Reviews for The Greatest There Was or Ever Will Be
Dp11 chapter 9 . 4/19
lol that pairing at the end, ya we're all weirdos. Anyways there are animals in pokemon that they do eat or show, they just don't show them cause the show obviously focus on pokemon. It was shown more often in the first season since there wasn't that much pokemon out yet.
ShadowPhoenix121 chapter 10 . 4/18
This is really good. Can you please do more?
EpicArticuno chapter 10 . 4/9
Wow. Longest chapters I've ever seen on here. Best of luck with the marathon that chapter 11 feels like it's going to be
falconer54 chapter 6 . 4/7
Oh dear, I'm pretty sure the Elite Four watch the League Tournaments. Lance is going to burst with envy.
sonle chapter 1 . 3/19
i see you are quiet talented. i hope you will continue your fanfic and let us followers enjoy the ride
corrinlone77 chapter 8 . 3/7
Good chapter.

Mewsali chapter 7 . 3/7
In the battle between Paras and Parasect you misspelled fury cutter and put fury futter instead. Not for every time you said fury cutter, but just in thus paragraph;

Parasect kept attacking Paras relentlessly with every move it knew. From Spore, Slash, Fury Futter and even Giga Drain. Paras was fast and managed to dodge the bulk of the attacks but he still got hit with attacks like Fury Cutter and occasionally he would even get caught temporarily in the tendrils of Giga Drain.
Fanfic fan chapter 1 . 3/6
First chapter and I am already commenting... new record. Anyway, I would like to congratulate you for creating such a unique and one of a kind fanfiction. The word count is very satisfying and the story just kept me at the edge of my seat as the chapters just keep on rolling. The way you wrote the story was very impressive and I can tell you spent some time with this story. I know it has been a year since you have last updated, but I wish to see this story form beginning to the end. G-luck
- J
Ash-greninja chapter 8 . 2/24
Dude, one word. Awesome! Just keep up the great work.
nvnightrider9 chapter 10 . 2/8
Brilliant fic. Best pokemon fanfiction I've read till keep are u gonna stick with the whole bulbasaur and squirtle never evolve seriously please dont do that
Lionfire42 chapter 2 . 1/20
Nightshade172 chapter 2 . 1/13
Amazing descriptive language! It shows that you are dedicated to making this the best story it can be! Great job!
Nightshade172 chapter 1 . 1/13
This story-idea is amazing! The writing style is excellent as well! The only enhancement I can think of that you can make is smaller paragraph sizes. They just make it hard for me to regain my place when I look away for a second in the middle of a paragraph. Otherwise, great job and keep it up!
Nightshadegirl chapter 10 . 1/2
wow, and i thought the black fog event was over guess not. glad that sabrina is back to her normal self. i think i would be creeped out seeing no shell on squirtle. i am most curious to see how ash deals with someone that has a disorder like down syndrome wanting to be a trainer, they got to have people like me in the pokemon world as well.
Traptor chapter 10 . 12/30/2016
Hey I like your story the best. But I was wondering when you can continue the story for ash collecting the rest of the 27 badges.
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