Reviews for Luffy's Renewed Adventure
LoveLifeForever chapter 115 . 10h
"Like, O. M. G. Like seriously ooooh ma-GOOOSSSH!? The first one was traaash." "I can't believe it was made, kukuku." ... "I'm also trash at writing."

Figured I'd do some parody of the people that were reviewing you. Pulled most of that material from Fortnite yeah talk with my nephew

Lol, but seriously can't wait for the rewrite. So what if they didn't like it? There's lots of other material for them to go enjoy.

I'll probably start reading your other with while I'm waiting
I look at fish chapter 114 . 9/24
Can I use this fanfic idea? It sounds really interesting, although the harem and sexual parts I'll leave out. Mostly just the "go back in time" sort of stuff. Maybe I'll make luffy a bit smarter, he does have like 12 years of reliving, why doesn't he take up reading. A poet Luffy?
Emi2468 chapter 1 . 9/22
This open open fruit looks actually posible. It would be something like the stronger version of the door door fruit. It removes the weakness of having the openings needing to be does and the time travel part would most likely be the awakening ability.
Omega Porunga chapter 115 . 9/19
sorry wrong guy, multiple tabs open my bad
Omega Porunga chapter 115 . 9/19
Loved this story and your Love Live story (Rising from the Bottom)! Hope you get to the rewrite soon!
alberto.patino.31 chapter 115 . 9/17
Just to let you know I really hope you get the rewrite one soon and I like your first one too of the story and don't let those assholes put you down
Lustlara52 chapter 15 . 9/9
Why would luffy recruit such a worthless character? If anything he should have waited to recruit someone decent when he first entered the. Grandline but no, he's gonna fill his crew with mediocre people himself . Way to ruin a story.
Guest chapter 115 . 8/30
The flamethrowersvcan burn! You're doin a great job man!
NEMESIS HEREJE chapter 3 . 8/20
arawiguM chapter 115 . 8/14
Your story was fantastic. Flamers don’r know how to do anything but hate. I hope the story is going good. I know it’s a big project, but I have faith.
Max chapter 3 . 8/1
author makes this story like luffy can be a perfect actor remembering every word he ever said...even the way he walked or moved by the letter... all so he can copy word by word and then add his poop on the side...LoL
Max chapter 3 . 8/1
Warning this is word by word copy no changes
Guest chapter 69 . 7/20
Haha 69 funny number
Guest chapter 47 . 7/19
I wonder if there's gonnah be a Luffy vivi lemon
Schlepian chapter 22 . 6/30
Well I dont understand the point of this story so far, going back in time as a super OP and changing absolutely nothing except being horny?

Maybe more changes in the future but looking at the titles it seems like not much at all.
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