Reviews for The Triumph of These Tired Eyes
Lucky1 chapter 33 . 7/29
Best Harry Potter story ever, I love how it’s completed and you never gave it up, it’s in my top 1 best story of all time category. What I mean to say is: This is THE most AMAZING STORY EVER!
SixFtWookie chapter 24 . 7/25
This definitely feels like the end of the second third of the story, right before it starts a ramp up to the climax. I'm loving how nicely you've woven these separate stories together.
christinemarie13 chapter 33 . 7/14
I enjoyed this. You wouldn’t know by the amount of times I cried but it was good. Plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested while educating me on Norse mythology. There’s some pretty crazy stuff in there. Sleipnir is the only evidence of that you need. Thanks for all the hard work and sharing.
Kittyhell chapter 33 . 7/14
Where do I even begin? I hate you so much. I cried and laughed but most of all, I fell in love with each and every character. Their flaws made them real that for a moment they were. I loved how you gave Draco a different path, one that gave him freedom. But did you really have to kill him!? And I loved every moment I spent reading this story. No I don't hate you, quite the opposite. Anyways thanks for ripping out my heart with this story. Heart wrenching.
Azucon chapter 13 . 7/13
Near the beginning of this chapter there's a couple of spaces missing. "Of what use could shepossiblybe to you?" This is the first typo I've noticed, you're doing great work here.
ixSorA chapter 33 . 7/13
my dam broke stupid tears this story is just beautiful
cl9763 chapter 28 . 7/8
Well~i'll just be cheeky and argue wizards live way longer than muggles~i believe ave age was 150?.. so lol
Kaiimei chapter 12 . 7/8
I actually mirrored those exact same words by accident when I read those words and knew exactly who was in the room.

That was amazing.
dylansandy1993 chapter 33 . 7/4
i really enjoyed this story!

While the above sentence is unable to truthfully encompass my enjoyment in its entirety... I want to highlight the parts I disliked.

The list would be shorter than listing what I liked.

Fundamentally, being a T rated story, I was less than enthusiastic in starting to read this fanfiction. Regardless of the number of favorites and followers. Since a large majority of T rated fiction has been in my experience simple or parodies... Rarely have the themes resonated with me and kept me interested in the story.

This story also had the main character have significant problems being a realistic person. The introduction to sex that was written as a sly joke truthfully felt completely out of character. While the story was significantly improved by including it, the fact that Harry never connected with anyone to the point of romance was something that I had a difficult time understanding. Unless the fact that Harry visited only one grave was the indication to be noted for both his orientation as well as his love.

Conversely, his pet names like "love" were always used for a singular bookworm. Never for a certain quirky girl (who I unabashedly love).

The last two points would have been fixed if the character has some form of successful romantic experience during his maturity. Something would not need to be marriage or tragic, it need only be honest and fulfilling during the relationship itself. Perhaps they grow apart or otherwise fall out of love. It just felt silly for much of Harry's relationships to be so overwhelmingly platonic.

I'm about to read the new story, hope it's as good as this one was.

So from the top; I almost passed by and ignored this gem due to its rating. I also had a difficult time believing that this Harry was a realistic depicted person. Finally, the relationships felt incomplete due to a lack of maturity or even sexual awareness in the teenagers. All in all, a very good story!
Misti D chapter 33 . 6/25
Thank you! That's all I can say is thank you! You've made me forget about being jobless. You've made me forget about have this stupid infection. You've made me forget about this shitty world that we are living in right now. Yes, the last three chapters I cried so hard I had to take a breathing treatment, but I loved every minute of it. So thank you! Happy writing.
Hadami chapter 4 . 6/25
How could you be so heartless as to include Hedwig, but then not make Harry buy her? So sad
Kushka chapter 33 . 6/23
Great story
Ferocious Nightfury chapter 9 . 6/20
Why didn't he call for loki when he was captured!? Fucking moron!
Ferocious Nightfury chapter 6 . 6/20
Damn... I hoped that the Phoenix would have healed him. Then he could have had Phoenix tears and basilisk venom in his blood. Maybe he could have become immortal that way? Or gained some sort of power? He could have had both fire and ice powers. Like sir chase lance rolan. That guy was awesome!
Ferocious Nightfury chapter 5 . 6/20
I WOULD! Let us conquer this pathetic dimension and build it again in our own glory! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough* yeah that...
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