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Anonymous chapter 1 . 11/29
Dude you should try Guardians of the Galaxy in The Hobbit, it would be funny to see theat Legolas's father reminds the of Ronan the Accuser (both played by lee Pace)

who agrees that the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant man should be in the Hobbit
kathy chapter 33 . 11/29
I have finally finished reading your epic story. It was beautiful, enchanting and...sorry, I am not a native speaker, so my vocabulary fails to express how much I enjoyed reading your novel. I love Tolkien's work and consider your writings to be equal to the original trilogy. You stayed true to the characters while allowing them believable character development. You also considered many details like the time needed to get characters from one place to another, strategy, weapons and their use by Free Peoples, new relationships between both individuals and nations... There were moments when I thought you've gone too far, like the number of weapons made by Saruman and Malekith or their great army or a BALROG (my mouth are still open from the shock...I mean, I guessed that the power source won't be a Silmaril, but I never even considered a f*** Balrog to show up!). But you had everything thought out perfectly. You are a great writer and I thank you for an opportunity to being able to read your work halfway across the world (btw., I'm from Slovakia). Thank you. Namarie!
Guest chapter 6 . 11/22
I've seen part of Horse Whisperer!I know that secretary what his name and Natasha is in it
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 33 . 11/21
Another superb bit of work that very effectively follows on from the seeds you sowed in the first story of this series; great job.
As I mentioned in my last review, your scenario to bring the Avengers back to Middle-Earth worked very well, quickly establishing the great power of the threat facing them without making its precise origins clear too soon, to say nothing of such fascinating ideas as how the Convergence affected Middle-Earth.
Your final choice of villains was superb, creating a believable alliance between two great solo foes who are nevertheless forced to work together due to a lack of resources or knowledge on their own, and on a personal level, the other three/four Avengers (I don’t entirely consider Sif an ‘Avenger’ in the same manner as the others) each find a very interesting niche in Middle-Earth, as Sif settles into Gondor while Stark bonds with the dwarves and Natasha and Clint kick ass as efficiently as ever.
Their various investigations to determine the villains’ resources and long-term plans were all very well-handled, exploring some of the subtler details of Middle-Earth’s ‘mythology’ and putting your own twist on it in various ways, ranging from the old fortresses being restored to the role of the palantir in their adversaries’ return. While I question the purpose of Stark’s dream in itself, such moments as his fight with the dragon more than make up for that, and you include some equally fascinating individual confrontations such as Cap fighting the Dunlendings or the Hulk’s occasional ‘mental bouts’ with Saruman.
The final battle is also handled well, giving each Avenger a crucial role in the final victory without any of them rendering the assembled Middle-Earth army completely unnecessary- if it wasn’t for their assistance, the Avengers would have been overwhelmed eventually- and even the twist when Stark and Thor ‘switched dance partners’ worked out well, as Thor avenges his own losses while recognising his wider responsibilities in a manner that he would never have been able to acknowledge without his time on Earth to inspire him.
Keep up the great work!
For the record, if you do decide to write that ‘Hobbit’-centric sequel, I’d like to vote that the Vision and Wanda are at least among the Avengers sent back; Wanda’s powers would certainly be an interesting addition to the quest, and the Vision’s access to JARVIS’s files should limit the risk of them doing anything that would significantly alter the Avengers’ past based on Tony’s records of the stories he’d heard about recent events in Middle-Earth’s history.
Anonymous chapter 33 . 11/9
Well done, i cannot wait to see what will come out of that brilliant head of yours next.
Natasha chapter 33 . 10/29
This was s great story! I felt like I was in the middle of a hollywood blockbuster. You merged the universes flawlessly . Sadly just like hollywood you too seem to have problems giving female characters proper stoylines. You handled Sif very badly. You didn't do it intentionslly but you very much followed Hollywood model of keeping female heroes in their place and all the praise you have been giving her doesnt change this. Talk is cheap it' s action that matter. This is so far the only faw I have seen in your writing and I hope that if you do another sequel you will think on this and give female characters the real respect they deserve
RagingCacti chapter 7 . 10/18
I believe that in the book, the entire bowstring is made of elven hair.
StarlightGilgalad chapter 33 . 10/18
Yaaaaas! Lol awesome!
Omegashark18 chapter 33 . 10/12
Yet another great crossover!

Loved this just as much as the first one.

I can't help but wonder if a third story would be possible? One with the new Avengers team? Just imagine how everyone would react to the Vision. :D
birdy chapter 33 . 10/11
can you please do a avengers and game of thrones crossover you would do it justice
Arekanderu chapter 29 . 10/7
I had VERY high hopes when I started this story. I was elated that you would include Sif considering how overlooked she is despite being great...and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the crumbs you threw her way. She can do so much more then that. But even so I can understand that juggling so many characters can be a challenge and that Sif happened to take the short straw and I got it. But this Boromir romance...*cringe**...I am sure you didn't intended it this way but it STRONGLY feels like the only reason you bothered to include Sif was to make her a love interest for Boromir. I really hope it gets better in the next chapter and you actually give her a decent story line because dude. She deserves so much better. And it's not like you have to follow some specific cannon. There are plenty of ways you could have powered Sif if you wanted to. You could have had her enter the berserker rage and increase her strength significantly, you could have given her the magical sword she has in some cartoons that fires off energy blasts and so on and so on

Sorry I don't mean to bash you. You are a great writer and the fact that you included Sif is admirable but I love this character and feel very protective of her. And when her story starts with her needing to be saved by Gandalf from a bunch of spiders that she should have dispatched as easily as flies, when you get her injured in the very first battle and force her to sit on the benches even though as she herself said even if she is half crippled she is not only more powerful then Steve, Hawkeye and Widow put together but she also has vastly more experience, when her one shining moment was taking out on measely fell beast and she gets the romantic interest storyline... I just can't help but feel a bit...grumpy about it. Anyway. Again sorry for the criticism but I just felt like I had to vent before I continued with the finale or I would have exploded.

And again preemptively sorry for my quite likely borderline insane passive aggressive speech but I just can't help but be both excited and fearful of whether you will give her Sif a proper chance to shine in the finale battle or if you would again put her on minor duty and end the story with her staying in Middle Earth to be Boromir's wife which would probably make be berserker myself

P.S I probably shouldn't write reviews when I have only slept for three hours in the past two days
Grace chapter 1 . 10/5
Wonderful! With there be a trilogy?
Nari Serpens chapter 33 . 10/6
Love your ending, you realize at some point, if you continue this that you will have to change events in other Marvel movies to fit with your tenth realm. Though i can't say i'm not looking forward to the next story. On a different note, any thoughts on my last offer?
Honestly don't you two read chapter 33 . 10/3
Great job!
Such a good story, with plenty of references to the first one :-)
And you used Hulk equally as much as Steve and Thor, which pleased me a great deal :-) you also managed to incorporate Tony, Clint, Natasha and Sif in this world as well, so much fun.
A very good plot, fun battles with plenty of stragedy and near misses. I loved your idea for a power source, brilliant!
Just want to repeat... Good job! :-D
MrRobertsIII chapter 33 . 9/30
Good ending.
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