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namvd chapter 32 . 4/24
Of all of the fanfictions I have ever read, this is most likely my all time favourite. After I found it on ao3 a while ago, I have read it at least 8 times! Just want to say, I love this fanfic
Camath chapter 32 . 4/13
Allusive Ryder chapter 2 . 4/8
about hidan... has anyone tried to burn his body?
thebeautifulbicky chapter 32 . 4/6
This is a amazing fic. Sorry I haven't left more reviews, I was too busy reading... Seriously, it's so professional, and it's COMPLETE! Well done. You're amazing.
jupimako chapter 32 . 4/2
That. Was. Awesome. Such a great story! A wonderful blend of fantastic characters, action, fluff, humor and angst. Kudos.
jupimako chapter 18 . 4/2
Reading your story makes me smile. Thank you.
jupimako chapter 8 . 4/2
I'm really enjoying your story. It's wonderful.
JadeOokami chapter 32 . 3/31
It's been a little while since this was completed, but I can't imagine writing all this in the short span you did. I'm kind of shocked that you didn't get burned out by it.

I really, really love time travel stories. I admit that I haven't really found that many that I've liked that take whatever character is going back and, because they keep their original age rather than taking over their old bodies, have to take on a whole new name and identity. It usually ends up too much like the author was just twisting that character into being an OC while just claiming it wasn't.

But I really liked Naruto/Kurama here. He still felt like he could be Naruto, even though he was different. I like the name you gave him, Kurama, tying him back to the old Naruto. What you did with Kyuubi was interesting and, I think, handled well. I saw the thing with Obito coming but was wary enough that I was constantly on guard for a twist, which means that by the time it did happen, I was just glad everything worked out.

I didn't mind the pairings. If I had read it while it was being written, I probably would have voted for the OT3 between Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, but even though you chose to keep it Naruto/Sasuke, I like the open ending you gave it anyway between the three of them. Also, I really, really like that Naruto/Kurama didn't decend into angst and sorrow after going back, and that it was more of a relief for him. I've read enough angst to last a lifetime, and too many people abuse it. This was a nice change.

Many of the characters weren't what I would call 'in character', but you made them enough your own and yet enough like the originals that I still really liked them. The dynamics between team 7 were my favorite, and seeing how Kurama changed things to be better without making it feel like he's being some sort of calculating mastermind. His relationship with Kakashi didn't really seem to go as smoothly, or as detailed, as other relationships but it wasn't very distracting. Also, you kept your personal views from bashing characters, so kudos. And the other teams seeing team 7 in actions, that was also a favorite of mine.

I didn't notice many errors (The only ones I can think of were a misplaced quotations and a misspelled word, but can't remember where, sorry). All in all, I really enjoyed the entire story. If I'd read it while it was updated, I would have been impressed by the speed of it. I wish you luck with your other stories, and thank you for writing this one!
kodokuaga chapter 32 . 3/29
God. Damn.
That was...just beautiful. I think I'm a little bit in love with you now just from reading that. Thank you for being a wonderful author, 'cause this fic just made my day. And night. I forsook sleep to finish it (and I love sleep, so that more than anything should tell you how much I enjoyed this masterpiece). Keep on writing, cause you're amazing ;v;
Fireandpowder chapter 1 . 3/28
already left a review on this so I'm reviewing as a guest... just wanted you to know I've read this at least 6 times and this chapter makes me cry every time.
Bluejay Blaze chapter 32 . 3/27
You... I like you. Your stories are a little long for convenient reading, but they're funny and fluffy and good. And for all your complaining about English being a hard language, you don't seem to have any problems with it in the finished product. If English isn't your first language, what is, if you don't mind me asking? Because based on how good your English actually is, either you learned it a long time ago, or I'd guess your first language was either German or one of the Nordics.
Chibi-Kogitsune chapter 26 . 3/26
Well that was an abrupt change of pace...
stellar chapter 1 . 3/26
The only thing that makes me sad about yaoi stories is that I think that Naruto deserves a biiiig family, but in this I was like, he kind of adopts his younger self (there's a head spinner) then his younger ex-boyfriend (again head spinner) and lastly more or less the girl he did have a crush on as a kid! So he has a big family! Loved your story, read it twice and on my third now!
Guest chapter 18 . 3/25
I really love your story! Thank you for writing it but I was wondering...
In this chapter Kakashi was thinking what would have happened if someone like Kurama had bee there to help his team, meaning him, Rin and Obito... And it made me wonder what such a fic would be like...

It sounds awesome! Would you consider writing something like this?

Thanks again!
Chibi-Kogitsune chapter 8 . 3/25
Never knew Naruto (Kurama?) could do the Unohana smile...
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