Reviews for Raising The Steaks
Sassyvampmama chapter 26 . 5/3
Awww... Loved it, thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 26 . 4/19
Lovely fic
mounds01 chapter 26 . 4/1
Very good story, loved it!
b3j02 chapter 26 . 10/1/2016
What a great story! Loved how it all turned out! I wanted to cheer when Bella told off Jacob!
b3j02 chapter 25 . 10/1/2016
b3j02 chapter 24 . 10/1/2016
Oh sweetness! That was great! Big baby! Glad he was healthy!
b3j02 chapter 23 . 10/1/2016
That was lovely! Loved that the girls changed a tire in heels.
b3j02 chapter 16 . 10/1/2016
I hope he realizes that she truly would understand him better than most .
b3j02 chapter 7 . 10/1/2016
Good golly her diary broke my heart!
b3j02 chapter 1 . 9/30/2016
I am exhausted and probably should have waited to start reading this, already I am hooked. Dang!

On another note, poor Bella!
MyLion.MyLamb chapter 26 . 9/13/2016
I'm rarely if ever on FF anymore, but I was looking for something and this was a good read.
edwards-sparrow chapter 26 . 9/13/2016
edwards-sparrow chapter 20 . 9/13/2016
I actually thought it was Jacob
edwards-sparrow chapter 1 . 9/13/2016
I don't get it some stories get pulled because the lemons are to raunchy or there's too much swearing and violence, but others don't there is also stories I've come across that had rape in them or sex between parent and or brother and sister or same sex/ group how are they ok but stories like yours end up being pulled. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against some of these stories it just doesn't make sense to me.
Lost In Fanfiction chapter 26 . 9/4/2016
Sweet story :)
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