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Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 33 . 1/19
Just keeps getting better!
Mitzi1958 chapter 15 . 1/19
Bad communication! For someone who bent over backwards to please everyone, Bella is not backing down. I think the real question is why? What has made her not want kids, she already admitted that she wanted love and affection, someone to love her without any doubts and a child loves his or her parents almost to a fault. i have read abuse cases in books, magazines and even saw on t.v., movies where the child loves his/her parents even when their is abuse.

I do know this is the start of the breakup of Mike and Bella, it is not fair to Mike to deprive him of the chance to have children nor is it fair to Bella to put pressure on her to adopt a child when it is clear she doesn't want any.

i wonder if this does stem from Edward? If she has a child, even a adopted child with Mike than that puts another rope around her, binds her to Mike even more when in her true heart ( If she ever admits it) she wants all ties gone so she and Edward can be together. Oh Bella what a mess you and Edward have made with the love you both have for each other.

I now think Bella should let Carlisle do the tests on her. something is very wrong if she stopped having her cycles right after they left. I mean Jacob blew her theory right out of the water. What has caused her periods to stop?
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 31 . 1/19
I want to leave a review of this chapter but my mind is blown! Holy Moly! What do I even write?
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 29 . 1/19
Poor Edward! My heart breaks for him.
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 28 . 1/19
Oh, I didn't expect Bella to act this way. No wonder she drives Edward crazy!
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 23 . 1/19
I feel so sorry for Mike. Even if Edward had never shown up this would be a deal breaker for Bella.
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 22 . 1/19
This is sooo good.
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 21 . 1/19
"I'm not saying she doesn't love you," Rosalie whispered. "I'm just saying let her figure it out."

Love this Rose!
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 20 . 1/19
You are such a good writer. The inner thoughts these well known characters are expressing, with your writing them, well, you make me feel those thoughts too. Powerful chapter.
Mitzi1958 chapter 10 . 1/19
WOW AGAIN! Bella drinking beer and cursing and Edward cursing and Jacob is married with a baby on the way, they are growing up! Like it, I think Bella is finally growing all the way up. She grew up but only to a point, she never let Edward go and Jake is trying to show that to her, and right now she doesn't like it, not one bit! I do believe Rose is going to start being friends with Bella, that is odd and different too, I like it all!
Mitzi1958 chapter 9 . 1/19
Wow! A powerful chapter! I understand the title so much better! She did love immortal 17 year olds and sooner or later she did have to grow up. What is so sad is the heart never stops loving who it loves, and it is so evident that she may love Mike, it is just settleing for second best. Her heart, her very soul wants Edward and always will. Even her own body adjusted to Edward, even if it was James that started the progress. It is still to early but I wonder when both of them will see it is fate, God's will or whatever that they are suppose to be together. Destiny has a way of getting what it wants, what is destined for you. They will both have to grow up to see that. Edward may be over a hundred years old but his mind is still that of a 17 year old boy.
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 18 . 1/19
Such a moving chapter. I'm so glad they can finally talk so openly. They've both changed for the better.
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 16 . 1/19
I kind of miss Alice but really, so far I don't. Is that weird?
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 13 . 1/19
Oh these two just kill me. By the way, I came here straight from Facebook Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations (Completed)
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Goodbye Peter Pan by Bled Dry ( 4ubleddry) Complete
Summary: Prompted by a feeling, Alice leads the Cullens back to Forks, but ten years is a long time in a...
Texas Bottle Blonde chapter 11 . 1/19
"You'll have to leave by noon on Saturdays. We have a trained dog that comes in for kids to read to."

"It's not Jake is it?"

Love this. They are so great together when they aren't looking back.
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