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Dark Azarathian chapter 15 . 5/19
Sounds like you are leaving Fanfiction. Are you? Because, if so, it really makes me sad. Sorry for not reviewing earlier, because...well...I started (and finished) reading this today itself. It was a very good story with a difficult-to-write plot, and though I am disappointed that you did not finish it, thank you for giving the outline of the remaining story. I prefer the epilogueless outline though. :)

Bunnyfire chapter 15 . 1/20
That's a horrible ending but I really enjoyed the read thank you for sharing this with the would You've got a really amazing imagination :D.
The defenastrator chapter 14 . 10/31/2016
I loved what was written. Though the end you have outlined should make it completely ambiguous which one's lived and end and switch from first person to third person losing Raven's thoughts for the remainder of the fic and end with a statement of it finally being over and Raven picking up her diary.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 10/28/2016
Well, this is a bit better than the end of the Deathstroke story. Too Bad, the remaining outline looked like it would have made for a good read. So from reading this, it appears that Bull's eye on her back is also an unfinished story. Good to know. Maybe that will be next on my list. Get the unfinished stories out of the way.

Thanks for writing this as far as you did, and for adding in the remaining outline at the end. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the various twists. That alternate epilogue would have been something.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 10/28/2016
This is some team of Titan. We find out that Cyborg has been sleeping with both of them. Not wonder he was so eager to have things the way they were. The pair also slept with Garfield. Local Raven slept with Nightwing. Next we will hear that Nightwing slept with the local Terra as well.

That was a close on, good thing Jonx was there to put a stop to Raven's evil plan.

Now both sets of Raven and Terra are on their own. This could be bad.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 10/28/2016
What is the local Raven planning. She must have an ace up her sleeve if she is making a deal like this. Exchanging the spell for being able to return to the tower.

Terra is arguing for a final solution, and I am glad that Raven is taking the high ground on this.

Local Raven is even holding her fling with Nightwing against him as leverage.

I see Raven is not trusting her counterpart that tried to kill her. Common sense, but good to see.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 10/28/2016
Don't give up hope. As long as you continue to hope, there is a chance to change your fate. Raven proved that against her father.

Huh, I was not expecting Jillian to be dragged into this as well. This makes things interesting since now she is the key to getting back home for Raven and Terra, and the key to completing their plan for the local versions.

Ha, the Titans made a public announcement to rub it in their faces.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 10/28/2016
Just like I thought, Raven had a safe house. It also seems local Raven has a plan to continue their plan. How do they plan to lure their counterparts out?

The local Titans are up to speed to what is going on. Raven is correct in saying that local Raven and Terra will keep trying as long as they are free. Good to see Raven isn't willing to stoop to her counterparts level to bring an end to this.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 10/28/2016
Ugh, of course Terra would record herself doing the nasty. Surprised that their counterparts didn't think to secure their accounts outside the tower. Abigail oversight on their part. Thanks to that, Raven has the weapon she needs to prove their innocence.

Raven played her hand well. Their method of surrendering was safe, and they were able to give Nightwing the evidence without their counterparts figuring out what the plan was.

Well, their cover is blown, so local Raven and Terra ran away. I am sure they have a safe house to plan their next move with.

Now this team of Titans and the alternate Terra and Raven are going to team up.

I must say, this story continues to surprise me, in a good way. You are going a good job with the twist and turns of this story.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 10/28/2016
Slade's being vague on what he gets out of this. The threat of reality collapsing is a real one, but I think there is something else as well.

Wow, the local Raven and Terra are playing that card. Making themselves the victims and their counterparts the psychopaths. They even blamed Jillian's death on them. The fact that Slade helped them gives a bit of credit to their story. Still surprised how easily they went along with it. I roll my eyes at Raven's proof. I wonder if that is unique to this reality or not. Raven said only she and Nightwing.

So Slade is bluffing by saying the pair are his prisoners and he will give them to the Brotherhood of Evil in they do not comply. Hard to tell what Nightwing plans to do.

Not trusting Slade, good to see the ladies and staying sharp.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 10/28/2016
Well then, that happened. I did not see that twist coming. In highlight, since Raven did an actually universe jump, there would have to be a second Raven and Terra in that reality.

Personally, I would have suspected a trap the moment a letter written in Azarathian appeared. If local Raven wanted to be less suspicious, she should have written the letter in Japanese, same with Terra. Well, the trap worked regardless.

This realities nightwing and Cyborg weren't kidding when they talked about how Raven and Terra were not over Garfield's death. But man, killing your counterparts to take their place. Talk about desperate. Garfield's death really broke them.

Saved by Slade of all people. I wonder what his angle is. There must be some benefit for him to do this. It is kinda ironic considering he started all this by killing Garfield.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 10/28/2016
Okay, now they are clearly stuck in some alternate universe/reality. Reading the diaries are their counterparts to figure out what happened, smart.

Okay, that is cute. raven hiding her diary inside the giant chicken. That is quite the hiding place. I know I wouldn't have thought of that.

So the Beast Bpy of this reality started dating Raven before breaking up with Terra, scandalous well, just because this Beast Boy did this, doesn't mean Terra's and Raven's Garfield did the same. This reality is different enough that the timeline isn't exactly the same. I mean Jillian was not a factor in either Terra's or Raven's reality.

Interesting, the key difference in this reality is that Raven or Terra were not there to save Beast Boy from Slade. Well, Jillian's behavior is certainly suspicious after his death. She is definately up to something.

Good thing the rest of the team thinks Terra and Raven need time off to cope with the loss of Garfield. Makes leaving to chase Jillian's trail much easier.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 10/28/2016
Aw, no Terra asking Garfield about Juillian. Hiding in Raven's room, the most obvious location. The girls are playing with fire. Interesting, Jillian is in their wedding photos now, and doesn't look very happy. Now both of them are going to see Jillian.

So Jillian was pregnant at the time and couldn't make it. The plot thickens. Taking a lock of hair for more spells I see. That seems like a good idea. Reads Jillian's final words, well that is ominous. Is that the Jillian behind this, or does this Jillian also still harbor feelings for Garfield? You are doing a good job keeping me guessing.

I assume Raven cast a spell to transfer Terra and herself to the reality where the Jillian behind all this resides.

Oh dear, Garfield is dead. Things are starting to make a bit more sense. Of course Garfield was married to Jillian in this reality. Judging from Nightwing's and Cyborg's reaction, the Raven of this reality held feelings for Garfield, but never got to have him.

I can see why Jillian would start such a plan now. Her Garfield is dead, and she blames the Teen Titans for his death. She is altering reality to create her happy ending. The question now is about the Jillian Raven met. Is she the Jillian from Raven's reality, or the mastermind behind all this? Also, is Raven and Terra reality swapping a unintended side effect, or part of the plan.

I am starting to doubt Jillian's story about her daughter being the fan of Garfield.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 10/28/2016
So Bumblebee's preferences are the same on both sides. Poor Raven was no in the loop. Oh Garfield knows who it is, and Raven is getting progressively angrier waiting for Garfield to spill the beans.

Jillian Jackson, I did not see that coming. I see Garfield hasn't gotten around to telling Raven about that part of his life, awkward. I wonder if Terra's Garfield is the same. That will be an interesting conversation.

Sorry Garfield, no loving until you deal with the crime alert.

Interesting, so Jillian is swapping as well, though she barely noticed due to being so far away. The fact remains that Jillian's face appeared when Raven cast her spell, so some variant must be doing something.
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 10/28/2016
Wow, I guess everything swap, including the team's opinions. It seems in Terra's reality, Raven is the one that is not as trustworthy. Makes me really curious what Nightwing means by track record.

I wasn't expecting the team to react like that when Raven refused to see a shrink. No one seemed to have any faith in her at all. It was so weird seeing everyone act like that. Terra was the only one who stood up for her.

The Bumblebee moment added some tension diffusion. That is why you don't make assumptions about people's sexual preferences.

Thanks to Raven's spell, we now have a face and confirmation that someone is responsible for this. Now Terra and Raven need to figure out what she is after, and convince the team to help. Raven's reality won't be much trouble, but Terra reality will be tougher.
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