Reviews for From the Garden of Gods
NekoMara chapter 16 . 8/13
You blew me away with this in-depth crossover. It is something not many writers do, explaining how introducing a completely novel and ALIEN power into another world will shift the balance extremely. I am all expecting that shit will hit the galactic fan, and nothing in the Naruto-universe will go as we have previously expected. I feel so conflicted with the chuunin exams, and I am very nervous and curious how the contact between Village of Sound and Suna will go now, since Sound has lost the leverage of Suna being down in the dumps.
Will the chuunin exams still be a coupe of sorts by Suna? I hope not!
alexc123 chapter 16 . 7/25
Like all your other stories, really good. Great chapter!
Sunagakure Hobo chapter 16 . 7/4
Rasa/Kagome ;) I ship it lol! Please update soon!
Faxanadu99 chapter 16 . 6/26
So you are like this terrible, brilliant creature that keeps churning out these amazing, gorgeous fics that just boggle my mind. Your attention to detail is EFFING amazing and I think my brain exploded several chapters ago and it's leaking out my ears now that I've reached the last uploaded chapter of this one. The sheer breadth and depth and scope of this fic makes me want to weep and gnaw at the keyboard. I've been faithfully checking Mirror Mirror like a retarded homing pigeon every day since the last update. EVERY. DAY. (I suspect I'll do so for the rest of my LIFE, or until the robot apocalypse) Then I discovered that you've written other stories and they're just as horrifically delicious - leaving this constant, pounding hunger for more in the back of my skull - and just like Mirror Mirror these stories are not finished so I live in this perpetual state of bewildered torment.

Let me just say that I think it's best we never meet in real life. ... I'd chain you to a computer and you'd never leave my basement.

And don't get me started on how much I love your characterizations. Seriously. Don't get me started cuz I won't stop. Freaking amazing. I'm not going to touch it because it would just be pages and pages and pages of gushing.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/25
this is too darn good
Guest chapter 16 . 6/22
Please finish this. I have been looking forward to the meeting with Gara for quite sometime.
laexdream chapter 1 . 6/1
I never thought I would enjoy a Kagome transported into Naruto's universe story, but you have proved me wrong. I've read this entire fanfic on my phone, and boy did it have me salivating for more. The characters, your writing, the plot and the visualization - I can't describe how great this fanfic is to me. I'm hoping you will be able to complete this wonderful story. I love the dialogue, and the world building is quite fun. Sometimes I get bored of fics halfway, but everything you've written is phenomonal. I have seen some slight grammar errors, but beyond that, the writing is great as well. Thank you for enriching the world with this fanfic xD.
sasukekarin0801 chapter 2 . 5/26
Even though the story is fairly short, I say you did an amazingly good job of integrating a character like Kagome into the world of Naruto and make her persence become a keystone for the people of Suna. I hope you write more stories as good as this one so I can read
Eterina chapter 16 . 5/7
I want to say thank you for taking the time to write this! All the research and thought put into this story shows.

It's nice to see Kagome's firey personality shine through in the latest chapters :) I really like the build up of her character. All the characters feel very flushed out! Can't wait to read more :D:D
Zephyrus-Prime chapter 16 . 5/4
This is the best thing ever. Like, *ever*. I hungrily await more!
animecutylover chapter 16 . 4/18

Jiraiya really is quite devious and good at his job.

His perspective on things has been quite interesting.

It seems she still wants their approval, even after all this time. :')


The next part, Jiraiya's gonna meet Kagome?


I hope you update soon~

I'm excited!
animecutylover chapter 15 . 4/18
That's deep. So much thought put into it too.

Lol. It seems Kagome has become desensitized to feeling like a teenager.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/18
Hope that you will update the fic soon.
animecutylover chapter 14 . 4/18
Omg! That was harsh.

Yet I still ship them.
*sweat drops*
animecutylover chapter 13 . 4/17
Omg! That was a fun history lesson! XD
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