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Guest chapter 24 . 3/29
lmao he's purposely trying to drop hints so she knows he's the arrow!
he really wants her to put the pieces together! lmao it's so funny that he's not even trying to hide it anymore or be causious of what he says. he's like the hell with it; let her find out. lol and all the while he finds it amusing how she reacts to it. XD like how he smiled before saying verbatim the response he used as the arrow. tsk tsk
i was laughing so hard at that moment. it was so... simple and light with nothing to bring down the mood :)

well before he went off and got himself shot!
Kat chapter 48 . 3/28
I've just realised that I've been reading this story every week(ish) for nearly a year...To the point of going back to the last Thursday's date to see if it's there!... Just goes to show how good it is, to keep my interest...

Thank you for posting
Charlize chapter 48 . 3/27
Hi ! Just few words to tell you that I love your fic ! I think that you recreated exactly the characters as they are but better and I love the relationship between them ! Especially the fact that Roy and Felicity are quit close or the fact that she's friend with Thea !
Anyway I read the all thing in (almost) one day and I love it ! So thank for it !
Bye !
MysteriousTwinkie chapter 48 . 3/27
It was a great chapter! I really hope your day improved after posting. :D
Golfbabe87 chapter 48 . 3/26
Yay! Thanks for the update! It is really nice to see Sara added to the group. I really miss her from the show.
morgzorg chapter 5 . 3/26
I just re-read this chapter and it could be my imagination or was there a nod to Leverage/ Hardison with the vh1 best of the 80s quote ( I love that show!). Anyway this story is just as good the second time as the first! ! Keep up the good work)
Dairi chapter 48 . 3/26
Loved it, and y'know at first I was concerned as Felicity about him lying tk Tommy...until Oliver said he'd then have to lie to Laurel, which would be much worse. I think Tommy would indeed rather be left out than lie to her, also glad he took it so well! :)

Slight knit-pick: Unless I missed something, at the very end there those were five words Sara said, not four. I think. Ignore me if I'm wrong please!
ChiefPam chapter 48 . 3/26
Very, very interesting, bringing in Sara early. Wonder what she thought of Felicity's phone conversation with Barry :) Did Oliver react to Felicity saying "I love you" to someone who wasn't him?

Always happy to see a new chapter of this!
Spitfire303 chapter 48 . 3/26
Sorry to be anal but sara sys 5 words oliver says four :D
Great chapter i really do enjoy this series
NoVacancyMind chapter 48 . 3/26
Seeing this updated always makes me happy!
KylieCullenSummers chapter 48 . 3/26
Loved it! Can't wait for more :)
Reader244 chapter 48 . 3/26
Give me all the vigilantes playing nice!
Also who would've thought telling Tommy that they're going to be lying to him might actually be better than telling the truth. The show could be a whole lot simpler this way too.
bellapaige88 chapter 48 . 3/26
Disclaimer - I tend to review as I read, often answering my own questions, spell checking, adding pointless information or fun facts, sometimes songs that the chapter reminds me of. I talk more to the characters then the writer. If you can understand my reviews, then I applaud you ... anyway enjoy.

You’re his happy story.

Wifey making sure hubby is well protected.

Babe, Sara knows what you mean.

She is adorkable, isn’t she?
Jewelz1642 chapter 48 . 3/26
This was so amazing and I completely loved it.
NorthernLights25 chapter 48 . 3/26
This chapter was awesome
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