Reviews for Goodbye Peter Pan
jk chapter 7 . 9/17
poor mike bella kinda being a skank...if Edward read his mind and found nothing wrong as in he loves bella, doesn't cheat ect then what bellas doing to him is just fucking wrong!
Irrevocably-Edwards chapter 20 . 9/15
Man! This is crazy hard to read, but oh so good. This is the first time I've ever read a Mike that I really like. I'm on pins and needles to see how this will end up. Bella is in a big pickle! !
musicdaydreams chapter 41 . 9/14
Wow. I just read this whole fic over the last 2 days. It is now one of my all time favorites. It was so wonderful, so beautiful, so heartfelt. I loved this more open and mature...and really humorous...Edward. I felt so much heartbreak at times for this Bella. She kept everything in and no one really knew the real her, just the "her" she let people see. There was just no stopping the "meant to be" with these two. I really, really loved this story. I miss it already.
ladeerelli chapter 41 . 8/17
Good story!
tinus84 chapter 41 . 8/13
Great story! I loved reading it! Thanks.
2loveybunnies chapter 41 . 8/8
Awesome story! Just quickly read this yesterday on my phone and wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it! I know it's been a while since it finished posting but I was drawn to it while a WIP and wanted to wait until it was finished. Started reading your new story and realized I had never gone back and read this one. Anxiously awaiting your next update on If This, Then, so hope that will be updating soon! Thanks for sharing this with us!
Nicoconsd chapter 41 . 7/27
Thanks for a great adventure. I was pulled in by the name being a huge Peter Pan fan and just loved the entire journey once I started :)
NancyChen chapter 4 . 7/8
This is the best story I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing it. I am looking forwarding to seeing your more works.
NancyChen chapter 2 . 7/8
This is the best story I have ever for sharing it. I am looking forwarding to seeing your more works.
— A Chinese Twilight fan
my2galspal chapter 41 . 6/13
What a wonderful story. I loved the element of Eward almost aging during his time away from Bella because fate planned for them to be together. That was a lovely idea.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with the rest of us. I'm a bit sorry to see it end but it definitely feels complete.
NotMyBabies chapter 41 . 6/5
This was fucking beautiful.
elenalena chapter 41 . 5/21
Thank you! Beautiful AU story!
elenalena chapter 40 . 5/21
Love this dominating and predatory side of him too!
elenalena chapter 36 . 5/21
Fuckawesome chapter! Loved everyone character's roll in this.
KimiD chapter 3 . 5/20
Wow~ queen of angst I have dubbed you. Man I could Feel his anguish! It was almost tangible ~ If he's going to win her, he's got is work cut out for him... Mike apparently Knows how to please her... Just sayin'
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