Reviews for Family
Guest chapter 46 . 3/18
Go Dawn. It's about time someone give Spike some truth to the matter
Ferris chapter 45 . 3/18
I did like the dialogue of Tara and Willow this chapter. Dang, if only you had been a writer for the show. These conversations of trust and the mistakes they BOTH made are what are missing from that relationship in the show. Makes it all that more real. Beautifully done
Ferris chapter 44 . 3/18
Oh I've been gone too long! Got some catching up to do! Ah, the council. I wonder how they actually told the council in the show. I can't remember if they touch upon how that went.

Loved the scene with Buffy and Spike.

Tara and Buffy was a PERFECT scene. Very well done. It was what I wished had happened more often in the show. I think they had three scenes similar to this, but with less time spent on them.
hcconn chapter 46 . 3/11
Just read all of this at once! Very good! I feel just as frustrated with the way Buffy treats Spike as I did in the show lol
TheBlueDragonWolf chapter 46 . 3/8
Oh, exactly the wrong thing buffy needed to hear there giles :)

As always a fantastic chapter, the frustration of dawn is understandable.
YOur writing continues to have nice flow that makes reading very joyful.

Im sitting behind my computer in excitement and wait for the next chapter :)
DeceptiveFates chapter 46 . 3/6
Excellent as always! Can't wait for the next update, I'm greedy like that :p
lady pomegranates chapter 46 . 3/5
This was excellent; I was waiting for it.
That said, I'm glad you make these personal interactions so painfully real.
SpaztasticalMaiden13 chapter 46 . 3/5
Okay so I'm happy Tara is starting to heal. I've always loved her and wanted her to be more confident and comfortable. Willow is being all messed up. I mean really?! Trying to find ways around her restrictions is just dumb if she actually wants to earn Tara's trust. And what's up with Dawn and Spike? I get her point and Spike is being kinda stupid but they were so angry with each other. It kinda hurt to read. And what the bell is wrong with Giles saying that to Buffy like that. She's already so messed up and he's making it worse! Great chapter! I can hardly wait for more! Good luck and happy writing!
Nakova chapter 46 . 3/5
This story keeps on fucking me up man, keep it coming
lady pomegranates chapter 45 . 2/25
I am looking forward to the next chapter. Your character development is phenomenal; most people don't take the time to flesh everyone out and write the interactions well like you do. That alone makes this a favorite. chapter 45 . 2/23
Love it! Please update again soon :)
lady pomegranates chapter 21 . 2/22
lady pomegranates chapter 20 . 2/22
I am conflicted. I feel awful for poor Spike... But I can't help thinking that you wrote his pain really well. You took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. Nice.
DeceptiveFates chapter 45 . 2/20
Update soon please! I missed this story so much that I just re-read the entire thing... just as awesome as the last time I re-read it! Can't wait for the next update :)

lady pomegranates chapter 7 . 2/20
This is well-written, entertaining, nicely fleshed out, and you've got great character development. I lot of the issues I had with some of the Scoobies' actions are actually being addressed. I'm officially hooked.
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