Reviews for Goodbye Peter Pan
RoryCullen chapter 41 . 12/1
That was one of the most beautiful, most complete, succinct, and also touching final chapters I have read. I’m so glad they respected the bedroom in their little house and didn’t break the rest of the house without fixing it. I’m glad to hear more of what Bella could do with her gifts. It made me cry when they went back to Forks especially Angela naming her daughter Isabella. I think naming the Library after Bella and buying the store from Mike was a lovely thing to do. So glad smile was able to go back to school and pursue a new dream. The proposal and the wedding were perfect. I loved this story. Thank you very much for sharing it. I wish you would write more.
RoryCullen chapter 40 . 12/1
What a sexy man. Loved the Twilight references. I bet he was doing the same things as Bella when they weren’t together. I really can’t remember her earring his clothes, though. I remember their first kiss in her bedroom in which he sprung from her bed because he thought he would lose control. He has a remarkable amount of control and so does Bella even as a newborn. I wish I had longer to spend with them. But next chapter is it’s all over, but the crying. Well except an outtake I see that you wrote. Thanks for that.
RoryCullen chapter 39 . 12/1
Oh No they dont! Get out of the cabin before you completely destroy Esme’s gift. I felt sorry for her when Bella didn’t want her to finish it, taking away Esme’s precious project is one thing, but destroying it is quite another. I mean Esme hopefully thought It was a sign that Bella loved it, that she wanted to finish it with Edward, and not an insult for wanting to complete it without any further input from her. Oh boy. I am showing my age here...I can totally relate to Esme. LOL!

As for their fist time together I could totally feel how much it meant to Edward to be with her like this. When he was overwhelmed with joy and asked Bella to stop moving so he could contain his feelings and not be overwhelmed I totally got that. I really, really love this Edward and this Bella. I know I said that before but the way you have written them is just perfect.
RoryCullen chapter 38 . 12/1
I just want to apologize for the part in my last review where I mentioned Bella being dragged from the van down the hill, I’m sorry I suggested another way. You of course decided on the way that you did and that was your choice to make. Other than that I was so moved by the previous chapter. It was very sad but also heart warming. It included so many elements from the original story, the memories Edward saw in her dying moments were wonderful. Even the spinning Snapple cap made it into this story.

This chapter was just like I would expect it would be with them, sad when Human Bella’s heart stopped and a great beginning of their lives together. Glad Esme gave them a place of their own.
RoryCullen chapter 37 . 12/1
That was beautifully done. So sad at the same time. Made me cry when Edward broke down thinking about Mike’s pain and when Bella was dying, and the funeral... I think Renee and Phil would have come to her funeral. I will assume they were there too but Edward of course never met them so wouldn’t know who they were. I didn’t like that Bella had to go through so much suffering in addition to the change. The floor boards of a van are do uncomfortable and being dragged out of the van down a hill. I understand why it was done this way but I wish there could have been another way like dragging Rose out of the back of the van wearing Brlla’s bloody clothes and dragging her down the hill. It wouldn’t have hurt her. But I guess there would have been less blood spilled. Poor Bella.
RoryCullen chapter 36 . 12/1
I wonder what happened to Casey? Rose didn’t kill him too. He shouldn’t have had time to get very far. I hope Mike has insurance to cover the theft. I wonder why they would break into the store when there was a car out front and the front door was unlocked. No alarm or anything you would think they would have realized someone was there up in the office since the lights were out in the store. I guess like Bella said it was fate that made sure they would be together. I absolutely love that Edward could hear her thoughts before she died and that they were all about him. I’m glad she got to say goodbye to Jake and Seth too. It was sad and happy at the same time Bella dying.
RoryCullen chapter 35 . 12/1
I hope they aren’t seen by anyone when they go out for their first date. Can’t believe how accepting Jake is of Bella becoming one of them. I mean it didn’t even take Bella to convince him. Edward did this all on his own...asking Jake for his permission like Jake was her father or something. Incredible. When did he even have time to do that? I didn’t realize Edward bought a house at First Beach...right on the Treaty Line. I guess because Jake is mated to someone he doesn’t feel the same pull to Bella or the future Renesmee.
RoryCullen chapter 34 . 12/1
What did Bella just do, he asks? She put her shield around you, Edward. Bella expanded it to include you. Oh I’m loving this so much. If Bella is doing all this while Human I can only imagine what she will be able to do when she is vampire. As for Mike, I think he’ll be ok. He was able to play cards smoke cigars and have some fun. He was able to hide his feelings and carry on and not be destroyed like Edward and Bella were when they broke up. He’ll be ok. It’s too bad though that he now thinks Edward and his wife may be having an affair when that’s not the case. Well not yet anyway. I’m so glad Edward showed up, and they danced and he finally told her how he feels and what he really wants. He wants to change her and marry her and have a life with her. Wow! That’s everything. Bella’s friendship with Ben and Angela is not going to be so hard for her to leave behind now. I am disappointed that there are only about five chapters left.
RoryCullen chapter 33 . 12/1
If only someone would tell her he will make hr one of them. Loved the talk with Eleazar. I think I will go back and read it again.
RoryCullen chapter 32 . 12/1
So did we just have another communication breakdown between Bella and Edward? I really can’t wait for Bella to meet Eleazar.
RoryCullen chapter 31 . 11/30
Well at least Angela promised not to go to Mike with her suspicions. Bella wants to know if Edward wants a relationship with her. She wants to know if he will change her. I wish she had of asked him that. I don’t think he will tell her, unless she asks.
RoryCullen chapter 30 . 11/30
I love Alice in this story. I love Emmett and I like Rose. I love this Bella and I really love this Edward and Carlisle too. I am so pleased that Bella hasn’t decided they can’t be friends anymore. She is really trying to analyze her feelings and figure out what the right thing to do is for her and Mike. Love this story.
RoryCullen chapter 29 . 11/30
I’m shocked by Edward’s request. He actually thought if she slept with him he could leave her again. Did he even think about what he was saying before he said it or was it something he came up with in the heat of the moment and just blurted it out of his mouth?
RoryCullen chapter 28 . 11/30
It’s very hard to know how much to push, how much to reveal in his situation because he’s teatering on having her back in some capacity and his heart shattering to pieces if she decides he pushed too much and shuts him out. He really wouldn’t be able to survive losing her again, would he. I am so glad Bella realized she may be the one who has to make a choice, rather than Mike. I’m just not sure she knows yet what she’s choosing between.
RoryCullen chapter 27 . 11/30
I hadn’t considered the fact Bella’s gift could help her block Edward from her heart; help her keep her heart together. I thought she was using meditation. Bringing Eleazar into the story is an interesting touch. I can’t say enough how much I’m enjoying this story. I love original twists on the original story. I haven’t read one in a long while that is thus good. So often the story ends up with too many plot points, but this one is sticking with just a few and they are being worked through at a reasonable pace. I love it.
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