Reviews for Luffy's Renewed Adventure
Lifkinthetroll chapter 38 . 11/16
This is so good i hope you can complete the rewrite

Also 6,666 reviews
gwb620 chapter 51 . 11/15
Why keep this the same? What was the point of Luffy doing all this the exact same as before?
Arturwho chapter 115 . 10/21
I hope you finish it the rewrite i cant wait to read it
Arturwho chapter 96 . 10/21
Im crying for merry
Binge Reader chapter 3 . 9/22
Bro... it's copy and paste with some shit twist.
Binge Reader chapter 3 . 9/22
Bro... it's copy and paste with some shit twist.
PrimalSnow chapter 22 . 9/21
If you still write or check these. One tip, try to not use ‘said’ too often, mix it up.
roronoajack chapter 87 . 9/17
i think the sanji gag is funny lmao
Schnuggel666 chapter 115 . 9/13
I liked it a lot. I will keep reading it.
Thanks for your time and work.
Guest chapter 79 . 9/1
If luffy said those three words there’s something wrong
Loidman chapter 102 . 8/17
lol this guy is tasting his consequences. Author added unnecessary crew members, elongating the enemies, fights, stories etc. 100 CHs in and we are still in Skypiea, even tho we have a " New world" pirate in Luffy. Fck this
Loidman chapter 64 . 8/17
No fucking way you thought this is a good plan from vivi?
The Marines will do anything in their power to wipe away pirates in the name of "Absolute Justice" and they'll definetly get Alabasta for this.

And also, u really dont think that the higher ups wil be fooled by such a gimmick from vivi right?
Loidman chapter 63 . 8/17
Another braindead author completely ignornig the basic feelings of the characters from the show.

Vivi becoming a pirate means she will no longer be able to go back as a princess. We have seen that cobra gets sick after the time skip, which means the he will need vivi more than ever.

if this is another luffys "just cuz i want to" ( in form of authors whim) then im greatly dissapointed. And the fact that very little percentage of people recognize this problem in the comments show that most of them watch one piece without any understanding
Brendan Slater chapter 12 . 8/10
Why doses luffy act like he knows nothing it makes no sence if you have a reason i would like to know
Drax Demonix chapter 115 . 7/21
I cant wait for your rewrite even if to be honest i see nothing wrong with the original version ive loved it from start to finish! I only wish it never end! Its so rare to find good and long one piece fanfic so believe me when i say that you got nothing to be ashamed of your story is a masterpiece in my eyes even if i would have like to see Vivi with crocodile devil fruit and Nami with the enels devil fruit but like i said your story still is the best. Please PM me whenever you start publishing your rewrite i want to be the first one to read it! Im also gonna check your other fanfiction out so maybe you ll see a bit more of me around! CYA AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT!

p.s. Dont listen to those who are flaming you they re just immature and jealous of your talent!
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