Reviews for backslide
moodysavage chapter 32 . 10/19
Sigh. Wonderful. So wonderful. And over. :(

So wonderful!
StarKurama chapter 32 . 10/18
love this
moodysavage chapter 24 . 10/18
Best conversation ever... when Sasuke says that if he has to go through the test again in 6 months he'll kill someone. .."possibly myself but neither of you are out of the running."
moodysavage chapter 19 . 10/18
It feels like there should be a conversation among the three genin about kakashi spending the night so I hope that appears somewhere. I'm also kind of hoping Sasuke figures out that he is Naruto someday.
moodysavage chapter 14 . 10/17
My favorite line... when Sasuke asks Naruto is he would mind if he was his stepdad lol
magitechxinc chapter 32 . 10/17
I'm absolutely in love, this is now one of my all time favorite stories. This satisfied needs I didn't know I had and expanded my horizons far beyond where I thought they could stretch. Thank you dearly for providing me with the opportunity of this experience.
Travesti chapter 32 . 10/16
Love the humour and the story!
moodysavage chapter 1 . 10/16
Oh wow. Amazing 1st chapter. Very intense. Cried for both of them. Perfectly done.
Espied7 chapter 32 . 10/14
ImaginaryPencil chapter 32 . 10/13
Any time I'm in the need of some good naruto fan fiction with not only an amazing plot but amazing writing I come back to read your works... each one are my favorites, so thank you for writing!
Winterlover6 chapter 32 . 10/8
Gah, what is it about everything you write that makes me a die hard slash lover, especially for Naruto and Sasuke!? I don't have this problem with any other writer's stories!
Renavelia chapter 1 . 9/30
I can't get over how great this story is! This has to be one of my all time favorites!
Luseaw chapter 32 . 9/27
One of the best I've ever read
EmInArEvOl chapter 32 . 9/27
Good God, this is a way freaking awesome fic! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I just couldn't stop smiling! All hail to you! 3 3 3
jupimako chapter 31 . 9/25
Absolutely fanatic story! I loved reading it again.
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