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Lady Eagle chapter 66 . 8/24
Devastated that this is the end of a story that has kept me engaged for 66 weeks. Beautiful characters responding in ways that remain true to their character but somehow manage to ground them in realism. I love how you have managed to have them communicate through body language and action rather than words (most of the time). Mostly though, I love how Felicity isn't relegated to the love interest- she is an independent woman capable of making her own decisions and her own choices. Whatever your next journey, good luck...I'd love to come along for the ride.
NorthernLights25 chapter 66 . 8/23
I'm so sad this story ended, but it was so well done. I can't wait for your next work!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/17
You know what's a weird experience? Listening to kpop while reading this.
Ra'iira The Fiend chapter 21 . 8/17
What even is this? I went to the comments section to see if my anonymous post was right below my comment clarifying who I am, and it wasn't even there. Like anywhere. What.


Okay, so, I was just trying to leave this one comment, but apparently this clusterfuck happened instead. Anyway, here was my intended original comment:

You know what's a weird experience? Listening to kpop while reading this fic.
Ra'iira The Fiend chapter 20 . 8/17
Whoops, forgot to log in. That was me who left the kpop comment.
Dairi chapter 66 . 8/15
Whoo! Can't believe it's over. It was truly an awesome sotry & I loved that Tommy lived, sad Johanna died tho. I really enjoy reading that scene tho, with Tommy & the Lance family interactions. And Sin! Whoooo! Ahem, ok. Wonderful job all around. ;)
Aalvina chapter 24 . 8/15

I want to instaure a rule. There MUST be a kiss before the 25th chapter. Because COME ON, I cannot live with anymore first kiss. Are you a fan of Skip Beat or what? (Skip beat is an AMAZING manga where the author dangle us a couple and put it in situations full of opportunities but nothing EVER HAPPENS. It is AWEFUL and Awesome, kind of Moffat greatness you know, you have to love suffering and be frustrated).
By the way, to answer you. OF COURSE I love Penelope. Why does no one knows this movie ! It is a wonderful fairytale.
Still. I want a kiss SOON between Felicity and Oliver OR The Arrow. Don't care but do it. Please please please.

Bebe17 chapter 66 . 8/14
This was one of my favorite stories. Great job and can't wait to read more of your stuff
P.S. You have wonderful taste in music
Cerise1431 chapter 1 . 8/12
I absolutely loved your story. Honestly I went on vacation and I could not stop reading, neglected a lot of activities for it! You are a wonderful writer and I think you captured all the characters in such a great way. Thank you for such a great fic .
jayla174 chapter 66 . 8/12
I absolutely loved this story. I will definetly be keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.
Guest chapter 66 . 8/10
Gosh, I already miss this story and its not even Thursday yet :(
Sakura Crystals chapter 66 . 8/12
I loved reading this story. I'm sure I will get back to it someday and read it again but for now I'm just happy you finished and may continue your other works as well. Its a rare thing for good stories to finish in the Fan-fiction world. Can't wait to see what you come out with next! Oh and good luck in your new home.
Lildora78 chapter 66 . 8/12
Will miss this story. Eas a great friend!
Kat chapter 66 . 8/10
I've been an avid follower every week and I'd just like to say I've never been disappointed... I've really liked your characterisation of Felicity and Oliver and their interactions with Lance etc... Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing more from you
jayla174 chapter 18 . 8/11
Words cannot express how great this story is
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