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bushlaboo chapter 53 . 5/4
Loved the scene between Sara and Felicity. I've enjoyed the way you've changed and enhanced the relationships between the characters, and getting more building blocks in the friendship between Sara and Felicity is great! As is more Tommy and Felicity interaction - let me lobby again for Tommy to survive the Undertaking. I'll pay in cookies. ;)

Also, why do I have a feeling that Saphira's likes are in this order: Oliver, baby carrots, goldfish?

I was so happy to see Laurel standing up for the Arrow. I know she waffled a bit in seasons one and two, pro-Arrow vs. anti-Arrow; but I like that while she admits he's dangerous she knows his attentions are good and that he would never hurt innocent people. Though I can see why Moira would take umbrage with that view of the Arrow. And I'm still dying to find out if your version of Mama Queen is more devious than canon. For me Moira was always a character I wanted to love to hate, because she does these horrific and stupid things, but she does them after Malcolm murdered her husband and she thinks son; so you get the fear behind her actions. Though at the same time, she this powerful determined woman who could and does eventually stand up to Merlyn. So yeah, liar with dubious mothering skills and fairly pragmatic when it comes to having her son kidnapped and tortured/question (though the argument that Malcolm would could have done worse can be made) ... I want to hate her, but I can't. Just like her kids.

Thank you for more tidbits of Felicity's past. I always love getting those little nuggets. And kudos for Raisa's appearance!

Now technically, this can't be dialogue of the chapter, because Oliver thinks it, but I just love it so much: "Apart from a sense of justice that surpasses legality—a quality he rather likes about her, for obvious reasons—he can't come up with anything." Olicity feels! :D
hatedinnocence03 chapter 53 . 4/30
this went adorably, and as great as this was, it still is saddening to think you'll be finishing the series so soon. but i do hope you start up a sequel or another saga after a thoroughly well-deserved vacation :)
Golfbabe87 chapter 53 . 5/2
Thank you for the update! It's nice to get Raisa in the mix. I can't believe this story is going to come to an end soon. It's ha sheen such great ride.
bellapaige88 chapter 53 . 5/1
Disclaimer - I tend to review as I read, often answering my own questions, spell checking, adding pointless information or fun facts, sometimes songs that the chapter reminds me of. I talk more to the characters then the writer. If you can understand my reviews, then I applaud you ... anyway enjoy.

God, I so hope Tommy doesn’t die in this fic.

Just cannot see how Oliver could have ever loved Laurel with constantly cheating on her. You just don’t do that to someone you love.

Oliver has, Tommy. He has.

I love how Raisa approves of Felicity.
Ayjah chapter 53 . 5/1
Love the emotion in the second half of this chapter and Sara is so interesting in this story. I have not read a portrayal of a connection between Felicity and Roy I have liked more!
loulounana chapter 53 . 5/1
I would really like to know more about Felicity's time with Mrs N ! thanks for the update
Reader244 chapter 53 . 4/30
As soon as I saw the title I had a feeling this would be a good one. From Laurel's defense of the Arrow against Moira, to the brief Sara interlude and a little Felicity backstory, it was packed full of goodness. Officially one of my favourite chapters.
Cherryredgurl chapter 53 . 4/30
I love how Raisa just understands and just continues to speak Russian to him, and just understands like Felicity... -)... (Felicity should learn and they can be a group!)
ChiefPam chapter 53 . 4/30
Not much to say, really, but I liked this... all the little character touches. I feel much better with Sara nearby. Not that you're asking for input, but I'd like Laurel to stick with Tommy in this story... she was actually not annoying me in this chapter :)

And yes, I'm certain Moira knows good hitmen. Astute of Felicity to suss that out.
Jewelz1642 chapter 53 . 4/30
This was amazing. I loved it.
schrooten5 chapter 53 . 4/30
I love Raisa!
Dairi chapter 53 . 4/30
That last line tho...all kinds of feels! He better keep her lol

Lovely update, thanks for sharing
MysteriousTwinkie chapter 53 . 4/30
BLESS YOU. I needed this today. :) It was lovely.
cmtaylor531 chapter 53 . 4/30
I love the ending. I always wished we got more Raisa in the show.
magnetic.thunder chapter 53 . 4/30
So the story coming to an end? I will miss it very much, this fic was one of the firsts I have become obsessed with :) are you going to pick some details from season 3 or you'll stuck with season 1-2? Maybe a little Al-Sahim? I know it's a bit out of place in this universe but that would be an extreme plot-twist. 4-5 chapters ahead of us, right? It's heartbreaking :'(
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