Reviews for Return of the Avengers
Tanathar chapter 33 . 10/10
Magnificent. Such a well written and captivating story, weaving together two of my favourite worlds in a way that enhances them both. Thank you for the read!
MozenrathLuvr chapter 33 . 5/14
Thank you for the Loki cameo!
Anquietas chapter 33 . 5/2
The ONLY thing I didn't like about your story was that Steve and Sif didn't fall in love and end up together... Grrr...
Mew Sakura the Cyniclon chapter 13 . 4/24
Lol! That was funny with how the dwarves started using Thor's way of throwing his glass on the ground and loudly declaring "ANOTHER!" And Thor enters right at that moment as they were doing that. :)
joed2024 chapter 18 . 4/17
Also as Malekith and Saureman are both evil they would not be able to use the Silmarils even if they found them. They would only be able to use them as trophies like Morgoth did.
joed2024 chapter 18 . 4/17
Obediah was the one who didn't care who he sold weapons to. Tony drew the line at despots and terrorist.
joed2024 chapter 15 . 4/16
I don't think even an injured Sif would be left out of a quest. However being one of the only two Avengers who had fought dark elves her military experience would be invaluble to developing both offensive and defensive plans for battle and she would recognize this. The actual Sif would be well aware of this.
joed2024 chapter 15 . 4/16
Maybe not Killian but the Red skull instead.
joed2024 chapter 14 . 4/16
The stealth field signficantly reduces the lifespan of anyone using it without a ionizing mask.
joed2024 chapter 14 . 4/16
Energy weapons even chemical based weaponry ie gunpowder disrupt stealth fields. Rocket and jet exhaust do as well although pulsejets don't.
joed2024 chapter 10 . 4/16
The Ironman suits are made of titanium. Titanium like the rest of the row II alkali metals burns at an elevated temperature.
Mew Sakura the Cyniclon chapter 11 . 4/14
Lol! I still think Tony is hilarious! I liked his joke about Aladdin, when he said they've never had a friend like him. :D
Mew Sakura the Cyniclon chapter 10 . 4/10
Lol! That was funny when Tony asked "Is there a shawarma joint around here?" Yeah I hate to break it to you Tony, but I don't think Middle Earth has any shawarma. And that's cute how the hobbit children all love Hulk even though he's usually big and scary to other people. :D
Mew Sakura the Cyniclon chapter 8 . 4/2
Lol! I think I get the pun you made there with Thursday: 'Thor'sday. Yay for puns!~ :D
Mew Sakura the Cyniclon chapter 7 . 4/1
I like that Thor went back to pay his respects to Graegwind. And also Loki isn't really dead, if you've paid attention to the part near the end of Thor the Dark World when Odin turns into Loki right after Thor leaves the throne room. But I guess Thor doesn't really know that. :)
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