Reviews for The Emoticlone War
ThoughtsLightAndFireAndSound chapter 13 . 5/2
this was a very well taken interpretation on Raven's emoticlones. a bit confusing at times because there was a lot of aspects to it, but you still pulled it off. nice touches of humor here and there too! and it was nice having the Joker appear haha. good job on this!
ThoughtsLightAndFireAndSound chapter 11 . 5/2
I love the Joker! nice chapter here
ThoughtsLightAndFireAndSound chapter 6 . 5/2
I like your interpretation of Raven's emoticlones. you've got your own spin on it to make it your own.
ThoughtsLightAndFireAndSound chapter 3 . 5/2
haha nice one! enjoying this read so far
ThoughtsLightAndFireAndSound chapter 2 . 5/2
interesting premise! thought I'd give the first chapter a read first. then I see how you've focused a lot on Raven's emoticlones, and I think you pull it off real well so far. I'll be reading the rest!
Guest chapter 13 . 12/10/2015
I liked the change, it was nice and more in depth into the emoticlones than i see with other stories that involve them in one way or another. In those stories they are all 'grown up', but in yours they are still evolving and I liked that about it.
Dixxy chapter 12 . 9/21/2015
Yo, WZ !

This was the first story i read from ya, and i always thought it was my fav'. But one thing was for sure : i would re-read this gem of a story !

And so i did !

And so, i'll review... again !

And so, after the 98th review... here's the 101th ! (Depeche Mode, we wave U hello...!)

And so... here we go !

Okay, true that my interest slightly dwindled after chapter 10... guess i'm so fond of the emoticlones and Nevermore that i can hardly stand being away from them...

Okay, true that i disagree about Raven being an emoticlone as well... because i don't accept that the emoticlones are constitutive of... another emoticlone, rather than an actual human... because all those emotions are inseparable from Nevermore, where they all belong, so as for me, no reason an emotion would exist outside that inner realm... to me, Raven is a person, not an emotion, and is constituted by emoticlones, and there...

Okay, true that i didn't draw anything from Adonis's short sequence, while i did draw something from the Joker's battle... so a.f.a. I'm concerned, the Adonis sequence could as well be absent...

Okay, true that i found Knowledge's behavior, as she constantly argued wz Rage and almost fought wz her, pretty remote from anything wise... while the Yellow Cloak is supposedly the wisest emoticlone of all... hence my frowning at her somewhat absurd nature, far from what we'd expect from her...

Okay, true that i found the idea of all honorary Titans using that 'Cyborg II' nickname to Raven rather irksome, if not somewhat inept... i mean, if they did, it shows that even superheroes can lack brains every now & then...


...this story is such a wonder in itself that these points i mentioned, and which are the little bit of negative, are easily outdone by the positive aspects, which are :

-my oh my, i love the emoticlones so much, and i don't have enough words, and enough intensity in my glossary, to let ya know the heights of my gratefulness for given them such importance in this wonderful fic' !

-jeez, i just loved Rage's behavior all along ! And to think that "professional troublemaker" just wanted a simple kiss... coz she was in love wz the Green Titan... but things turned most positive in the end, so YAY !

-heck, were yr explanations abt the emoticlones aspects, that multi-dimensional perspective abt Raven's emotions, captivating. Some would deem themselves bored, and i can tell that long explanations aren't exactly everybody's "cup of tea", yet to me, it was of sheer interest, so kudos to ya for "digging deeper" beneath the surface !

-waow, was Rage's hunt for BB breathtaking ! Speaking of catchy... my eyes seemed glued to my Samsung's screen ! Pretty intense for sure !

-hey, i just adored yr great plot device of putting Timid in a prominent role. I mean, the poor shy girl hardly get anything from the spotlights, so it's only justice that she would get to "star" a bit ! May ya be thanked to no end for this plot choice ! And i really loved her new avatar, Assertive, and notably the way she could create things for her sisters !

-damn, what original stuff, that sealing-power idea as a trigger to enhanced emotional experience ! Forcing Raven, already the most discrete (and less talkative...) Titan, to silence ! And that curious device she can turn on and off at will, to speak... okay, somewhat creepy, even the tiniest bit, but yeah, really intriguing !

-oh, the incredibly sweet scene of Timid sleeping against Beast Boy (whose arm she gripped so tightly...), and Beast Boy leaning back against Rage ! That scene swarmed with tenderness, with affection ! Just loved it ! (maybe i'm male, but can't males be sentimental too, eh ? ;P)

-ah ah, that humor ! Just awesome ! BB turning into a frog to kiss Rage, BB and Rage pranking Raven (...which alas makes her so terribly livid ! O.O), Robin stealing away the others mouthwash and ordering two full cases of that liquid), Raven giving away Robin's "jokery" kiss to Adonis, Knowledge and Brave playing rock-paper-scissors to know who'll lead... all these and more work miracles for our zygomatics / zygomas !

-God, is your glossary mastery impressive ! I mean, i've rarely come across writers with such diversified word use ! And in this story, you weren't overusing the verb 'muse', like you did in other stories (and luckily, there isn't the equally overused Cinderblock in this one, whom you put in most of your stories, making me soon tired of it...), so this one fiction here definitely shines as your most diversified, your less repetitive, and therefore your top-notch achievement, IMHO !

-hell, did i like the idea of the emoticlones seeing through Rae's eyes when the Dark Titan is experiencing emotions. That was really fascinating as well !

Alright, i guess i should give it a rest with laurels, or else you're gonna have difficulties to cross doorways with your head, so swollen & all... XD

More seriously, THANXXXX an awful lot for crafting this pure jewel of a story ! It's a real wonder, and whoever contradicts me can just go get "stuffed" elsewhere ! ;P I really loved reading it a second time. It naturally wasn't as intense as the first time, coz i already knew what i'd find (there wasn't the surprise of discovery, this time...), but it still was terribly exciting to absorb it all again wz my brain !

Congratulations, bravo's, thumbs up, kudos, pats i the back, thanks, gratitude, respect... well, ya catch my drift, don't ya ?

Warmest regards to my favorite wriTTer ! (eh yes...!)

Take great care of ya, Mate !


.:. .:. Léo .:. .:.
mollrat chapter 6 . 7/29/2015
I know Timid is apart of Raven so of course she's awesome but I just kept thinking through this chapter "Timid is a total badass". I mean you established that it is easy to overlook her but as Rage said she is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) emotion and the most powerful. And I kind of wish everyone like Rage knew how awesome she was (well maybe they do know, not sure) but Timid wouldn't like would she? I love a badass who is unassuming like this.
XxsparrowkeyzxX chapter 1 . 12/14/2014
I think I'm gonna cry! Amazing story, I'm extremely tempted to ask for a sequel but this is already perfect! Plus what would it be about? Anyways beautiful plot, and I absolutely loved how you characterized the emotions its positively amazing.
Dixxy chapter 13 . 6/30/2014
Hello there, Writerzero !

First story i read from ya, and what a wonderful work it is ! So original, so interesting, so funny, so touching, so clever... you really outdid yo'self with that great great great fiction ! I had so much pleasure reading it !

I love emoticlones, and am currently reading all stories relating to them. And i must say, yours is one of the top finest i've come across ! So loads of congrat's for this super story !

Your explanations on the emoticlones, and their relation to Raven, were truly fascinating. All of it was way intelligent, and i was captivated by it all !

There also was so much humor in yr story that i was smiled ever so often ! You really made it so entertaining... and so amusing ! It was a delight devouring chappy after chappy ! I never ever got tired of it !

I loved how BB tried to escape from Rage's clutches, how Timid slept by BB, gripping his arm and smiling as she slumbered close to him, loved how Rage held him against her, and how she later rested on Assertive's stomach, loved the metamorphosis of Timid into Assertive, and later Sloth into Neat, loved how all emoticlones rushed to have a kiss from BB, how Timid tricked BB into kissing her unwillingly... God, if i were to put all the elements i loved in yr story, i'd be crafting a looooong paragraph ! But there were countless positive, enjoyable, creative things in yr fix', which i adored !

I'm glad it ended on a positive note for the lovebirds. It wasn't evident, but it still started working out. And all readers i know loved it as well !

You have a really admirable glossary level, and your style is so pleasant that i'm sure i'l read more from ya when i'm through wz the other emoticlone stories ! True there were several missing here and there, but given the quality of the plot AND of yr writing, this is just way secondary, and didn't diminish my reading pleasure the slightest ! :)

Constructive criticism again ? If that's okay wz ya, i'll also bring in a bit of negative too.

The Joker part, although definitely interesting and worth reading, made me feel like it was somehow... mmmmh... not quite fitting wz the rest of the story ! I wouldn't go as far as claiming it was "out of place", for fear of hurting yr feelings, but to me, it didn't came in "homogeneously" wz the rest of the fic'. I understand there was sth important in it, that is that Raven's silencing would later help her master her emotions, but still... I wished ya had used sth else than that fight to have that revelation brought in light. The rest of that same chapter is fine, but that fighting sequence bothered me a bit as not blending fully okay wz the whole plot. Sorry if my honesty displeases ya.

There also was the randomness following the exit of Nevermore. As long as the events took place in Rae's mind, they seemed to follow a logical thread, an harmonious path, but as soon as BB & Rae came back to the Tower, things partly lost in cohesion. The mouthwash "private joke", although indeed really funny, is in this respect one of the most prominent random elements that "diluted" the plot in its essence and distracted the readers to stuff that wasn't necessary... although, i repeat it, definitely amusing. The lame jokes part also, in my opinion, "punctured" the narration to some extent and didn't bring anything that useful to the plot. Finally, the Adonis battle, just as the Joker, didn't appear that necessary to me, all the more since i didn't quite know what to make of it, i.e. what was yr point wz it, what purpose it served. But maybe it's me who didn't understand well ?

Raven's silencing, with the scarf, the sign language and that curious device, although seeming random at first to me, actually ended up raising my interest and made me accept it as an original theme. Silence is sth i relish, and i'm myself interested in sign language (so much that i'd be willing to use that specific mean of communication). So, while doubtful at first, i let myself convince that this plot element was in fact quite fascinating.

The part where the emoticlones prepare, and want to appear good-looking, also triggered my interest and made me smile, although i at first wasn't sure if this had its place in there. I consider it to have that place, and notably brings up the nice evolution of Sloth into Neat. And, come one, emoticlones getting ready to dress up, as if THEY were going out wz BB, just HAD to be cute !

In conclusion, i would say that, despite (in my humble opinion) somewhat losing part of its homogeneousness in the 3 last chap's, not that much though, yr story remains a marvelous and
definitely original work of art which brought ya a well-deserved success. And i join my voice to the
others to congratulate ya wholeheartedly for this captivating story, and thank ya to no end for sharing
yr writing talents wz us all ! It was really delightful spending time in yr pleasing company, writer zero, and i'm so happy to hv read THE EMOTICLONE WAR... which of course ends up in my fav's basket !

Be sure i'll come back to your other stories once i've reached my goal, which consists of reading ALL the emoticlones story (exempt for the X-over wz Danny Phantom). Coz i'm pretty sure i'll appreciate yr other fic's as well... perhaps as much as i did appreciate TEW, or perhaps less, giving the great intensity of pleasure that this story brought me, and that seems difficult to equal !

There it is. Hope my constructive criticism, on parts which i didn't deem necessary or fitting, didn't hurt yr feelings. I'm sorry if they did, but at the same time, i can't envisage to disguise my true feelings bat a story and lie to a writer whose work i enjoyed. But if i bring in some negative stuff, i always make sure to do it as respectfully as i possibly can.

Thanxxxx again a tremendous lot for this fantastic fiction, my friend, and read ya... soon ! :)

Take care and be happy !

Lewis-Sama chapter 13 . 4/25/2014
Awesome story. Loved the plot.
Alec33 chapter 13 . 4/18/2014
Awesome story! Truly really really good read before bed!
Alec33 chapter 12 . 4/18/2014
So as long as her mantra can't be said her powers aren't controlled?
Alec33 chapter 11 . 4/18/2014
Great chapter! I love how the emoticlones were portrayed. Timid and Rage really seemed like caretakers and caregivers
Alec33 chapter 10 . 4/18/2014
Haha another point for Timid!
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