Reviews for Luffy's Renewed Adventure
Guest chapter 111 . 7/14
Please make another chapter I love this story your an awesome writer
RinneSage726 chapter 88 . 8h
Luffy not telling them to pay the entrance fee (since he would know they have more than enough) doesn't make much sense to me. Yes they have to fight Eneru, but there is no reason to cause themselves more problems than they need by not paying the fee. By paying the fee they stay under the radar and can get around easier. It just seems odd to make things harder than they need to be.
ideas chapter 111 . 7/11
tu historia esta muy bien pero a qui tienes factores de deben pasar quieras o no

1 la captura de ece por que seamos franco la guerra se necesito para el futuro por toda las aliansas que octuvieros los mugiwaras

2 la separacion de los mugiwaras por que a peasr del conocimiento del futuro de luffy se
nesesitaron 2 aƱos para que toda la tripulacion tenga el poder para desafiar al nuevo mundo
ademas que luffy tiene que aser a hancock y margaret

3 infiltracion de la inpel dan para salvar ace (aunque al final salva a bon kure)

4 aparecer en la guerra para porfin poder salvar a ace (ace se salva ) pero barba blanca debe morir al final
xd chapter 111 . 7/11
me gusta tu historia sin duda la conis en la tripulacion serie genial ya que sabe usar muchos diales como arma aunque si t soy sincero hubiera preferido a laki ella es una mujer muy hermosa y fuerte
pero es tu historia con la saga de foxi no se si vas a hacer a porches parte d los sombreros de paja seria bueno pero es tu historia tu desides

a por cierto que va a pasar con la mini historia de enel
Guest chapter 111 . 7/11
God damn when the update for the next chapter.
Waka Nebbiolo chapter 111 . 7/13
Nice. A good relaxing read. Perfect for stormy evenings and long hot days.
Awareness Bringer chapter 1 . 7/12
I'm not saying One-Punch Man is an uninteresting fandom to work with, but I was lead to you by this story, so I would like to see you get back to it.
tell me chapter 1 . 6/23
how does it feel to have the best story out of everyone.
Eye Of Amun-Ra chapter 111 . 6/25
Cant wait for next chapter
Eye Of Amun-Ra chapter 1 . 6/25
Wicked i love this keep up the good work
T.H. Tiger1 chapter 41 . 6/24
I have to wonder if you're a fan of that Steven Universe crossover? Seeing as how both Mr Five and Miss Valentine have the exact same dream in both stories, as does Miss Wednesday
CureCaligraphy chapter 37 . 6/21
That's... not an average response. But it's very Zoro.
lol chapter 1 . 6/19
i just quit reading after that vivi scene
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18
When is the new update
hmm chapter 1 . 6/18
don't know why the dirty ones are longer
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