Reviews for Goodbye Peter Pan
JustARead chapter 2 . 4/9
JustARead chapter 1 . 4/9
Been through it, poor B chapter 41 . 4/9
Wow this story has truly blown me away! I haven't been a huge fan fiction lover of Bella and Edward pairings, but you did it perfectly! Better than the original by far! I love that Bella didn't want kids. That her body was shielded by her desires! Amazingly thought provoking and beautiful! New favorite! I hope you have more to read!
Jean Driver chapter 41 . 4/7
I had to 're-read this again because I enjoyed it the first time so much! You have given Edward and Bella a true love with all the warts that involves! Thank you!
missmelly chapter 41 . 3/13
How in hell did I miss this amazing story? You write so beautifully and the plot is perfectly conceived-it's like you corrected most of what was wrong with the real Twilight and made the book s what they should have been. Thank you for the time and enerdy you put into writing and sharing. I will return to your wonderful words over and over.
Kksmum chapter 40 . 2/18
Second time I have read this great story. Loved it again. Thanks.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19
It's so funny how women always say Edward Dont deserve Bella because he left her in new moon! Out of protection for her. Not through cheating or just wanting to leave her but protection! But yet Bella ass physically cheated on Edward in eclipse by kissing Jacob basically in front of him and no one says a thing about her not deserving Edward. Sexist bunch of bitches in the fan fiction community.
minimum3 chapter 41 . 1/18
A 5 storybeautifully written with a fantastic plot and characters. I look forward to reading your other stories and have added you to my favourites so I don't miss anything in the future. Thankyou
cbzoo chapter 41 . 1/15
great story
minimum3 chapter 35 . 1/12
awwww, this is the nicest Mike character ever, I hope he gets a HEA
Lillywhite1 chapter 41 . 1/3
Thanks for writing this amazing story!
Ticcing Bat chapter 40 . 12/23/2016
can you write some more vampward please.
Ticcing Bat chapter 41 . 12/22/2016
this was so so excellent.
Kksmum chapter 41 . 11/26/2016
TheOrangeGuy chapter 41 . 9/6/2016
Can I just complement how good your story is? But even then this has triggered emotions within me and I cannot even begin to start. First, well... This is mostly a question but I don't think Bella should accept Edward as it is? Back immediately. He is sorry? Yes. He did it because he was protecting her? Yes. Did he deserve her? NO!

You are such an amazing author to evoke such emotions within me, I am literally in tears. My heart aches for Bella and her angst and for Mike who did everything for the woman he loved but said woman still choose to be with former lover. I am team Edward all the way but never have I ever hated an Edward in a story.

I am sorry, do I even make sense? It's just very relatable in a way... Being left for a former. When you gave everything and still it was futile. No matter how I see it... Edward still seduced his way to Bella and I do not think Mike deserved such conflicted pain. Imagine? Being happily married then waking up one day and your significant other is asking for a separation.
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