Reviews for Railgun
Mr.Destructo chapter 15 . 9/17
man this was getting good the author was pretty good at writing its sad he died
Slayerofsheep chapter 15 . 8/13
the queen of escalation strikes against
Son of sea 9 tail chapter 15 . 7/27
Have her acdenly take over the being leader of gang by being seen as stronger
Son of sea 9 tail chapter 2 . 7/25
Can she use apiece of metal as a surfboard to fly or something slimar
Shin1gam1 chapter 15 . 7/13
Great story
sharingankakashi007 chapter 15 . 7/11
Plz tell me this is gonna be updated
Like the Armsmaster in your fic
He seems a lot more reasonable
And yeah them teaming up can be a game changer
Like how Danny's supportive of Taylor
I like the idea of her powers and how flexible they are
Eager to read more
Plz update
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 6/29
Rather interesting. That electromagnetism power is an interesting one. Her playing herself off as Magneto would be good as it would perhaps hide the actual extent of her abilities, that being the powerful electricity she has available. Cool idea.
Info chapter 1 . 6/26
I was reading some of the reviews here when I started to realize that the info wasnt passed here. Sadly the author passed away around september 2016 and his wonderful works wont be updated.
Perfidus chapter 4 . 6/25
It is nice plot, although you seem putting a lot emphasis on metal manipulating power, biribiri can just blow villain to kingdom come with ultra stungun, and tuning charge so it won't kill people is easy since she can adjust her electromaster ability to perform complex task such as bending metal, and finish it off with railgun if needed.
Jojobrn chapter 15 . 6/20
This was a great story, although Taylor is slightly overpowered (Better than Armsmaster this early?)

Wish it could get updated.
MattKennedy chapter 15 . 6/19
Awesome story! :) And I really love this chapter where Armsmaster gets to have a badass fight with Lung, and then Tesla gets to come in and save him. :) Hope you continue this sometime.
Abu chapter 15 . 5/20
Damn. It's the middle of 2018 and i still miss this author terribly. Sigh.{.}\{.} He was Awesome.
DannyPhantom619 chapter 15 . 5/15
Now I wish someone would adopt this amazing story and finish where it left off since the original author is sadly 6ft under.
Sorre chapter 15 . 5/8
Please tell me you plan on picking this back up. You've taken 15 chapters to finally hit canon and it seems like a shame to just drop it now.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/16
No PRT or PHO? A tad disappointing
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