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Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 9/20
My Lord and Father, My Lady and Mother," Shen greeted, his voice projecting just loud enough so that everyone could hear him. "I have returned home at last," he said with a flourish of a wing, mindful of all the eyes present looking on him, and enjoying it like the showman he secretly was. "I come bearing sad news of the poor Lady Amelia, who has sadly passed on,"

"Oh my…" Lord Goa gave a little intake of breath as a sudden look of controlled grief passed over his features, though Lady Jing gasped as a wing flew to her beak in horror.

"Lianne, my dear, I'm so sorry," the Lady murmured softly, leaning forward as if she meant to take the younger lady into her wings and embrace her. Out of the corner of his eye, Shen saw Lianne smile sadly, her eyes holding a mournful look.

"Thank you, My Lady," she murmured with a slight nod.

"And yet, from the ashes of this tragedy," Shen continued, as he made a point of reaching back to take Lianne's wing in his, and giving it a firm yet reassuring squeeze. "I also have good news… The Lady Lianne and I…" he paused for dramatic effect, loving the way his audience was waiting for him to continue on baited breath. "Have announced our wish to be wed."

There was a split second of silence as everyone in the room stared at them, a moment needed to be taken in order for every mind to process this. But it was Lady Jing who was the first to react. The peahen suddenly gave a shriek of joy as she bounced on the spot, clapping her wings together as she beamed. Goa was only a split second behind her as he suddenly stood from his throne, crying out in celebration as he spread his wings wide, the council suddenly getting their minds wrapped around what had just occurred and clapping as was the appropriate response. Goa and Jing almost raced down the steps towards the two younger birds, still shouting with happiness. Jing enthusiastically wrapped her wings around Lianne's neck and pulled her close for a tight embrace as she jabbered animatedly, and Goa came to Shen in order to clap his son's shoulders as he beamed at him with a proud smile. Shen basked in the adulation of his parents, pride filling him as he puffed out his chest, crest on the top of his head lifting regally. And then the two parents swapped as Jing disentangled herself from Lianne in order to launch herself at Shen, smothering her son in kisses as she clapped her wings on either side of his face and pulled him down to hug him.

"Oh my sweet darling boy!" she exclaimed, almost loud enough to hurt Shen's ears. "You did it! I couldn't be happier for you, my baby!"

"Indeed," Goa said softly yet heartily as he stepped up to Lianne, who looked up at him with almost nervous hope in her eyes. Goa smiled down at her, his eyes warm and soft as he suddenly opened his wings wide to her. "You are a wonderful young woman Lianne, my son could not have a better mate to stand by his side… Welcome to my family!" and then, the old peacock enveloped Lianne in his wings, and embraced her. Lianne seemed a little shocked at first, as if unsure of what to do with herself, before something seemed to well up inside of her, and she almost let slip tears of joy as she returned the gesture. Goa held her like a true father, murmuring words of congratulations and adoration for his soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Soon, the pair separated as Goa turned to face the crowd of councillors that were all looking at him expectantly. "May the city rejoice in jubilation!" he called out grandly. "Let us all celebrate! For my son's engagement, and for the new member of the peacock family!"


Awww. Shen so sappy.

But then turning dark.

A beautiful read, truly beautiful.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 9/20
Obligations?" Shen blurted out in a very tight voice, causing Lianne to freeze in place and slowly turn to face him. "You are not returning with me?"

"Why would I?" she asked, suddenly breathless as their gazes locked together, and Shen suddenly became aware of the murmur of her voice, pulling him closer as she searched him desperately as if she couldn't read his intentions. He stalked towards her, purposefully slowly, his metal talons scraping against the floor with a soft and ominous ring.

"Because when I go back, I have no intention of ever letting you leave my side." He said quietly, his eyes never leaving hers until he was chest to chest with her, beaks merely inches apart as she gazed up at him with wide eyes.

He slowly leant towards her, closing the distance between them, only pausing slightly when he heard her slight intake of breath in the smallest of gasps. The tension held between them was like a taunt string, and just when he thought he would be rejected again, the string snapped and an avalanche came crashing down upon him. Lianne closed the remaining centimetre that separated them, their beaks touching in a form of kiss, and Shen felt utter warmth and triumph fill him in such a tidal wave he thought he might burst from it. It took every part of his self-restraint not to give in to his urges to spread his train and give a cry to the heavens. He could taste her, feel her, and it wasn't something taken, but given! And then, the kiss was broken as they brushed their cheeks together in a form of nuzzle as all birds do; Shen was overcome by how soft and warm she was, almost blisteringly so against his cold and hard exterior. Their affection ended with their head angled downwards, the tips of their beaks brushing as their eyes were brought close to each other, foreheads almost grazing. Lianne was breathless, and Shen was the same though doing his best to not show it. It took him a long moment to gather his courage to speak.

"I have wanted you for a long time," he murmured softly, not daring to move a single inch in case it broke this precious spell upon them. "I've dreamed of you and have done my damned hardest to make it come true. I want you by my side, Lianne, for all of China to see. I want to look into your eyes every day, to see you happy with me… I want to love you and for you to love me –"

"I already do," she whispered.

Shen was so shocked that he recoiled his head from her in order to stare into her eyes fully, as if to check that this was not some game or tease or trick. But no, her eyes held nothing but sincerity and caution, as if she were waiting for some reassuring reaction from him.

"I love you Shen…" she murmured, her feathers reaching up to hook onto the shoulders of his robe, gently, hesitantly, as if afraid of his rejection of her. "I love you…"

Shen still could not believe his ears, it was as if all of his wildest imaginings had come true! A grin slowly spread across his beak, and he suddenly leapt back towards Lianne, catching her by surprise as he possessively kissed her beak with his own, before nuzzling the side of her face and wrapping his wings around her as he pulled her close to him, entwining their necks together in a passionate embrace. As she came willingly into his wings, Shen felt utter pride and triumph flood through him, a sense of belonging overwhelming him to the point where he could announce himself to be the happiest man alive. Lianne began to cry, both out of happiness and grief. Shen did his best to console her, with more enthusiasm to the role this time, for it was now his place to do so.

And soon, he would have her all to himself. He would make sure of it.



But but ohh, sad Leanne loses her mom, and more, or less her father.

His attitude. Yikes.

But he's so ilar to Shen In a way.
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 9/20

Turning to look up from his work station in his laboratory, Shen saw how Lianne came sweeping into his area, not a feather brushing his precious experiments, her eyes not even glancing at the instruments on the benches, only looking at him. Shen had to wonder for a moment when he had allowed such behaviour, normally no one – not even Ah-Ma or his parents – was allowed into his laboratory without his permission and supervision, yet Lianne now came in to see him and talk with him. She never once touched his things, nor bothered him purposefully when he was hard at work, as if she somehow sensed the danger there. Shen had a very short temper when it came to others messing up his work. Right now, he was so close to perfecting his firework shooter, just a few minor details to work out… but despite the fact that he seemed to be concentrating, Lianne came right up to him with a sense of urgency in her voice.

"Shen!" she said, her voice cutting through his concentration in a wonderful yet frustratingly distracting way, but still Shen focused on his work, as if she might get the hint that he was busy. "Shen, I've received a letter,"

"Yes?" he made a faint response as he looked through a magnifying glass to inspect the folded steel he held, examining the grains in the metal to check for structural weaknesses in the rounded metal. He didn't see why Lianne should bother him with this, he knew of her letters, she'd told him of them though he'd never told her that he knew almost from the very beginning.

"Shen…" she murmured with a hint of pleading in her voice. "It's from Shēnghuó... It's from my father," she whispered.

Shen paused in his work, and looked at her over his shoulder, a look passing between them, one of confusion, the other of apprehension. Lord Chang had not contacted his daughter even once since he had sent her away to live with Shen and his family in Gongmen City, not even to see if she was alright or even to see if the deal was working. Lianne and her father were not exactly close, and since their argument which had caused Chang to send her away, they were more like strangers to each other than family; Chang was furious at Lianne's uncooperative nature to help him secure a family legacy, and Lianne still resented her father for separating her from her mother. So why would he contact her now?

"Shen…" she whispered, a slight shake in her wings as she held the open letter in her feathers tightly. "It's my mother…. I-I… I'm going back to Shēnghuó,"

Shen leapt out of his seat, and furiously snatched the letter right out of her grasp. She was too much in shock from whatever the letter said to notice him as he held the letter in front of his beak and began to read it in earnest. A possessive anger filled him until he wanted to rip the letter into a thousand tiny pieces and scatter it to the winds, Chang couldn't take Lianne from him now, the yearlong period had not expired yet! But as he read the letter, Shen found his anger subsiding and only confusion taking its place, until he had to read the letter again just to be sure.

To Lady Lianne, daughter of Lord Chang of the Shēnghuó province,

In recent weeks, your Mother, the Lady Amelia and wife of Lord Chang, has fallen very ill. She is bedridden and is now demanding to see you. She hopes to see you within the coming weeks, in the case that the doctors cannot find a permanent cure for her ailment.

We await your reply.

Lord Chang of the Shan Palace.

"Shen…" Lianne's voice brought him away from the paper to look into her blue eyes that were swimming with panic. "Please… I need to go home, I need to see my mother!"

For once, Shen was at a loss for an immediate impulsive answer. Lianne was begging him to allow her to leave, to return to her home in the Shēnghuó province, to return to her family to see her mother. He could almost understand her desperation, Lady Amelia was the one Lianne was the closest to in all the world, of course she would panic about the news of her mother becoming ill, especially if it sounded as dire as it was implied in the letter. So why hadn't she gone to Goa and Jing in order to have them give her permission to leave? They were the Lord and Lady of the city, and they would definitely have sympathised with her and allowed her to go in the same hour. Yet she had come to him, was asking him, because she cared about if he wanted her to stay? The blast of hope that sliced through him was both intoxicating and infuriating. He squashed it down with the realization that she was probably asking for his permission because he was the one more likely to kick up a fuss if she didn't, like a child having a tantrum if she kept a secret from him.

The comparison was not something to put him in the best of moods.


Oh, good thing Shen went with her, of all the dirty moved.

Shen wins points and chang is losing them.

Lianne mama, the blood hacking, not a good sign.

Horrible thing to happen to a good mother.
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 9/20
Another drawback was the fact that with them both so busy, Lianne had hardly spoken to Shen in over a week. They had both been called off to their separate duties by day, and Shen often staid out very late at the firework factory at night. Lianne often didn't see him at all on some days. And as she watched him now, she saw the wolves call out to him, something about the smaller rockets in the factory having short fuses. Shen muttered and tried not to swear in his frustration – it was considered extremely bad mannered and lowly for a royal to swear – as he quickly left with his wolves to sort out the situation in the factory. He hadn't even noticed Lianne the whole time she had been in the courtyard.

The swan sighed, shaking her head sadly as she wondered if there would be a time before the festival was upon them when Shen could relax, perhaps they could even have just an hour together in order to forget the stresses of this occasion. Lianne had to admit that after this festival she did not envy Goa and Jing one bit for all their responsibilities. When it came time for her to make these decisions on a regular basis when she became Lady of the city, it would be a wonder that she didn't turn grey early from –

Lianne froze, her neck going rod-straight as her back tightened in shock. What had she been thinking?! 'When she became Lady of the City,'… what on earth had been going through her head?! Lianne wasn't marrying Shen, he hadn't even proposed nor shown much romantic interest in her since they had not been on such agreeable terms with each other. Yes, Lianne considered Shen to be a good friend, but she seriously doubted if it would progress past that point; for no matter how she had come to enjoy her time in Gongmen City, she still wanted to go home.


Awww she wants to stay, she wants to go home, be with her mom. But She is winning her heart.

And that paint confirms to Shen he's fallen hard for the swan.

Beautiful work.
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 9/20
Then you still have more experience then I," Shen commented.

"Yes, I noticed that you do not seem overly fond of this whole arrangement," she pointed out with a sideways glance at him.

"I make it a habit to interact with the people as little as possible. It works out better that way for both of us," his tone dropped a little as his good mood began to grow sour at the thought of all their stares and whispers behind his back. But he was suddenly brought out of his dark hole when he felt something touch him, and turned to see Lianne place a wing upon his shoulder.

"I'm sure that if they knew the Shen that I have come to know, that would both like him and respect him as I do," she said softly, her tone sincere, and Shen searched her eyes for any form of a lie, but he could find none, and that oddly… made him feel unbalanced. But then the moment was broken as Lianne pulled away and they walked on for a beat in silence before she opened her beak to speak again. "So do you not participate in the festivals at all?"

"Only what is required of me," Shen replied truthfully. "I make the public appearance with my parents but other than that I do not."

"He merely slinks away back to his lab to work on whatever project he's working on," The Boss Wolf added from where he was several paces behind them, but quickly shut up when Shen sent a glare over his shoulder.

"I love going through the streets at festival time, eating all the food, visiting the stalls, talking to the people. It raises morale and lifts the people's heart like you would never believe. But it's also… nice to just forget that you're noble and they're not, there are no boundaries. It's oddly feeing," Lianne smiled wistfully to herself as she looked up at the sky and sighed. "My mother and I used to race down the streets together, sparklers in our hands, pretending we were shooting stars."

"I'm glad you had such happy times," Shen murmured as he watched her, taking advantage to be able to look at her beauty unabashed as she looked away from him. But then she looked at him and their eyes met. Yet she seemed to not notice his sudden fluster at being caught, either that or she didn't say.

"Honestly though, when was the last time you had fun outside of the Tower?" she asked, raising her brow at him as if it were a challenge.

"Hmmm," Shen thought about it for a moment, before a memory suddenly resurfaced from the depths of his mind, once forgotten but now could remember perfectly. "I was only thirteen years old, and Ah-Ma had told Zhan and I some ghost story that I honestly can't remember. But once it was done, our minds were alive with imagination! We hadn't known each other long, and we were young and impulsive. I think it was a dare that started it…"

"I dared him to play 'ghost'," Zhan put in.

"Yes! That's it!" Shen exclaimed. "We snuck out of the Tower, past the guards and the walls, and found our way into the city. We stalked our way through the city, playing little pranks and playing about as we went. But then, we came across this group of men, drunkards outside of a bar, all of them harassing whoever was about at that time of night. Well, being the young fools that we were, we thought to stand up to them, but that didn't go quite according to plan…"



Funny and cute there.

And ugh, Lienne dad not wanting her to laugh, that's crap.

But she gets a nice gift, and Shen hears her laugh, marvelous.
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 9/11
"It's not my fault if you're becoming predictable," she gave him a playful smirk as she gave a single flap of her wings in order to take her back several feet away from him.

"Predictable?!" Shen squawked indignantly as he whipped out a throwing knife and sent it hurtling towards her where it dug into the bottom of her training robe, pinning her to the spot. "How on earth am I predictable?" he demanded as he came charging after her.

"You're male. You're predictable," she said simply as she paused to pull out the throwing knife and toss it away. Her eyes widened briefly as he came bearing down upon her, a large swing from her left shoulder to her right hip, which she scooted back from. As he tried to make another stab at her, Lianne's fan deflected his blow and she tried to roll up and run whilst he was temporarily off balance. But Shen was having none of it, spurred on by her statement. He had been taking it easy on her, even if he was still faster then what she had ever faced in him previously, but he was going to show her who she was dealing with if she thought him predictable!

His metal talons snatched at the bottom of her robe, pulling her back towards him as she scooted along the ground, making her stumble. Twirling the Guan Dao through the air, Shen brought his left wing out grab hers as he pulled her back to his chest, his other wing bringing the blade of the Guan Dao to hover half a foot away from her throat.

"Is that right?" he almost purred as he leant his head forward, beak grazing by her face, necks almost entwining, only an inch or two separating his chest from her back. He saw her eyes widening as she realised she was trapped, he could feel her pulse start to hammer as her breathing quickened. Shen smirked to himself, assured in his victory as he allowed himself to feel smug. But then, he saw a subtle light enter her oceanic blue eyes, and she looked at him from the corner of her gaze, eyes becoming heavy lidded as she did something he never would have suspected. She leant towards him and took in an audible deep breath as she took in his scent. Shen felt his eyes widen in shock.

"Yes... Very male, very predictable," she murmured heavily, and then, suddenly, she closed whatever distance had been present between their bodies. Shen stiffened as he struggled not to make a strangled sound as Lianne pressed her body against his, leaning back against him as she illuminated all barriers. With her body pressed against his in such an intimate way, Shen's mind drew an instant blank as all thoughts were erased from him, fighting his body's impulse to fan out his train and give a loud cry.

Lianne saw how rigid he had become, and took full advantage as she rolled her hips, causing him to gasp as he stumbled away from her in surprise, and she wriggled free from his hold and put some much needed distance between them. Shen's mind was still reeling as he stared at her, beak falling open as he saw her give a playful smirk.


Oh my, bold move. Things getting heated up now lol

sees her as friend.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 9/9
Lianne…" Shen whispered her name softly, tentatively reaching out with one wing to gently touch her shoulder.

Suddenly, Lianne lunged towards him, and Shen was so startled he didn't even have time to move, as she threw herself at him, her wings wrapping around his shoulders as she buried her face into his neck. She sobbed, tears suddenly streaming down her face, her shoulders heaving as she wept into him, the force of her attack almost knocking Shen off balance. Shen froze, unable to comprehend what was happening and not sure how to proceed, for no one had acted this way with him in many, many years. But, he remembered how when he had been a child, scared from a nightmare or sorrowful from a sad story, his mother or Ah-Ma would take him in their arms and simply hold him. Shen decided that it was perhaps the only thing he could do, but also... what he wanted to do. He didn't hide the truth from himself as he took full advantage of how good it felt to wrap his wings around Lianne's body and hold her against him, bringing her deeper into his embrace, and she clung to him as if he were the only and most important thing in the universe. That empowered his pride to no end, but he was also so shocked to see Lianne, his fierce and prideful swan, was now weeping in his arms. He had never seen her so… broken, not even when missing her home and mother, not even when she had been at her most miserable, she had never been reduced to this wreck of a creature he now held, who kept mumbling to herself as she begged him for help.

"Hush now," he whispered softly, and his feathers on his wing began to move of their own accord as he softly stroked her from her neck down to her back soothingly, just as his mother used to do to him, although this felt more intimate then that. She snuggled her head deeper into his neck, his downy feathers washing over her, and almost instinctively, Shen nuzzled his head closer to her in a comforting gesture, trying to still her sobbing. "You're safe… I've got you…"

"Lord Shen?" Shen heard the Boss Wolf say softly, not wanting to break the moment but with no other choice as he spoke out. Shen fought down the irritation that he felt, wondering why he should feel it, as it was only logical, Zhan was only trying to get them to safety.

"Come Lianne," Shen said softly, as he stood and helped her to her feet as she seemed a little shaky, and it didn't escape Shen's notice how she preferred to put her weight on one leg rather than the other due to a small cut and bruise. Lianne still clung to him, stiking by Shen's side and holding onto him for support as she walked with him, and Shen was more than happy to keep her there if it meant that she was safe. He then turned to look at Zhan who stood by his other wolves, keeping the leopard under control as they held him down to the floor. "We leave now for the tower. Throw him into Gongmen Jail with his sister," Shen said curtly.



And that slow painful death for the mongoose, yeah, that's a seed of Darkness alright.
Vanessa Masters chapter 5 . 9/9
"Let me go!" she screeched in part defiance and part terror. "Let me go or I will see to it that you never see a penny; you worthless, filthy, horrid vermin!"


Shen froze in place as he stared in horror, his mind literally crashing to a halt as he struggled to comprehend what had just happened, and couldn't make sense of his world until it was over. At Lianne's words, Haun's temper had finally snapped and he lashed out. His paw had come swinging and struck her with the back of his hand, snapping her head to one side, the force so great that she was sent sprawling to the ground in a complete daze. She moaned struggling to comprehend what had just happened, but as she quickly came too, she looked up at the mongoose looming above her, utter terror and pain etched into her features.

A darkness descended over Shen, all the careful planning, the training, the precision needed for this mission, it all left him in an instant. Throughout all his training with Kung-Fu Masters and swordsmen and warriors alike, they had all told him that with a clear head he was neigh on invincible, but when angered, he became careless and so determined on the kill that he forgot everything around him, becoming unfocused and prone to make mistakes. Well, such a fury gripped the peacock then, that he was unable to think even a string of though together. It built in him with volcanic preasure, until at last he burst!

With a screech of furious thunder, Shen broke cover and charged


Oooh, bad move, buster!

The mongoose is gonna get cooked!
Vanessa Masters chapter 4 . 9/9
Poor Lianne, her father doesn't comprehend how repugnant that man was and all so he could get a grandson, he doesn't seem to care about his daughter.


"I did not know you were an artist," Shen mused aloud, his eyes following her brush as she carefully and lightly tapped at the canvas with the amber, creating the effect of fluttering sparks.

"It is just a hobby," she murmured, trying to brush off the subject as she then decided to put her brushes and paints away. But even when she moved off, Shen continued to still stare at the painting, tilting his head quizzically.

"A hobby that you seem to have perfected," he said to her. "This is impressive,"

Lianne paused for a moment, for she had never heard Shen compliment anything like that, not even when his wolves did something really good, or when he enjoyed something. Lianne had the impression that it took a lot to impress Shen, and she almost felt at odds with how to take such a thing.

"Thank you," she eventually mumbled, carrying on putting everything away in a slight rush. "Where is Master Zhan today?" she asked in order to relieve the silence that had developed.

"He is overseeing the wolves that returned, checking over the watch, and what have you." Shen murmured nonchalantly. "I was wondering if you would like to leave the Tower grounds,"

"What?" Lianne turned to give him a confused yet interested look as she raised a brow at him.

"I have no pressing issues to attend to today," He explained. "And I thought it would make a nice change of scenery if I showed you the fireworks factory."

"Oh, well… Yes, Shen, thank you. I would like that," Lianne mumbled, a little surprised at the suggestion but that did not mean that she wasn't interested. In fact, her feathers were suddenly itching in order to be going, to see more of Gondmen City.

"Excellent, then we can leave at once," Shen smirked, but then, to Lianne's confusion he headed towards her bedroom, opening the slide door as he stepped inside.

"Err – Shen!" Lianne quickly exclaimed in alarm, the peacock looked at her, raising a brow as if her outburst was rather bothersome. "What are you doing?"

"Allowing for us to leave," he stated simply as if he were explaining to a child.

"I don't understand, shouldn't we –?"

"We can leave this way." Shen then walked to the door that led to her balcony, and as they both stepped out, Shen gestured out towards the city with the flare of a true showman. Lianne saw the building that he was pointing to, a rather large industrious building that lay on the northern edge of the city upon a high cliff beside the sea. There was a distance of perhaps a few miles maybe less, and obviously Shen intended for them to fly there. "This way we can get to the factory directly, as I have no patience to have the public gawk at us for the carriage ride there," Shen stated.

"You can fly? I thought Peacocks were flightless birds,"

"Unfortunately." Shen muttered under his breath. "Fear not, I am a rather decent glider,"


Awww, love seeing Shen warm up to Lianne.

Also, Goat and his wife comforting Lianne, so sweet.
Vanessa Masters chapter 3 . 9/9
"It is a most joyous occasion to be uniting a family of your great lineage to the noble peacocks. A great coupling indeed: I pray for an auspicious marriage between you and our Lord Shen. And, heaven willing, you will bring strength to your future children,"

"Excuse me?" Lianne raised a brow, the only thing to show her surprise.

"Well, it is well known amongst the council that Lord Shen is given a frail and weak disposition due to one of his… colouring," Lianne's eyes flickered over to Shen before returning to the Sheep before her.

"His colouring?" Lianne's eyes narrowed in suspicion and Shen thought he saw a slight hint of anger in those oceanic blue eyes.

"It does not have anything to do with it being against the colour white, your Highness," Councillor Wong said quickly, as if he were trying to sooth her. "Despite his parents' good breeding, it is most unfortunate that their son was born… albino." The sheep whispered as if he were retelling a dirty secret.

Shen felt himself shaking with rage at the fact that the councillor was insulting him whilst he was in the very same room! He was used to this kind of treatment of course, especially from Wong, who had had a great dislike of him since he had been young. But still! If Shen's favour with Lianne wasn't already precarious enough, telling her that he was an albino would not help things! Shen's feathers were itching to fling one of his throwing knives, he would have paid the world just to see this pathetic animal dead and bleeding onto the polished marble floor. But Shen watched Lianne very carefully, his scowl deepening as he observed her stiff and regal posture.

"Everyone knows that albinos are very unfortunate to be of less good health then the norm," the councillor continued, unaware of Shen glaring at him with rage, and that the swan beside him had not moved a single inch, her eyes becoming stormy. "And it was feared that Shen's abnormality would cause him to breed sickly young. But with you and the strength in your family heritage, I have absolute faith that you will counteract and overcome this weakness,"

Lianne's eyes shifted for but a fraction of second to look at Shen, and for a moment their eyes met. Shen found himself holding his breath as the swan stared at him, it was almost as if he were waiting for something, but for what he did not know. Blue eyes looked straight into his, as if she could see his soul, and Shen wondered if she would openly agree with the Councillor just out of spite in some play of revenge against Shen. He would've done the same in her shoes, but it still caused the anger inside of him to boil. But then Lianne's eyes turned away, and she lifted her head regally as she looked down her beak in a superior manner at Councillor Wong.

"Rest assured councillor, simple paleness will not discourage me," she said, in a voice just loud enough so that she was not shouting or even raising her voice, but her words were projected so that they were carried to the ears of everyone in the throne room. "And should Shen and I choose to wed, you will see for yourself how strong Shen's children will be, with or without my genetic input."

"That is… marvellous to hear," the councillor said, not sure where to go with this sudden part of the conversation, and also keenly aware that everyone in the room had now turned their attention to face them and was staring at them. "I am sure you will make an excellent mother,"

"Indeed. I remember my uncle telling me of how fierce and protective my grandmother was when she became a mother. During a festival, she brought her young children to the city when they were just chicks, and in the hustle and bustle of the crowd, a sheep stood on my father's foot. It was an accident of course, and my grandmother would have been more than understanding... had she not had the sheep flogged and beaten in the main square in front of the entire city for even daring to bring any harm towards her child."

The sheep had gone pale, and the whole room was now silent and hanging off of Lianne's every word.

"So you can imagine Councillor," Lianne said with a sweet smile. "How I would be most… displeased to hear of any talk against the health of my children. But I'm sure you meant no harm, I am not new to these types of rumours, what with my mother being a black swan and therefore considered to be quite abnormal," the entire room gasped and Wong's jaw fell open as he realised what he had done.

"Y-y-your Ladyship!" he squeaked. "I-I didn't m-mean to –"

"In future, Mr Wong," Lianne spoke in an icy tone that could have frozen the sea if she had directed her anger upon it. "You will refrain from speaking of such comments in front of me, and you will also show more respect when speaking of your future leader and my potential betrothed."


That was stupendous!

I almost wrote, it was so well written.

Brilliant work.

And hey, Sheen makes honest amends, it's a start.
Vanessa Masters chapter 2 . 9/9
Ooooh Shen affected by the disappointed stare from Lianne, and after she reveals she's a paciafitst.

That fool wolf could've been killed for his actions, unknowing as they were.

But wow, things REALLY went head over heels bad here.

Don't let your parents find out you dunked your fiancee!
Vanessa Masters chapter 1 . 9/8
"No, Zhan, I am not getting married," Shen muttered impatiently as he looked between two silk robes laid out upon his bed, trying to decide which one would best suit the occasion. "I am merely supposed to be courting someone in preparation for marriage,"

The Boss Wolf grunted, showing how he viewed it to be such a difference. And in all honesty, Shen was still in a mood to agree, as he decided to picked out a silver robe with a black sash instead of the red robe – too much like a wedding robe. He was sure that neither he nor his upcoming guest would appreciate the imagery. He turned around to view himself in a huge mirror that hung upon one wall, the frame made of gold with jade carvings that looked like tree roots growing around the outside. As soon as the sash was tied around his waist, he heard a knock upon his door, both he and Zhan looked over at it sharply.

"Shen, you summoned me," came the voice of the Soothsayer through the door.

"Hide away all the silk and velvet," Shen quickly hissed under his breath to the Boss Wolf. "Leave out the cotton, she can have that." The wolf quickly did his master's bidding, understanding Shen's deep worry that Ah-Ma would eat all of his good clothes. The old goat had been in the habit of doing it just to get on Shen's nerves since he was a chick.

The Soothsayer entered, a kind yet amused smile upon her old and withered face.

"Soothsayer," Shen said by way of greeting. This earning him a slight frown from the goat, but Shen had been long past calling her Ah-Ma for years; he was a royal and so had no time to be as comfortable as he once was for his old nanny.

"You wish for me to tell you about Lianne," The old goat smiled at Shen, her eyes twinkling with amusement as Shen froze on the spot, trying to find words.


I love this, a behind the scenes sorts of Shen, his life and falling for a woman. A arranged deal, and maybe change to the movie story, I adore it.

This is so far a fantastic read.

It's Shen, but you've made him a bit of your own with his inner dialgoe

And I like Lienna already.

Of course, off to a rocky start.
Winter2020 chapter 1 . 5/18
currently reading this story and it's absolutely amazing. I know by now you may have stopped doing fanfics but a sequel to this would've been amazing very nice read
Ratango chapter 4 . 1/18
1. I fully agree with Shen insisting that when teaching someone how to make fireworks, treat them like a child until they respect it like an adult. This is exactly like how we are supposed to treat firearms in the real world.
2. I'm very touched by how Lord Shen, as mean-spirited and condescending as he outwardly appears, shows such kindness and good will towards the Wolves. The Wolves being shunned in this story reminds me of how most people view them as eating young children and stealing farm animals.
Kung Fu Corgi chapter 1 . 12/4/2020
I have read this fic so many times, and it never ceases to delight. Thank you for sharing this wonder story.
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