Reviews for Goodbye Peter Pan
NotMyBabies chapter 41 . 6/5
This was fucking beautiful.
elenalena chapter 41 . 5/21
Thank you! Beautiful AU story!
elenalena chapter 40 . 5/21
Love this dominating and predatory side of him too!
elenalena chapter 36 . 5/21
Fuckawesome chapter! Loved everyone character's roll in this.
KimiD chapter 3 . 5/20
Wow~ queen of angst I have dubbed you. Man I could Feel his anguish! It was almost tangible ~ If he's going to win her, he's got is work cut out for him... Mike apparently Knows how to please her... Just sayin'
KimiD chapter 2 . 5/20
Ah fair Rose comes to life and begins to talk instead of judge... interesting ~!
KimiD chapter 1 . 5/20
Alice is floundering, not being able to put any realness to the feelings she is having... but we all know that you don't bet against Alice, listen even if you are not sure why...
elenalena chapter 33 . 5/20
Amazing chapter! Very interesting twist from the canon E&B.
sfspeedy chapter 41 . 4/19
Be still my heart! This story is just one of the best ones, ever! I had shelfed it because I wasn't ready to day goodbye yet. This week I began reading it from the beginning. I needed the full emotional roller coaster. And what a ride it has been. The sorrow, angst, passion, desire and love bursting throughout th story. Also, the amazing character development, especially the emotional growth that both Bella & Edward achieved. Marvelous! Thank you for your words.

Best wishes,

theeyeshaveit chapter 41 . 4/9
I loved your story. You have an amazing talent. Thanks!
StarlightGilgalad chapter 41 . 4/8
Amazing story! I loved the characters and how they all developed! Great ending!
FU chapter 41 . 4/4
This is one of the best stories ive read in this fandom! i just dnt understand why you didnt let ExB had sex while shes still human? I mean are why? now i feel like both of them would forever wonder what it would be like together while shes still human. It would mean so much to Bella and for Edward to prove he wants Bella! Wtf is wrong with you?! Jesus im so pissed off when you just shot B out of the blue like wtf?! You couldnt give us another chapter of them doing it and then feel free to kill bella off! I hate you! You ruined this story!
TheQueenWriter chapter 41 . 3/31
I enjoyed this story so much. I read it over the course of three days and hated when I had to walk away from it to actually function in the real world. I laughed, cried, got angry, the whole nine. Your words have so much feeling and energy, I saw the entire story play out in my head like a movie. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. xOx
TheQueenWriter chapter 17 . 3/29
I am loving your story! Your characters are so charming and lovely. Excited to see how the rest pans out for them. xOx
Sazzledazzled chapter 41 . 3/21
Wow! Sorry I've not reviewed this before but I could not stop reading to review. Amazing story and throughly enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this with us
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