . 4/13
Lol imagine him breaking into a booze or the army's weapons stash n bringing it over. Lolz unlimited twinkies for Xander.
Suzululu4moe chapter 1 . 4/13
Oh nice now he gets an escape route to heal the injured people With a vamp free hospital. Plus he could stash things and use it like a escape route like what Obito does with Kamui in Naruto.
Gundum M chapter 4 . 3/16
neat chapter
Guest chapter 4 . 3/10
Great story so far. Please write more.
I love how you've made Cordelia loosen up and become a whole different person.
I love the revenge on Synder. "To Synder's desk!"

Anyway, please write more.
erik chapter 4 . 3/1
A great fun read with an intriguing development at the end.
Fibinaci chapter 4 . 2/27
The later seasons of Angel had already done the work for you, but if that show had never existed this would have opened my eyes to the plight of Cordelia. Good job doing that in a way that felt emotionally honest without being maudlin about it.
goblin214 chapter 4 . 2/25
I love this story and love the way cordy is in mirror sunnydale, can't wait to read more.
VeronikaB chapter 4 . 2/26
yeah king of the world xander! if they establish and then marvel heroes stumble on them! I mean image xanderland populated with teenagers who can do anything they want! having job they want, clothes they want, teaching and learning what they want, girls dressed in princess dresses, geeks with motorcycles, nerds having living all in the same street doing roleplaing, the dinner making all super fat bombs, the partying atd. All adults would be in hell(well expect Tony Stark and similar, they would campaing to moving there:)
Guest chapter 4 . 2/24
can they remove things like a motorcycle from the mirror worlds or do they degrade?
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