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Guest chapter 9 . 7/27
Yeaaah a new Chap :D I like this FF since I first saw it.. the idea of an feral!Elsa was to good that I needet to read it 'cause I saw nobody who did one like that soooo... ty :DD It was rly cute what Elsa was doing haha I was like *reading reading* 'aaaaaaaw so cuute .' Haha :D

Good job dude?/gal? I'm waiting now for the next.. hopefully it doesn't take all to long :C

Lamparcik chapter 9 . 4/14
Wow you finally updated! I'm so happy to hear that this story will carry on. I've watched the film that it's based on and I hope that ending will be different. But we'll see :) thank you for your work.
Bhare chapter 7 . 4/1
I really can't picture Elsa in an orphanage OR a shelter for the disabled. Elsa is older than Anna ... Anna herself is eighteen ... and the shelter for the disabled ... Elsa isn't disabled. She's half human and half werewolf (or other creature) ... so how can the staff of the shelter for the disabled be able to help Elsa? No if Elsa did go there then she would be worse off then she was before she met Anna and the towns people.

Anna is making great strives towards teaching Elsa her human self ... I say leave Elsa in Anna's care. She'll be much safer and happier.

Elsa in a shelter for the disabled ... I can just picture a weak and almost dead Elsa ... in human form ... and creature form.

Elsa needs Anna to remain calm ... and to grow into a heathy human/creature.
Avatar Whitelighter chapter 6 . 3/29
I hope that Mr. Arendelle doesn't think that Elsa hurt his lamb. That would seriously suck. But with how loud Han's car crashed into the gate ... and he was rushing out of his house hearing the nose ... I don't he even thought Elsa would be the one to harm his goats.

Stupid Hans. He needs to leave and never show up again.

I hope Kristoff will be happy that Elsa found the base ball for him ... and that he doesn't actually want Elsa to leave. But heck he is ten after all.

I was so waiting for you to have Elsa mimick the goats sounds 'baaaa' also ... I would have loved to see the godsmack look on Anna, Kristoff and Olaf's faces at the sound. I'm sure Elsa's 'baaaa' would have beat all three kids in a heartbeat.

I love Elsa learning how to be human. it is so adorable. It is clearly that Elsa had been in her werewolf!? form since perhaps just after birth ... and perhaps barely in human form up to the point of meeting Anna. I love how innocent Elsa's soul is. I love how protective she is towards Anna ... I was laughing and saying good Elsa with her gripe on Hans arm and kicking him out of the house in the previous chapter.

Glad to see that Anna is FINALLY beginning to treat Elsa better because she TRULY WANTS TOO ... and not to honesty be able to sit at the dinner table with her mom, and brother ... with Elsa wolfing food down with her hands.

Elsa is all ready passed smitten with Anna. I can't wait till Anna begins to get those all so lovely love feelings for Elsa. I have a feeling it will be after Elsa learns how to use human words.
Afeni830 chapter 9 . 3/27
Omg. I think I'm in love. This is honestly amazing so far. I love how Anna and Elsa friendship developed tho I'm a bit concerned at what happen to Okeon, I think that's how you spell his name. Anyways yea lovely story. Can't wait for the next update. :)
Lance58 chapter 3 . 3/26
Yeah.. It's sounds a lot like werewolf boy.. Hopefully it won't end like it
Always Cartinelli chapter 3 . 3/25
Okay so the man from the beginning wasn't evil. There is no way I can picture Oaken being evil ... and abusing to any one or animal. So I am sure Elsa was the newest wild wolf and Oaken had to chain her up to protect her against her wild attacks {due to her fear} ...

I love how everyone in this story knows that Elsa isn't a normal human being and not quite animal. {Not just Anna or and her mother} but the two neighbors and the police. I am relieved that they aren't keeping Elsa locked up behind bars as they try to figure out what exactly Elsa is. I have a feeling that if Elsa had remained at the jail ... then she would have remained dirty as hell. Plus she would be extermely frighten about being locked behind bars once more. {Oh man I could have pictured that scene clearly in my head of when Elsa gains concous once more ... sees bars in front of her ... her freaking the fuck out and tearing through the bars {as she did Oaken's chains} and run total bat shit amack in the jail trying to get out ... harming several people ... and having people out for her blood} ... I'm vastly relieved you decided NOT to go in that direction.

I love how Anna's mom pretty much adopted Elsa on the spot and told the police that no way in hell Elsa was going to remain locked behind bars and be tested to god knows what as they try to figure out what Elsa truly is.

I love how Anna's mom stood up and said Elsa was going to come home with her and that's that. Now Anna's mom has two daughters and a son to look after.

Plus Anna's mom treats Elsa as a human {getting Elsa cleaned up ... and in nice clean clothes ...} plus getting Elsa cleaned up once more after Elsa raviensed the dinner. Anna's mom treated Elsa with human kindness. Even during the night when Elsa was howling at the moon ... and she yelled at Elsa to shut up. Elsa shut up quite quickly. For her being new to having humans around ... she fully realizes that Anna's mom doesn't mean to harm her.

I hope you write something in Elsa's point of view and have her memory of when Oaken first found her and brings her to the ware house with the other wolves. It would be interesting to see what state of mind she truly was in on her perhaps first interaction with a fully human? {or was there another human whom found her first and perhaps treated her cruellly}?

I can't wait till Anna begins to truly inter act with Elsa. I don't like Anna being so standoffish with Elsa.
Algernon Abbey chapter 2 . 3/25
Anna has the read on Hans. {he's a useless jackass. not worth her time}. I hope Hans's father is actually good in this story ... helping Anna's family out in their times of need with the goodness of his heart - not trying to steal something precious from them. {especially with Anna's heart condition ... that seriously could actually kill her ... plus Anna's father dying in the plane accident} I mean he still provided the means to buy the house for Anna's mom; and her and her brother.

So like I said please please keep Hans's father kind.

Anna's first meeting with feral!Elsa didn't go quite well. But I have a feeling that Elsa all ready knows that Anna desperately needs her ... and that she'll know what to do to protect Anna from her heart condition.
Algernon Abbey chapter 1 . 3/24
For your very first fan fiction ... This is a gripping start. Wow; just wow. You have me intrigued and frighten to my bones. (I love it).

I mean in your summary where you have feral!Elsa ... I was so expecting that the old man had beaten; and placed in the bucket (I was pitching her a very small feral) ... then you opened the barn doors and said wolves were in there. I was oh man the man is going to think about feeding Elsa to a pack of wolves ... then you got to the metal door ... then I was okay Elsa is behind that door. She's okay.

When the old man opens the door and sees all the chains broken; I was all right Elsa got free ... she's going to get out. (After killing the old man that is ... which he totally deserves).

I can't wait till feral Elsa meets Anna. I know that Elsa would NEVER hurt Anna. After all no matter what universe ... Anna is Elsa's soul mate. Elsa will die herself in protecting Anna.

Can't wait to read more.
TacoKing23 chapter 9 . 3/21
Interesting timing. I actually remembered this story like, four days ago, and was briefly upset that it seemed abandoned. Then you go and post a new chapter on me. Please, keep upsetting my expectations.
KM chapter 9 . 3/21
Welcome back! Glad you update when you did. Elsa is so cute when she act like that, a very cute puppy but I do wonder what is Elsa background? For now she is a mystery. I think Anna is warming up to Elsa and hopefully she be more in tune with Elsa. Hans go away!
LordCanine chapter 2 . 3/20
Is this based off the movie a werewolf boy?
guest21 chapter 9 . 3/18
Please update this again soon :3
Batteriez Not Included chapter 9 . 3/18
Why do I get the feeling Elsa's a werewolf? Anyway, great story, so glad I got to find it. :-)
volturielite chapter 9 . 3/18
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