Reviews for Our Dark Soul
BravoMissGarcy chapter 56 . 9/20
That part about your mother may she be resting in peace broke my heart. I started this story skeptical, then about christmas it felt like a Hallmark movie and hated that but then you are a good writer so I conitnued reading and I am glad I did. Strong finish! You should be proud.
Survivor chapter 46 . 9/16
I love Surivor and Spencer is truly the best player to never win the game. I wanted Caroline to take fellow survivor viewer vampire rebel in and not kill him. Next season Joe will be back.
Guest chapter 44 . 9/14
This story keeps getting better and better... I love it!
YeayToChap38 chapter 38 . 9/12
Chapter 38 is your best Chapter and I am glad I didn't give up on this story and let me tell you, it wasn't always easy... Don't get this the wrong way but you are not funny and it is okay! What I mean is comedy and fluff is not your thing, bring on the drama and the angst, that's your domain. It was painful for me to read Liz Forbes trying to be cheeky,worst part of this story. Also, Caroline trying to seduce Klaus a few chapters ago was awkward and while reading, I was thinking "Is the writer a virgin?" Sorry for my bla bla bla... I love this, I am still here and as I said, carry on and more good old dark stuff, less cuteness or whatever...
Guest chapter 23 . 9/3
Is this a good story? Sure! You are a good writer but this is not Dark and the M rating is so misleading, this is T at best. Even Klaus is not dark in this story and don't get me starting on Caroline. You think she is dark because she intended to kill Jesse, I disagree, it's a basic human reaction, he started it by wanting to kill her.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/27
I hate Mia and I don't see the use of her and you are dwelling... I think I have had enough, I don't feel like finishing this and it's a shame because I can tell you are a fine writer.
Lovelifelyrics2 chapter 56 . 8/27
I just discovered this story a few days ago and read it so quickly. It honestly is one of the best things I have ever read. It was truly beautiful and thrilling. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing it with all of us!
KolMyLove chapter 53 . 8/24
Thank God all the sh*t goes down this chapter just started 23 this is so good I don't want this to end!seriously this is a amazing story I've enjoyed it so much so happy that I could see Caroline grow with so many characters klaus obviously but her and Katherine Rebekah Matt I love that you have him in here with Rebekah I've always liked Stefan and Rebekah myself but her and Matt are great I love Elijah and Katherine as well the couple's are so good just everything is so thank you Soo sooo much! xoxo
KolMyLove chapter 43 . 8/23
loving this n yesss love Matty Blue Blue
KolMyLove chapter 1 . 8/22
the birdlol sorry didn't check my spelling omg
KolMyLove chapter 39 . 8/22
yes the bud she was watching while Katherine watched her I thought of the humming bird right away! good filler
KolMyLove chapter 38 . 8/22
I loved wolf Klaus that was amazing I found myself during this petting my dog a lot lol she's a mini lab/cocker spaniel mixed just looks like a little lab puppy a little taller lol anywho I def cried during the breakdown in the woods that was hard and my heart hurt for Caroline during a lot of this chapter but I wanted more of Klaus' side I'm more of a Klaus stan myself as well I cried a lot for him as a wolf hurting and not being able to talk to her and def could tell he missed her touch it was awesome though you including him as a wolf and that was just a awesome thing to add in general how he was roaming in the one part not many ppl add that in fanfics so thank you for that I'm excited to see what happens next chapter and I hope to see more of how he's dealing and feeling lol I love my Klaus xoxo
KolMyLove chapter 37 . 8/21
I did not doubt Caroline's feelings even for a moment for Klaus granted I'm just starting 7 I know I happen to start reading the Authors notes at the top and want to send a review your way I'm confused right now bc of the whole Silas in klaus' head and wondering wth he sees that he assumes klaus doesn't really love her what's up with that bc in my mind Klaus was in love with her way B4 they were together but that's how I think anyways going to dive in and figure out what's up I love Caroline going to stay with Katherine it makes sense she has been the only person to be a true friend to Caroline from the way beginning B4 she actually got with klaus and I believe Elijah would respect her privacy enough not to let Klaus go right there and waltz in like he probably wants to do finding out she's there to begin with it he's a respectful person and I believe will talk to her and help her through this with Katherine sorry I haven't received the last few chapters or so but wanted to send this to ya I'm definitely enjoying this was wondering when the big reveal was coming lmao
Guest chapter 56 . 8/17
This was amazing. I am stunned. This took 3 days to read and I loved every bit of it. Amazing work.
KolMyLove chapter 25 . 8/19
okay so what I decided I'm finally doing is forgetting all about The Originals I so don't blame you for not watching I'll be happy with TV'D seasons 1-4 and stick with fanfics lol bc in my happy place this is where Klaroline are now I love this story Liz walking in last chapter was hilarious as much as i wanted more to happen that is so practical.. and her calling Caroline out was even better.. she obviously had to tell her mom it was Tyler bc how was she supposed to explain getting Klaus drunk and seducing him hahaha I love all the humour you put in these omg I've been laughing the whole story crying and just feeling so many emotions I've seriously not been able to put my phone down for days I listen to music and read and then I fall asleep reading this thanks for all the feelings this brings me so much happiness! and thanks for replying to me it truly means a lot. going to watch your YouTube video
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