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Guest chapter 9 . 6/15
Ahhhh such a cliffhanger! I can't believe it's been so long since you've updated, please tell me you're planning on continuing this! It's amazing and I absolutely adore this! This An and this Akaya are spectular and hilarious, and I'd love to see them get together! Please update soon, even though it's been so long!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
Love this couple! Please update soon
wildesparxx chapter 9 . 9/18/2016
I am in awe. Honestly, the banter in here is insane.

It's such a good fic and I really want to read more of it. You're a brilliant author; you got the feelings across and kept it light hearted which is not easy at all. It was fun to read and kept me smiling. And any uneasy feelings between the main characters were resolved with a firm hand and gave way to progression of their friendship.

Also, I know Kirihara gets paired with An quite a lot but this was my first go at reading their pairing and I think I just picked one of the best out there!
Luna Rivera528 chapter 9 . 8/11/2016
Okay so I'm too lazy to login but yep I'm still alive. :)
Oh my goodness that chapter was just incredible. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to reading this but I am so glad I did! The descriptions, the colors, the atmospheres just shine through this entire story, and this chapter addresses such an important part of rape. Like Akaya said, it's never a girl's fault for being attacked, and even with a strong, fit girl like An, oftentimes there's not much someone can do when being attacked by someone so much larger. The development of An and Akaya's relationship is so great, and I love how they've finally reached the next step! One of my favorite things about this story is that it doesn't rush any part of the story, which includes relationship development. Though I do wish that they'd just get together already! But I love how believable their relationship is, especially considering their history. The only thing is that I would love to see more of Atobe! I'd like to see how An and Akaya deal with him (specifically An mediating between the two ;)). And I'm so curious about Kenny and how An's relationship with him will turn out! Will Akaya and An figure out how to pin the responsibility on Kenny? Kenny definitely reminds me of that creepy guy in the original 250 Dark Stars, the one who latched onto Sayoko and was kind of like Niou, because of the quicksand, drowning feeling An described.

Overall, I'm so pleased with this chapter. It's absolutely amazing and I adore it. Though, not going to lie, I'm a slightly disappointed there's only been 1 chapter added on to it. I was hoping for at least 3-5 chapters after leaving the story alone for a while, but no dice. :(

Definitely hoping you continue writing this story! Please update this; I've noticed you haven't updated a new chapter in a while! And thought summer has almost ended, technically it still is summer. :) You still have time to write, hopefully! But thanks again for continuing such a masterpiece. Don't give up on it now! I long for the day that this story reaches completed status and I can read it all in one go!
offthewebby chapter 9 . 5/25/2016
I came here on a bit of a whim, having been really into PoT a few years back, and I remember this was one of my guilty pleasure ships. So you can only imagine I had to binge-read this fic in the darkest hours of the night.

I love the style of writing you chose for this fic ( also your other one, Green ). Not only because it's easy to read and carries good flow, but because it perfectly compliments the mood of this entire story. This story is one that's not skeletal and rigid, it's about perspective and change and feelings, and your writing captures it with every move.

Whenever something happens, you're not /telling/ us it's happening, you're showing it through the character's eyes, and how /they/ process it in their own unique perspective.

You also have this run-on theme with An describing Akaya as electrifying and intense, and I love how it develops more and more, and how it just /hits/ her in the middle of their interactions, like it should if his energy is as spontaneous and capturing as she describes it to be.

This is an amazing piece of fiction.
Crazy Tigers Lady chapter 9 . 5/17/2016
Sorry to be late hahah. I have read the chapter the same day you updated it but I totally forgot to write a review :(

I have liked this story since the very beginning but you definitely have evolved your writing skills with each of them :).
This last one was perfectly beatiful. Their relantionship is pure magic. It's so so cute and... simply perfect. I love the way you describe how much they fall for each other without rush anything.
I think that I have read the last part about Akaya's apartment like ... ten times... maybe more? XD

I really hope that you could finish it. It's one my favourite FF :)

PS: I sorry if I bother you with PMs when I ask you for updates :(

'Saludos' from Argentina.
303 Chocolate chapter 9 . 4/22/2016
*cries in spanish*
Please update soon!
comwiz chapter 9 . 4/21/2016
Awesome story! I'm loving it! Keep writing more and update soon!
Junnin chapter 9 . 3/18/2016
There was probably more to this chapter than the romance bit, but I love this story so much and I need so much more! I really like the way their relationships are inching forward... at the same time I I'm thinking how long this is going to be? the longer the better, as long as the wait for each chapter doesn't tear me apart first!
Frozen Satellites chapter 9 . 3/15/2016
Like so many readers, I'm guilty of lurking and not giving feedback. But since I love this story so much, and know that comments can be a huge motivation to keep writing, here it goes:

A/K is such a rare and unexpected pairing, I would have never thought of it.

But now that I've read this story, I totally ship it. I thought you handled all of the characters so well, and beautifully illustrated their complexity, depth, maturity and development without sacrificing their core traits.

I'm also a huge fan of your writing style. There were sentences that I thought we so beautiful, like whenever An likens him to electricity & etc, that I actually paused to admire them. I can imagine how similar New York City and Kirihara are in terms of their vibrancy, electricity and energy.


I'm excitedly and anxiously waiting for an update. :)
kim123kn chapter 9 . 3/14/2016
You have officially converted me to KiriAn, and now, I'm going to have a hard time trying to quench my new thirst for this ship because your fanfic sets such a high standard. Please update soon.
uriel's tea time chapter 9 . 3/13/2016
I ship them all the way they are chaotic but still skfbfld
Volchitza chapter 8 . 2/28/2016
Dude...this story is pretty damn great. I hope you update soon, but I know that with writing like kinda only works when you feel it. So yeah, I like this story a lot and I hope you update soon.
Luna Rivera528 chapter 8 . 2/28/2016
Yes, okay, I finally reread all (that's right, ALL) your stories and naturally, saved the best for last. Which this one is. Because I knew that it was updated and was super super excited about it. Tears of sadness and pain, btw, to see that Romeo and Juliet had not been updated. (Hint hint ;)

But yeeeees I love this couple so much and your story just makes me love them more. Honestly, it's like this isn't just a fanfic, it's an actual BOOK (except it's not finished and WHY IS IT NOT FINISHED?!) But I digress.

Omg, I didn't think it was possible for me to love this story any more than I already did in the past, but you have obviously proved me wrong with these two chapter updates, which, in case you haven't heard, are ahmazing! You make me want more to see how An and Akaya work things out, especially with their upcoming return to Japan, and I am dying to hear about what is up with Kenny. Is his dad super important or something? Where is this weird guy getting his power? (Not superhero power, obviously, but like political, social gameplaying power.) And why do people (like awesome sauce, minor character Maria) defer to him? It can't just be because he's the vc of the guys tennis team! Plus, he's apparently hot, according to this, so let's see what An does with him! His velvet against Akaya's electricity... I need to read what happens next!

Also, um, please bring Atobe back because he rocks and I adore him. Him and hanako (that's her name, right?) seem to have more to say with this story... I mean you can't just say that there's Interest in his eyes regarding An and just ship him back off to Oxford! I mean, that just isn't done! Please tell me your notes have something more with him, because he is great. But so is Hanako and Maria and Kenny and everybody so let's see some more interactions!

I love An's silliness and sass, she and Akaya just combine to make the most amazing, crazy couple ever. Confession time: I used to NOT ship An and Akaya together and instead shipped An and Atobe, but sadly that shipped died away since there weren't enough Atobe and An fics for me to satisfy my cravings. And since I ended up reading tons of An and Alaya fics, I decided that she worked with Akaya just as well (if not better) than Atobe. I feel like she can just be awesome and random and crazy with him, so... yup. And now I adore KiriAn with my soul. AtobeAn is still fun for me to read, but it's KiriAn all the way!

But not Kamio or Momo. Like, ew, gross, An needs someone sassy and awesome (and actually good looking, shhh) to be with her, and Akaya provides that much needed yin-yang balance. I feel like that's probably why I adore Rikkai and Hyotei and can't read any Seigaku and Fudomine fics: for one, hot tennis players, duh, but also because there's so much more to build on with Rikkai and Hyotei, and Seigaku is so blah it's painful. Let's not even start on Fudomine.

I feel like random, awesome, sassy An from this is a lot like the An in 250 Dark Stars, and I love it. Your descriptions of her sunshine and spark, her energy, is exactly what I love about her. Even though we don't see much of An in canon (which is a grave error and which hopefully be fixed in NPoT, though I'm not holding my breath), I adore her. Like, seriously, your An has basically become canon for me now.

Please, I know your busy (lol this is going to be like a Frozen fanverse, might as well write this out!), but people are asking where you've been... I think some new chapters are overdue! If you ever have a teensy weensy bit of time, please write some do the next chapter and maybe build upon it until there's a full length chapter for us readers to enjoy! Or, possibly, you can write some chapters when you need to take a study break? Yes? Lol, do what you can, but update soon please! I was sad to see that this wasn't finished last summer, so hopefully it'll be finished this summer! As this summer's coming up, which equals more free time, which equals more time to write and post, which equals happy, happy readers! Seriously, this is like a great anime that takes forever to get a new episode out and makes fans cry because they don't know when another episode is coming out. Love this story so so much. Love it.

You're an amazing writer. You have such great ideas and such a way with words. Please continue to share your gift with the rest of us commoners, unworthy of your glory. 3
Luna Rivera528 chapter 8 . 2/17/2016
Too too lazy to login, but OMG SO GLAD YOU UPDATED. Yes yes yes! I'm on a total Rikkai kick rn so I'm scouring fanfiction for awesome Rikkai stories, but trust me I'm going to come back around to the KiriAn obsession stage and then I'm going to re-read ALL your stories, leaving, of course, Lighters for last (because I'm hoping you'll have updated again once I come around.) So glad you updated! 3 3 3

Also, while I'm surprised you changed your pen name, I also love it. Oxford ftw! Anyways, (unless I'm completely wrong and am making this up) didn't you go to Columbia for college? Am I correct in assuming that you're now at the gorgeous Oxford and have changed your pen name because of it? Or am I completely off the mark lol?

So glad you came back! I love you!

Don't worry I'll leave more reviews when I hit my KiriAn stage :)
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