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dierdreaes chapter 8 . 19h
I am rather enjoying this story so far, I didn't think I would when I started it, my only issue is that she has basically become complacent and accepting of her own enslavement. A cage is still a cage no matter how pretty it is and she seems to be just accepting it as her role now because of some promise made to a nebulous shadowy figure in her past not to use her power to defend herself from a threat, I get what your trying to do, and are doing better then most would, but in a world full of assasins, murders , thieves and spies someone like her only becomes a victim in one for or another.
doraemax chapter 15 . 10/8
I liked your idea of Kagome, and agree with it. I remember one episode where Naraku attempt to possess Kagome; he put a Shikon Shard on her brow and try to turn her into hating Inuyasha. At first she followed along, allowing him to manipulate her using her jealousy/pain over Inuyasha/Kikyou drama. But at the end, she turn the table on Naraku, saying her feelings are just human, and it is not a reason to turn evil. She repelled him, and purified the Shikon Shard at the same moment. Yeah...she shined then.

In short she is the epitome of Womanhood. The force behind great men. There's a saying: Teach a man, and you end up teaching one person. Teach a woman, and you end up teaching a generation.
Kuroyuki no Ryu chapter 15 . 10/7
This chapter was by far the best one yet.
I pretuiclary liked how you designed the New Years celebration. It is really impressive.

I also thought that the lora reth scene was a wonderfully touch.

You did a unbelievablely amazing job on this chapter.

Thank you for writing it.

Also I want you let your beta know that I found her note really interesting and plan to see if my schools livery had any books on the subject, it seems like something rally cool to learn about.
wickedlfairy17 chapter 15 . 10/7
Love this story...and I'm surprised to say I love your rasa. I have always hated him in cannon. I genuinely was glad he was killed and almost wished it had involved more suffering for him. He did some pretty fuck ed up things. Now I'm mostly curious about this man I had hated. I want to see kagome and him develop a relationship. I want to see how they will be good and bad for each other. I kinda chuckle to myself picturing how kagome will react when she realizes rasa is an attractive man lol
Skyrere chapter 15 . 10/7
and I agree completely with what you have learned about the dangers of misguided and mishandled charity.
It is creating a dependent class here in America... It is ruining us.
Anyway, I adore this story.
Well done.
Niji-neko chapter 15 . 10/6
Hello .I really enjoyed reading what you have so far, as you pointed out, your Kagome is diferent from others because she fights at an emotional level, diferent and wonderfull . The characters being multifaceted gives the fic more realism , loved that 3

Have a good one
BenevolentBizzy chapter 15 . 10/6
Can't wait for more!
Bright1 chapter 15 . 10/6
I've never seen or read Inuyasha, so I came into this story with knowledge of the Naruto verse only, and of course my incredible love for your writing. That being said, I have found your writing of Kagome to be one of the most interesting, round, and engaging characterizations of any heroines I have read in a very long time, across any writing, fic or original work. She has flaws, and power, and a clear voice, and a good heart, and I cant wait to read more. I feel really invested in her, and Rasa, and all of Suna. I cant wait to see what is in store for all of them in the future.
Gladoo89 chapter 15 . 10/6
I enjoyed a lot this new chapter! :)
mr chapter 15 . 10/6
I really don't have a problem with Rasa. This is the ninja world after all. He though he was doing the least he would regret. He is human. Humans will always make mistakes.

I love your characterization of Kagome. It's perfect. I think the reason why most people have trouble with reading or writing about Kagome in fanfics is because how Kagome was portrayed in Canon!Inuyasha. Most people think she was lacking in some places. Even I do. Even though I know the reasons for it. I kinda wish the author of Inuyasha had more sences of Kagome with her family and her friends, more depth in their dynamics of each other.
Can't wait for more. Keep up the great work.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/6
I'm so excited that Jiraiya is coming soon! I personally can't wait to see how you'll write his character. At the same time I realize that also means other villages are thing to be put into play and things are thing to get a little bit more complicated from here on out. Still, I can't wait to see him in the story.
Another thing that I'm excited for is the interactions with Kagome and Gaara. I have no clue on how things are going to turn out for these two, so reading it from your view on how it will go is awesome.
one final thing, keep up the good work. Seriously, I adore the fact that you put so much thought into writing this. I can't wait for the next update. Good job!
kiki8o chapter 14 . 10/6
i just don't understand why is rasa helping kagome to learn and control her powers, yes they help the village a great deal but if she is more confident in her powers and less guilty about her dead friends, she will be less docile and less prone to manipulation, and in the end that iw what rasa is doing , great bloodline or not kagome is but a child, like danzo and itachi and many more, he has lots of years of battle under his belt and could easily manipulate her, for exaple saying kagome of the sand, look at your people, all this to make kagome dependant on the village and in the future so she would start a family willing or not jjaja, though miko powers weren't hereditary in inuyasha
anyway great chapters and please update this and tis femina asap
s.k.f.f.f chapter 15 . 10/5
s.k.f.f.f chapter 14 . 10/5
one of the greatest crossover stories!
Infinities Lover chapter 15 . 10/5
Pfffft xD
Lol cute! Love this! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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