Reviews for Save My Soul
supernovabee chapter 7 . 1/23/2015
wowow I love this take on Tiger and Bunny soo much. It's well written, nicely paced, and overall fantastic. I can't wait to see what you write next! :)
Dromso chapter 6 . 7/17/2014
I really like your story! More I read the more I love it! XD
So you saw a picture and invented this story? So cool! Good job!
Can't wait the next chapter!
Dromso chapter 5 . 6/16/2014
I love your story!
How did you come up with this? Its amazing!
I love the reaper Kotetsu. jshfshfhshsdhfjsöhghsö!
I'm gonna explode!
Pleace, write more! Can't wait!
Clarobell chapter 3 . 5/14/2014
Once again it seems like you had a lot of fun picturing the tower in the beginning. It’s obvious you put a nice bit of thought into its creation whilst still leaving the description vague enough that the reader can interpret it with their own imagination and twist it to their own view. Comparign it to a station was another good move and it grounds us to consider the kind of business and ‘traffic’ that goes on there.

There are a few little typos and grammar errors dotted around the chapter here and there. Extra words and wrong tense etc but nothing that really distracts from the story. It was nice to see Keith brought into the fray and the fact that he was an angel. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. I wonder how angels play into this world and if their powers are similar to the reapers?

Kotetsu’s journey to Agnes’ office really had me sympathising with him. You portray his emotion well as I felt pretty bad for him on the approach. It was obvious he was worried and you just want to snuggle the lil reaper!

Nice touch mentioning Kaede. It’s a pretty bleak thought when her memory is described as ‘grim’ and leaves us wondering…

Kotetsu’s temper tantrum is done VERY nicely. I can imagine it really well and Agnes’ passive threat and his subsequent submissiveness really leaves us readers wondering just what dirt she has on him. It was very nicely done. Especially since we don’t often see Kotetsu afraid in anime, manga or fanfiction. Following that up with revealing she was talking about hell of all places then gets us wondering more – what did Kotetsu do to wind up there?!

A nice move mentioning the broadcast of the reapers ventures. Once again adding little cameos like this ties it in well with the fandom and allows fans to relate better. I also quite liked your description concerning death. I could really feel the emotions between Kotetsu and Barnaby concerning the entire situation.

I like the interaction between Barnaby and Kotetsu after leaving the office – it all seemed very true to their characters. Barnaby’s wonder is kind of shared with us and his line about logic is just beautiful. Kotetsu’s answer is also just as good. Overall a very nice chapter. I enjoyed reading it!
Clarobell chapter 2 . 5/14/2014
Beginning the chapter with a dream/memory can sometimes be confusing, but in this case I think it was a good move. It leads into a nice passage of time between Kotetsu’s blackout and waking up in hospital. I was a little surprised you chose Karina to be the one sitting there when he woke, but I have to say I wasn’t disappointed when I read the banter between them. It all flowed very well and seemed completely natural! You manage to include hints of the original canon-verse (Karina’s crush etc) which is always nice to see.

It’s good to get a little detail behind the grim reapers in your universe. You did an awesome job explaining their history, the soul cycle etc. I also very much like your description of the world they’re in. It seems like a very interesting place filled with all sorts of fantastic things and leaves the mind open to interpretation. An evil little cliffy at the end though – good thing the next chapter is ready and waiting!
Clarobell chapter 1 . 5/14/2014
So how to begin? How to begin? How about at the beginning. You have a nice opening for your story. It creates a gentle air of mystery about the situation. It’s always tough opening up with a non-canon character since nobody knows who they are or particularly cares about them, but you do a fine job of establishing sympathy with Tony. Having it played from the nurses perspective is also nice since we don’t quite know what’s going on in that room, yet we still get the air that something IS wrong. Nicely done.

The conversation between Kotetsu and Tony was nicely played. I was reminded a little of the anime when Kotetsu helped the boy with the ability to control objects to his will. We don’t often get to see that more adult side of him where children are concerned since Kaede walks all over him and it’s nice to see you working with it here. Mentioning in less detail that Kotetsu was a sort of ‘police officer for ghosts’ is also a nice move. You give just enough away to peak curiosity.

I like your description on why Tony can see Kotetsu. It’s not overly complicated and doesn’t really answer all of our questions, but it’s obvious from the way you’re working it you don’t WANT to answer all the questions just yet.

The demon attack scene was pretty creepy. Nicely worded with really well done description. I could picture the scene with ease and though it was a little disappointing to see Kotetsu battered after appearing so cool, it’s pretty understandable. He was taken quite off guard after all. Sometimes we want to see Kotetsu do some butt kicking too…. But I’m sure there will be plenty of that in chapters to come. A very nice start to what seems to be an interesting story.
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi chapter 4 . 3/24/2014
Jeez, you finally write something chaptered and not only is it cliche as hell, but you totally threw your grammar skills out the window! Come on Veronica I know you're better than that! I've seen your short stuff on DA and I know you know how to write properly. Instead of crapping chapters in rapid fire take your time and really work on your stuff and get it right. I recommend using spell check as it gives you an idea of how to write properly. Oh and before you call this a flame it is NOWHERE NEAR flaming as I am giving constructive criticism on how to better your writing. I've read all your little blurbs which were for the most part the canon universe, so why the sudden AU Black Butler style chaptered stuff? Maybe for your next story you can write something canon where you actually make it chaptered like this one instead of haunting the anon meme for once. make something of your own and stop relying on other people's ideas to make something good because I know that you can come up with your own just as easy and make it just as good without resorting to AUs. Please try harder to make it better.


p.s.: I did read all the chapters before reviewing this too so no this is not a one chapter review