Reviews for warriors: The Misadventures of Modernclan!
Broken Twisted Lullabies chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
Name: Sneakykit/Sneakypaw/ Sneakyshadow
Gender: she-cat
Description: golden she-cat with light blue eyes, always loves to play scary games, scaring people and is sometimes crazy. Loves playing Amnesia and (is usually playing) Slender man,and carries her iPod everywhere. Lies often, keeps secrets and sometimes freaks others out.
Personality: Sometimes talks to herself, will sometimes scream "there he is!" at random moments and points at the forest or bushes, cats don't want to be around her when she is upset, gives her personality names ( i.e. happy Flame, sad Willow) and refers to them when talking to herself, and always is wearing her headphones. At random times, she will laugh like a maniac, scaring others and loves to play scary pranks on others. Most of the time, nobody trusts her and freaks out of anyone tries to destroy or throw out books (unless it is by Justin Beiber)
This is practically me as a cat, so umm, ya... hope this helps.
H chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
Name: Swallowstar
Gender: She-cat
Description: Dark gray pelt with blue eyes
Personality: Internet crazy and hyper, but can get very calm when she is mad.
SmolFrazzle chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
Name: Rainbowkit
gender: female
Description: Pale grey-blue she-kit with ginger paws, and yellow-green eyes
personality: a totally crazy, out of control, sometimes cute, mousebrained whirlwind of color. seriously. shes super fast.

Name: Crazykit
gender: female
description: fluffy white she-kit with hazel eyes and brown back paw
Personality: always bouncing off the wallls, sweet, mischievious, anddo n't forget then word that gave her her name. (pssst. can her warrior name be crazymarshmellow?)

Name: Crowpaw
gender: male
Discription: black tom with piercing green eyes and white front paws. has fluffy tail.
personality: calm, secretive. sometimes. He crushes on crazykit, who is almost an apprentice.
QueenOfChocolateWinx chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
Name: Sandheart
Gender: Female
Description: Sandy she-cat with green eyes
Personalty: At first thought she is rude and Mean, once she gets to know you though she is more friendly to you.
Fastblaze789 chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
Name: Ice
Gender: She
Description: white she-cat with blue eyes
Personality: She is calm, thoughtful and clever. No, she's NOT sane. She can hack, fix or make computers, Ipod, those types of things. She can also sing wonderfully but is too shy to do it in public. Her sister is Fire
Name: Fire
Gender: She
Description: white she-cat with blue eyes
Personality: She is INSANE, unthoughtful and clever. She likes singing and enjoys acting like she is the superior one when a cat doesn't know about Ipods and those things, though Ice usually finishes her no-sense-making paragraph.
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