Reviews for backslide
PublicExecutions chapter 32 . 7/18
This is probably the best ff i have read so far
Akira Rai chapter 32 . 7/9
I love this fic. I REALLY DO
hallelujah I'm a bum chapter 1 . 7/3
This is still one of my all time favs. I enjoy it every time I read it and I always get a good laugh! Thanks for writing it!
Tigaier chapter 32 . 7/2
I just quickly reread this entire thing and once again enjoyed the love and action. Thanks for writing this!
Jish chapter 32 . 6/23
This story was just simply amazing. Kurama’s new name is so fitting based off of the dystopian future.

The entire Team 7 I always wanted to see them portrayed in fanfiction. Perfection.

(And that final chapter...omg that’s hilarious! Poor Sakura’s partners...xD)

The whole thing with Obito *taking over Tobi’s body* is also genius.

You make seals in fanfiction something to actually care about. I have never seen a fic before do anything real with seals. This is genius even more.

Amazing job on the story. Amazing job writing the relationships. Just AMAZING!
kitsune29 chapter 32 . 6/22
love this story I reread it often.
kitsune29 chapter 32 . 6/22
kurama was he had to get sleeping pants out of the closet
kitsune29 chapter 1 . 6/22
kurama was he had to get sleeping pants out of the closet.
Sparksofrandomness chapter 31 . 6/15
I love how you ended this xD thou I do wish Kakashi and Kurama were naked as well haha.
00esoteric00 chapter 32 . 6/11
First, I can't believe I have only just read this. I don't know how I have not come across this fic. in the fours years its been posted. Second, I absolutely love that way you portray Team 7; their relationship is amazing. My mind is freaking blown by how much I loved your version of them. This was a complete joy to read. I loved it from beginning to end. Great job!
greenespeon1995 chapter 32 . 5/27
loved It! ...
Motherofthehorde chapter 32 . 5/25
Wow...just wow.
Thank you for writing.
BloodRedJay chapter 32 . 5/19
I love the added edition of Obito thereand your whole story.
androjack chapter 32 . 5/12
xXChirushiXx chapter 32 . 5/9
It is so nice to read such a fantastic fanfiction that is finished! Thank you for such an amazing story!
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