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huongyuran chapter 1 . 9/6
Ý, bạn là người Việt hả? Người mình trên này hiếm kinh khủng luôn
Mirage chapter 24 . 8/20
i really love the Little gentle or even not so gentle momet between Kagome and Rasa from first to till now las chap at ch24, they are great for each other.

i really hope you come back one day to write more chaps...jiraiya still Needs his beeting up, an kagome more time with Rasa, i so would love to know more about how they got together and there litle or big moments, about gaara and temari and kanguro growing up
aout Daimyos asses being kicked and put into there place
and how the green nátur grows stronger and makes out of a part of the dessrt a real true possible to substain itself living soil, with rich earth...where plants will gro on there own with a Little help here and there,.-and so much more
so please come back one day to wrie more and finish this Story, i like how you write and how you make the characters
Mirage chapter 21 . 8/20
i so understand you how you feel abou gaara and how unrealistic they made him, only counterbrainwashing could have made him a so sane gooodygoody Person...or returning to being a Baby without Memory that could start new in new town...
so i think even with a mother figure like kagome, who is more his first puppy crush as he finds outhe would need years and lots of experience good and bad, even the first love not seeing him as adult male but a child, and loving his fater will help...who knows...may one day when he is a bit older and more ready also in mid, he finds someone to love...naruto Sound not bad...and they could get foster mother to get Babys for there clan line or even win kagome when Rasa really dies one day...what does one know Feeling can be crazy, and get many crushes and even Boy or girlfriends, and when it is at first those from out of town to learn
... and some good friends who can help him change slowly, even when he gets his crazy or agry moments now and then...or wants to maim or kill or destroy,..but when he is older an adult he will be more stable and learned enough to become a future good leader one day.

But till then People of there town will also have to learn to accept him, will see the good in him over time, how a strong fighter or leader to be gaara could be, that one can talk with him without getting eaten by all sides Needs years

and yes ninja parens are crazy with there Training there children from the craddle out to be good soldier..
i like gaara too ad itachi

and that with the Daimyos i never did understand, they where often from Sound of it very stupid , so why did the ninja acept this and not just offed those incompetend moey loving sick guys with some good placed poison in there water or air, an be done with this Money grabber, and gone on with there normal ninja-trading...
Mirage chapter 15 . 8/17
till ch15 where im righ now, i find it interesting
how the People learn and grow, need to step back some big way and learn from there, Show other sides and see things in an ther way i love how kagome and Rasa interct, how he trys to follow his believes but learns with her that there coould be other things, but for him he is a fighter and kage he cant go all soft and gentle or he will be thrown out or killed as they may think he becomes a bad leader, but he learns with time that he an gaara are not a failure, but there are other sides to gaara ot the near out of control Monster but a lost hurt Boy and tailed beast who is too, as they are pulled from there world and bound to a human on earth...and they dont want this...but with kagome power they may find some peace and learn to accept orr find a way to free them and send them home one day...
and i really like how Kagome and rasa Dance around each other, and he acces way more then anyother and trys not to only protect her only for her power and use for village but because he seemsto like there talks

Kagome learns mre about inja and there way, about sand Country and there history, can help other and use her power to grow things ad make a place in the Dessert so that People can live there when they take care i the future and can take of orphane children

now she only Needs to learn bether weoponless fight she can use...maybe some hiden fight style like in the konoichi sory the Girl did read the oe with the out of clothing and bond in 3min or what was it...or some other kounoichi attack think that would be a surprise attack and would move Rasa in a sparring fight atleast

i like Rasa and how he is, he still does leearn in some way, so in some Situation he will react a bit more gentle or loving or calm so i hope he comes out alive in the end and sane ...and possible with some more children...with kagome? ;)

but one Thing i hope i will see...when it does not happen already in the next chaps...a Meeting of jiraija and kagome, she will slap him silly when he is super perv..
but naruto she may mother and adopt away from konoha, like shippou_
Mirage chapter 2 . 8/14
Interesting story

i think you did make a little mistake with your timeline,... maybe...crippled charkra System only Lee had, sensei Gai was normal more or less, but Lee's was hurt in fight with gaara...when im not wrong...and Naruto was he not two years younger than most of his pears?
bostafu chapter 7 . 8/3
previous chapter: gaara's coming, previous previous chapter:gaara's coming... where's gaara?... *enjoys temari kagome bonding moment* -gaara pops up out of nowhere. THIS ISNT HOW I WAANTED. THE GIRLS BONDING MOMENT
-haha its all good, just jokes
Guest chapter 24 . 7/18
Lol her revelations. Poor peanut gallery .

Kinda want to see her do that to Kabuto’s edo tensei army

I can… change this world… with a thought . Out of curiosity were you like thinking about the opening song of the first season of Inuyasha when you typed this snippet?
Guest chapter 20 . 7/18
Lol the party trick .
Guest chapter 18 . 7/18
Puppy love. Kinda like beauty n he beast
Guest chapter 17 . 7/18
Once again nice world building. Lol the driver. Poor Jiraiya.

Suna should totally open up a perfume business . With all those over abundance of fruiits flowers and trees etc it would make perfect material for perfumes.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/18
Nice worldbuilding.

Out of curiosity is Orochimaru also going to be of LGBT ? Didn’t he literally become a woman via body snatching in the chunnin exams?
Guest chapter 15 . 7/18
Oh I see so she wasn’t as nerfed as previously thought . The man is sly indeed. Nice idea with the military applications.

Lol the cousin .

I guess she is kinda like Emiya Shirou.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/13
She got nerfed a lot. Chakra is half physical and spiritual energy . If she vaporizes the spiritual half then there is no way that he can control his techniques or hold his sand together. It would be like suddenly only walking with one leg without any suppor whatsoever.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/13
Good idea with the books .

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chiyo or her brother wrote those books as a past time and to inspire future suna girls n puppeteers . She’s pretty much the only s class suna kunoichi who is well versed in puppets and poisons and medical stuff.

It would be hilarious if one day Gaara asks why all his family members have a copy in there bookshelves .

Though I guess another option would be if Shizune wrote them as a means to pay off tsunade’s gambling debts.
Guest chapter 12 . 7/12
Good thing they didn’t also see picture of Kikyo.
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