Reviews for Goodbye Peter Pan
OpheliaBedilia chapter 41 . 4/15
There are so very many New Moon AUs out there, but this is one of the best. Beautifully written. I loved the idea of Edward somehow aging while they were apart, and in my mind, Bella's tiny bit of venom slowed her aging, so that they ended up looking the same age for eternity. I loved that they made it a point to learn how to interact in ways that broke their former patterns. I also really enjoyed Rose and Jacob both being decent and mature. I just really enjoyed this all around.
LAB1 chapter 41 . 4/4
This story was so well written and I loved an older couple vs. the teen angst, not that there wasn't a ton of angst. Very interesting twist with her vampire bite! The whole situation with Mike was so doomed, but Edward was pretty despicable many times. Quite human in his selfishness really. I can't believe that you managed to write a story where I feel deeply for Mike! He lost so much! He didn't deserve anything thrown at him, but life tends to work that way. I'm glad he got his happy ever after with a woman who could really love him and the family he deserved to love! Life as a widower was the best outcome for his happiness.
Graceet2002 chapter 41 . 3/31
I love this story! Thank you for sharing!
ambereyes55 chapter 41 . 2/14
Beautiful story. I love it. Thank you for sharing...
anyagal chapter 41 . 1/14
One of the (few) best NM AU ever. Thank you for sharing!
Elisabeth123 chapter 17 . 11/9/2021
Mikes lovely (never thought I’d say that) and he didn’t deserve this. Bella should,have stuck with him.
Anda chapter 18 . 9/21/2021
I am re-reading this and enjoying it so much... it’s one of my favourites.
Mairaredbird chapter 41 . 8/5/2021
Omgggg, I love this story soo much!

I love how mature they became!

Tchank uu
sarabo chapter 41 . 2/9/2021
I hope you receive this after such a long time. I have absolutely LOVED this story! It was so different. I could feel the emotions and angst in all of them. Thank you so much for writing this! It really was amazing!
Now, on to your other stories.
IsabelW chapter 41 . 9/28/2020
Congratulations and thanks for such a wonderful story.
I love NM AU stories and in quarantine I was looking for a story in which Edward fought for Bella's love. I thought I would like a strong, empowered Bella with a life after Edward.
I think your story captured that and much more. I didn't hate Mike because he was what Bella needed at the time. I slightly hated Angela for seeking to control her friend, and I loved Bella for not giving in to her wishes.
Thank you so much for not automatically putting the "bitch" tag on Rosalie, and making her character have more depth. Thanks for Alice, who was able to rebuild their friendship without manipulation. Thank you that the Cullens were able to create a true family and accompany each other.
Most of all, I loved the mature relationship that Edward and Bella were able to build. I loved that it wasn't an impediment to Edward that Bella had a normal sexual life without him.
Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to read you these days.
Sorry if I have some mistakes, spanish is my first language.

Love from Chile,

sherryola chapter 41 . 8/14/2020
I don't know how I ever missed this story. It was just wonderful. I liked your take on Mike too, and I normally don't care for him much. But for me, it's always about e and B, and this was lovely and warm. I like their more mature selves, and how they talked and acted like adults. I loved the love and the growth. I will definitely revisit this again and again.
luhnduhn chapter 41 . 7/31/2020
You wrote the series I had hoped for. Thank you. I'll be returning for re-reads many more times, I'm sure.
Toni Masen chapter 41 . 7/21/2020
What a cracking story, loved it. :-)
divyvicki chapter 41 . 7/3/2020
Great story!
divyvicki chapter 38 . 7/3/2020
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