Reviews for The Measure of a Man
Amber-Raven-Cahill chapter 12 . 7/14
This fic is too brilliant for words. Is it placed upon permanent hiatus? Or do you plan to continue? Your writing is perfection! I really enjoyed reading this fic. Please update soon! :D
Loli-pop0394 chapter 12 . 5/24
It has been soo long since I've read a good Pirates of the Caribbean fic. I am very happy I found this one and I can't wait for the next update.

P. S. I am from Puerto Rico, I get happy when someone uses the Island for a POTC fic. Lol
cracknovelist chapter 12 . 5/16
What? Why leave us there? You're too cruel, update soon!
Endgame65 chapter 12 . 5/11
Ah, you stop there? Please update soon!
Smithy chapter 12 . 5/11
Oh dear, looks like Jack is going to be facing something he doesn't want to, a very cold, vengeful Bootstrap Bill Turner.
Agent ERA chapter 12 . 5/11
Whhaat? Now this, obviously, I didn't see coming. Will's dad? Cool! Now I'm even more intrigued.
Jack E chapter 3 . 5/11
This is seriously just as good as I remember it. Your characterizations are just so impeccable, I can hardly take it. And I seriously used to take Hettys monologue and tack it to my wall as a motivational quote. If you don't mind, I'm gonna promo this story with a link on my tumblr, potentially with a super short teaser quote extracted and accompanying illustrations attached, as I reread it. Just to drive some traffic your way. Is that okay? Let me know if you object to that.
Agent ERA chapter 11 . 3/12
Excellent! Let the adventure begin :)
Smithy chapter 11 . 3/10
Welcome back, and I hope to see more, like around my birthday {March 23rd}. Poor Will, he needs to have some cure to end the 'slow agony'.
Smithy chapter 10 . 1/14
Looks like Jack and Norrington have the same goal in mind. I know Norrington seems like a stick and all, but I think he will do the greater good.
Hummingbird The Transformer chapter 9 . 12/7/2014
An amazing chapter as always!
Phew! Jack didn't have anything to do with the attack..
But I hope you update soon! :)
Syntyche chapter 9 . 12/7/2014
Another great chapter! I'm glad you're able to find time to update this amongst your other projects. :)
Smithy chapter 9 . 12/6/2014
Hope to see more real soon. If I recall right, the poison was very virulent. I hope you come up with whatever you can to make sure Will doesn't leave this great world too soon.
zade12 chapter 9 . 12/6/2014
Syntyche chapter 7 . 11/2/2014
Another fantastic chapter! Your attention to detail and action is truly amazing.
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