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Momochan77 chapter 172 . 1/13
This story is absolutely amazing! I love your character Raylynx and I keep hoping for her happiness more than anything. She’s had such a hard life and a tough time with the Wizarding War that I seriously SERIOUSLY want there to be a happy ending for her. But it’s all a wait and see game now. I’m excited to see how the TriWizard Tournament goes with her as a former competitor and winner this time around. See you next update!
Maryana chapter 171 . 1/10
hey. Thanks for your kind reply.
Again I feel like you get us hoomans! And the emotions specially of people who fight with an imposter syndrome or have low self esteem. You have portrayed Ray so beautifully.
I was reading your reply to someone's comment and I really appreciate the way you have tried to humanize Peter and explain what he did. So many fanfics just dismiss him as someone evil and weak and thats it. Take it from someone who has read most of the marauder fanfiction out there, never have I seen a central character identify with Peter. He is just a normal person who gave in to his weakness and made a terrible choice.
Overall You get normal people, not people who are incredibly beautiful, smart, brave or talented. You get an average Joe. And you have made an average Joe a hero of your story. Kudos to you.
I would also like to add that initially when Ray is fighting with all her insecurities, that's how Sirius sees her as insecure and weak and doesn't pay any attention to her. That is real. Damn true. But much later he recognizes her inner strength to keep trying her best to keep struggling and he starts appreciating her. He doesn't fall in love with her because she has left her insecurities behind. He falls in love with her because he understands how she deals with them. And it is not pretty or attractive or sexy in anyway. It is plain grit and strength of character and honestly that is the biggest virtue of all.
shelooksbored chapter 172 . 1/12
Oh my gosh! What a treat this chapter was Petals! You’ve managed to integrate Raylynx into the original canon story again in a totally believable way and I’m so here for it.

The only thing that’s disappointing is how she was so easily captured. I like to think of Raylynx as an absolute badass female who always manages to come out on top but I guess it is true to her character that bad things will always happen to her and it’s how she grows from them and becomes stronger that really define her.

Still, it is sad that she was so easily controlled and manipulated in this way so I’m really hoping she’s going to be able to remember some of this incident and be able to interfere a bit more for the good!

I know I haven’t reviewed since Christmas but I am always still here reading away. You have a very loyal fanbase and your frequent updates really set you apart from most fanfic writers. I really think this is something you could make a career out of if you branch out from fan fiction one day.

Much love
astingiel chapter 169 . 1/6
AHHHHHHHHH the love I have for this story is insane, I literally screamed in my room when you said I could make a physical copy...I'll have you know I fully intend to treasure it as one of my most prized posessions and also eventually share this with my future kids and declare it as practically cannon when I start them on their HP journey. I must admit I was kinda sad when you said you had already prepared the ending because selfishly I never want the story to end but I am also partially glad that you have this fully planned out and it'll round out and everything because that makes it all the more amazing.
I also LOVE your thought process behind showing the length and the toll of the 12 years that Sirius was in Askaban because I really didnt think about that much until you said that and I thought about how much story has been told since the time he was locked away and it is just insane realizing the journey that Raylynx and Remus and honestly everybody has gone on since then. I know it was a lot of content to write but seriously the amount of depth it added made this story so insanely complex. The writer in me (which I must confess is a very shy one who doesn't do a whole lot of writing herself very often but GEEKS over everything writing-related) is going absolutely berserk over all of the different aspects of this story so thank you for allowing me to lose my mind every time I read a new chapter, your writing is honestly some of my favorite that I have ever read.
I feel like at this point you're going to start scrolling through your reviews and come across a gigantic paragraph and just go ah there's astingiel she wrote another novel in my review section ,:)
I have no shame though, I will continue to rave about this story for as long as I live and share it with everybody because you are seriously incredible
LizzieHeartsfan3 chapter 170 . 1/7
Your writing always make me think. I like that. I was thinking about what Raylynx asked Remus in this chapter and it reminded me of something my english teacher likes to say - that we should always aim to understand one another. I don't think it makes Ray weak that she understands Peter, I think it makes her the opposite because she never gave in and lost her morals (tho in part, as you mention later, this could have been because Ray already understood what it was like to stand out). Understanding is the key to positive change I think. And thank you for exploring how someone like Peter might be convinced betray his friends, its quite interesting.

Also, on another note I really need to go back and reread this - I realise that I can't remember much from Ray's Hogwarts days and completely forgot Julian died... oops.
kate3110 chapter 169 . 1/5
You know, sometimes when I'm stuck at writing my own story, I get back to yours and analyze how a good story should have been written. (I don't copy of course, but it's hard sometimes because English is not my native and I try to write in it haha)
It's not an answer to your question and maybe someone smarter than me will reply, but I do think your writing is great. The story goes on so smoothly, the changes you made, like putting a Triwizard Tournament before, match the plot perfectly (and it's often a problem because authors tend to put their characters through a lot for the sake of them being their OC). Raylynx is a great character, who developed through the story and I can't wait to see what the next chapters will bring.
I'm not leaving a lot of reviews here, too little probably, but I'm waiting for more, and I'm staying here till the very end :)
Maryana chapter 168 . 1/1
hi. I absolutely love your story. Its both heartwarming and heart breaking at the same time!
This is a humble request... Please please please don't make it Canon at the end. I don't think I will be able to see Sirius dying in your story.
jnwking chapter 168 . 1/1
Really enjoying the story even more since Harry knows about Raylynx being Godmother and Raylynx and Sirius sorting out there problems.
Mallory J chapter 168 . 12/30/2020
Oh man, fantastic and I loved your holiday gift. Happy New Year!
Constitution Chic chapter 168 . 12/30/2020
astingiel chapter 164 . 12/22/2020
Hello again! if you dont remember me, I commented at the beginning of the summer on a chapter and described how I had read your story over 4 times since my freshman year of high school (back in 2016) and I have been devoted to it ever since! and UGH FINALLY THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER YES I spent the entire last chapter PRAYING I was like PLEASE LET THEM REUNITE BEFORE THE END OF THIS CHAPTER and I had to restrain myself from screaming very late at night and waking my family when it finally happened... ohmygoodness I cannot even describe to you how much I adore this story... I have recommended it to so many people (and, I'm not joking, including my therapist, who said she would check it out) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep writing if I could have any wish in the world it would be for this story to never end, seriously its an absolute masterpiece. If this story ever does reach a conclusion (and I pray it is not for a long time), I would love to create some sort of physical copy of it to have and treasure forever. I'd probably just format it like a giant book with all of the chapters just as they are (ugh i'm almost drooling over the thought of this as a gigantic book, im a sucker for huge books). The only thing is that I know you've mentioned before that you like to go back and edit previous parts of the story so the physical copy would have to wait until you were completely happy with a form of a final product (and as a fellow writer I understand that is not a very easy task). So I know the physical copy might be something for the late future but if it ever happens please know that I would be the first in line for it because this story is so special to me and I would love to just have a copy of it to keep forever.

Ahh I know that was super long but as I was saying in the beginning, thank you for almost causing me to scream in the wee hours of the night in excitement and PLEASE as always, KEEP WRITING YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!
Valkara chapter 164 . 12/23/2020
This story is fantastic. I binge-read the first 158 chapters in less than a week, and am very happy when new ones are posted. This is a wonderful chapter, as I'm sure all your readers were looking forward to this reunion.
Constitution Chic chapter 164 . 12/19/2020
This is such a great story, thanks for staying with it.
Ana chapter 164 . 12/16/2020
Oh, I'm so happy that they've finally reunited! What a touching moment. Can't wait for the next chapter and to see what happens next.
Caroline 4rbes chapter 164 . 12/16/2020
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