Reviews for Potpourri
DragonThetan chapter 30 . 3/24
Like them all, so keep them coming!
TheRavenclawGem chapter 25 . 3/7
Book girl fan chapter 30 . 2/4
He knows the right thing to do.
Book girl fan chapter 29 . 2/4
Ouch, Merlin, and that doesn't even begin to cover it.
guardianofdragonlore chapter 30 . 1/29
These are wonderful, but could you continue #6 somehow? Or maybe something like that.
And why do you keep breaking Merlin's legs! Are you obsessed with whump?
consultingsorcererof221B chapter 1 . 1/28
The words are water, I simply hope that the water will not support a ship.
Katerina Riley chapter 30 . 1/28
Linorien chapter 30 . 1/25
I really hope there will be a part two for this. Arthur is too sweet.
anthi35 chapter 2 . 1/25
something more light hearted perhaps
Veilwuarrah chapter 30 . 1/25
*gasp*... what an interesting take on that scene..

The thing that did bug my mind is the scene when Gwaine and Merlin shake hands. Gwaine is almost knowing, and teary.. no questions asked of why Merlin needed or wanted to go to the cave. And then you think, that was the last time they saw each other... *sighs*...

Yah, thinking too much..

Awesome read, as always! Will there be a follow on this one?
LFB72 chapter 30 . 1/25
I love this on so many levels; I like that Arthur felt bad about what he said to Merlin and tried to put things right, his jealousy of Gawaine and the reveal. Balinor is such an imposing figure and I can see him putting the king straight on a few things.
Glad Arthur made the right decision - how could he not?
Would love to see a continuation of this.

Good luck with illusions it's fabulous, hope this little detour (enjoyable though it was) has set you back on track!
GrayCharacter16 chapter 30 . 1/25
Great chapter! I loved it. :D
eilonwy77 chapter 30 . 1/25
That was rather fantastic! I really enjoyed this. Thanks. :-)
shell22 chapter 30 . 1/25
Very interesting twist - Thanks !
Sahba chapter 30 . 1/25
Its lovely
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