Reviews for A Demon Among Devils
allamtya3 chapter 14 . 4/20
Nice writing ~! i really enjoy it ~ ... thank you
CapMorgan55 chapter 2 . 4/11
A flaw with this, Raynare couldn't give a DAMN about Kokabiel, she thought she was acting on Azazel's orders due to Kokabiel's manipulations. She loved Azazel, not the warmonger.
codywhite162 chapter 22 . 3/18
I recently found this story and I have loved it! It is sad to see that it hasn't been updated since 2016 but despite that I truly hope that it continues someday. The way you incorporated Minato from P3 into this story of Highschool DxD was truly great writing and entertaining to read until the very end. I hope you are well and hope that you'll come back to this someday as I want to read what happens next.
Dauntes chapter 22 . 3/17
I love most of your stories. Definitely miss this story most, though. Thanks for writing. :)
SouruTV chapter 5 . 2/23
i am confusion. Is gasper not a thing here? Asia was reincarnated as a bishop and so is gasper. Issei is an Pawn worth 8 pawns. (Spoiler warning) Xenovia becomes the second knight besides Yuuto. Koneko is a rook and the second piece is free if i remember correctly. There shouldn't be a piece for Minato especially a Bishop as those are filled...
psychored1911 chapter 22 . 2/20
Oh, you were still updating this. I actually didn't know that. Well, thanks for the update and I hope your financial stability improves.
LiquidRuby chapter 1 . 1/30
...We're not forcing you to make a new chapter, but we just want to know what happened...
edoabb chapter 8 . 12/22/2021
Idk if I like the fic anymore, the last two chapters were extremely plot armor to make sure that cannon is followed, first with Issei losing his ability to boost as an excuse to make Minato help, and the fact that his persona is not considered in the evil chess pieces is also stupid, they should count for potential and much more.
Jack1nTheBox chapter 20 . 12/10/2021
i think Gasper needs an adult too...
Jack1nTheBox chapter 14 . 12/10/2021
every time I reread this chapter I can't help but feel like an opportunity was missed. he may so nope, but after what Raynere said I'm pretty sure that the correct answer would've been a resounding yet. testing the throne of heaven like that, while blasphemous, would be very fun.
JustAnotherGuest chapter 17 . 11/26/2021
Ahhh Cao Cao, you couldn't have been a bigger idiot if you tried. You disgust me on your level of Hypocrisy. I pray for the Souls of the Humans Lost and MindWiped.
JustAnotherGuest chapter 11 . 11/24/2021
I will be the first to say. It irks me. That all the reaction issei and asia had towards killing would be so... Lackluster. I can accept Asia being grim and hardened towards wounds and stuff because she is a healer. But Issei?
No reaction at all?
Thats what irks me the most. But it is merely a complaint. You can pay it no mind, or maybe you'll glean some sort of insight in this complaint.
If you're even alive lol. It's been years anyway. You just stopped at Rias and Minato kissing.

I cannot fault Minato for being Minato, because he is the way he is. But it does annoy me that he could have prevented all this by merely summoning an angel earlier. Or some convoluted means to prevent this. But he seems... Empty, lackluster. It annoys me. Like he is simply flowing through and forcing himself to move. That is what I feel from him anyway.
JustAnotherGuest chapter 4 . 11/24/2021
To be fair. If Minato so wishes, he can merely kill them and revive them again. He is Death. Kind of.
Toksia chapter 1 . 10/29/2021
good story, i just dont like the way theyre speaking. too dramatic.
Odnoglazyy Rytsar chapter 3 . 9/19/2021
How, tragically ironic that Minato had summoned the persona of the one he had just mentioned.
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