Reviews for Technical Assistance
BooksAreMedicine chapter 66 . 6/20
Just wonderful, this AU was so amazing, I am sad it's over. Great changes btw, better character dynamics and growth and overall love stories too 3
BooksAreMedicine chapter 65 . 6/20
Yes! Tommy lives! I love it 3 Great change to have Sara go there to save Laurel, it fits so well.
I like how Roy was in touch with Felicity and that Barry called, such a nice family there
BooksAreMedicine chapter 64 . 6/20
Whoa, that interrogation scene was intense. I like how their planning was a bit more together this time around too.
I still love that reason to live being better speech
BooksAreMedicine chapter 63 . 6/20
I like how Lance tried to warn her and was so respectful of her and Oliver. It shows his real growth that he can admit how Oliver has changed
BooksAreMedicine chapter 62 . 6/20
I just knew a slip up had to be coming soon. I like how Oliver was much more calm about Roy now
BooksAreMedicine chapter 61 . 6/20
Interesting twists to their original much better with Tommy. I like how you kept the Roy bit in there, better for the dynamics
BooksAreMedicine chapter 60 . 6/20
I enjoyed this being in Oliver's POV. I just wish Roy was in on the secret already
BooksAreMedicine chapter 59 . 6/20
I love the strength of Tommy and Oliver at this point, how its undercover and not for real that he joins his dad at work. Seriously, awesome changes here.
The thing with Walter was great too, he is a smart man to be sure
BooksAreMedicine chapter 58 . 6/20
I like the subtle information drop and how Felicity always notices.
Good progress with her and Oliver's relationship too, like the growth
BooksAreMedicine chapter 57 . 6/20
Love the changes to the flirty banter here and the jokes :)
His rescue was so much more romantic here than on the show too :)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 56 . 6/20
Again, thanks for the Roy POV, he is one of my favorites on the show. I like how right and wrong he is at the same time, lol.
I love Felicity's brilliant and subtle plan to get Roy to be part of the team ;)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 55 . 6/20
Cool changes here. Glad Oliver didn't have to take him down alone, nice twist to add Sara to the mix here.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 54 . 6/20
Wahoo for Roy! I am glad your story has him more involved with the team than the show did, it took entirely took long in the show. I like Digg's codename, very cool. It was nice to hear some of Roy's thoughts too.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 53 . 6/20
I am glad to learn more about Felicity's upbringing but now I want to know the third boy. I love how she and Roy and Barry are like brother and sister, it's so cute and sweet and really fits how they feel about each other.
I like how Oliver sees things differently now and he has changed.
It's so nice too to see all of the good Oliver/Tommy moments too.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 52 . 6/20
Love the changes you made here, so much better dynamic with Tommy. I like the banter between him and Lance too, shows their growth and understanding have improved a lot.
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