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Guest chapter 45 . 3/1
Dear Lord can we spell SEXY!
bushlaboo chapter 45 . 3/1
Amazing, amazing chapter! Not only did we get the awesome Sara and Felicity interaction - which was so perfect! I miss the Sara/Felicity friendship so much. And leave it to the women to be reasonable about working together. LOVE IT!

Also more Olicity HOTNESS. I just, there aren't words for how giddy that section made me. THANK YOU FOR THE OLICITY GOODNESS. It was definitely needed after Wednesday's episode.
jessspider chapter 45 . 2/28
you completely spoil us with yuur bonus scene.,...and this was a much needed bonus scene...and...and...really hot by the way !
thank u. This was all Arrow...and one go...
Spitfire303 chapter 45 . 2/27
I adore this chapter sooooooooooooooooooooo much :D
Redlioness62 chapter 45 . 2/27
Thank you very much for this because Wednesday's episode hurt my heart and I am still not over it. Also concerning boycotting the show because Ray & Felicity just make me throw up in my mouth. so thank you again.
NoVacancyMind chapter 45 . 2/27
Perfect chapter! Like ERMAHGERD perfect!
MysteriousTwinkie chapter 45 . 2/26
FABULOUS! I love how you're bringing Sara in much earlier, and I LOVE the interaction with Felicity. And you did great on the bonus scene, regardless of being out of your element. :D
Camy.MD chapter 45 . 2/26
See? Totally worth the wait and the cliffhanger! And I have like no patience at all so I'm saying a lot hahaahaahahaa
I'll be looking forward to the next :)

Kisses, Cami
bellapaige88 chapter 45 . 2/26
Disclaimer - I tend to review as I read, often answering my own questions, spell checking, adding pointless information or fun facts, sometimes songs that the chapter reminds me of. I talk more to the characters then the writer. If you can understand my reviews, then I applaud you ... anyway enjoy.

‘Your cute’ …. I miss Sara

uh, that’s hubby’s spot.

‘I’m buying you a new lock’ … aaww, hubby is worried.

I so needed this chapter after the last episode.

‘love me like you do by Ella Henderson’

So, are we getting a smut filled M rated chapter in this fic?
ChiefPam chapter 45 . 2/26
LOL, nice.

And good luck with the veterinary future thing :)
Sweetums14 chapter 45 . 2/26
Wow! If only this happened last night in freakkjng arrow! Omg, I love this! ...well, not...wel you know what I mean! I swear their relationship here is getting me jelaous! Is it weird I forgot they loved each other or how they got together for a moment? Well this has been the highlight of my week cause no in I'm following on fanfiction has updated, like I'm not lying! Thank you for this!
ChaosIdeals chapter 45 . 2/26
Amazing chapter, as always! :)

Also, I'm so happy to see that you've got some Jeff Williams songs in the playlists, never thought they'd ever show up outside of RWBY or other RT stuff :P
ExellentlyEllen chapter 45 . 2/26
oh gosh... you end with this and then expect us to wait until march 12th? you evil, evil person ;)
lucyyh chapter 42 . 2/26
Ohhh, I certainly wasn't expecting this! but I'm quite excited to see where this take the story! and Sara is always a great surprise!
Strata's Stargazer chapter 45 . 2/26
Lovely chapter, but I'm a little surprised at how quick the Canary went after Felicity; I guess I was expecting it to be a few chapters. But I still loved reading their conversation and I'm looking forward to more to come.
This story may have to hold me through because I'm officially banning Arrow from my life until season 3 is finished. My heart can't take what the writers are doing anymore.
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