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neogoki chapter 3 . 11/16
I know she is cute, but you really shouldn't tempt Fate, a white devil might take it the wrong way
Isa Lumitus chapter 18 . 10/29
I remember the "mass-based weapons are illegal" thing from Nanoha. It bugs me. If everyone can kill anyone, people are equal in a sense. By removing that equality, they create a system where those who are blessed through accident of birth can't really be opposed by the masses.

Actually, your cross of HP with Nanoha has me thinking about just how horribly corrupt I'd expect Mid-Childia to be. Let's look at the facts: Law backing up the inequalities caused by natural distribution of magical ability. Child soldiers, in the form of Crono, and the way that the TSAB practically drafted preteen Fate. Aggressive foreign policy in the way that the TSAB enforces it's laws on worlds outside its jurisdiction. And finally, rampant neopotism; I mean, no one blinks an eye at a woman giving a law enforcement job to her pre-teen son.

It might be interesting to get a look at Mid-Childia without the frills and sparkles. I suspect that if I watched more closely, there's a whole lot of Fridge Horror hidden.
Isa Lumitus chapter 1 . 10/28
I have to ask... Is Harry planning to use his 'rare' silver to buy lots of cheap gold off-planet, which he could then use to buy even more cheap silver off of the goblins?

And yes, I know that you can't reply to guest reviews. That was a rhetorical question.
bmatsea chapter 13 . 10/28
Okay I know that this has been completed for awhile. And I want you to know this isn't a Flame or other put down, because so far I have really liked this series and consider it one of the best MLGN x HP out there.
so here are my questions
While the creation process for the golem is very interesting and all, I was wondering why no one thought to use the castles suits of armor and a compulsion spell? (first story stated that Harry liked that spell for his transfigurations). How about even just using his transfigured dragons? Also in the first story it stated how you could oversize a transfigured creature and have it wicked fast. If its about power wouldn't both methods (golem or transfiguration) be the same Mana intensive? If so why not do it via the method (runes on rocks) he is already using just making a rune cluster that includes strength, size, speed, endurance, ect...
so thank you for reading this if nothing else
egwolf65 chapter 26 . 7/27
great story!
Have a Little Feith chapter 15 . 7/17
For some reason, the Golem that Harry made reminds me of the "Incorruptus" from White Knight Chronicles. I almost expected Harry to say a mantra, then finish with "Verto!" I think it would be a good/interesting idea for Reinforced Harry or Black Wing to replicate.
troyguffey chapter 14 . 6/11
20 feet tall is *definitely* too tall for working interior human-scale areas. That's a multiple of more the 3x as tall as most humans (5' - 6') And it would be so heavy that it would break most floors! (Not stone, obviously)
I'd think 12' was pushing it, and 9'-10' would work better.

Oh, well, just an observation.
Paxloria chapter 26 . 6/7
Great story!

Lucky Bast, no one can resist petting their cat.
Paxloria chapter 25 . 6/7
Great Chapter!
Paxloria chapter 22 . 6/7
Great chapter!

Ha haha ha!
Poor girl! She must have been SO embaressed!
Harry's just luck that his hormones haven't kicked in yet and he's been too busy to ever even THINK about girls as more than just people. He got off easy that way.
Paxloria chapter 21 . 6/7
Do all the Japanes & Aliens understand English? They all had no trouble understanding what Madam Pompfry said.

Nice chapter.
Paxloria chapter 20 . 6/7
Good chapter!

Huh... They all seem to have forgotten about Fate. Her Linker Core may not, yet, be in danger of breaking, but she's basically in the same boat as Nanoha and need medi-potions for her physical health and a long break from using any magic.

Couldn't they all just decide not to tell TSAB about reinforce still being around? Avoid the whole problem?
Paxloria chapter 19 . 6/7
This would normally be a fantastic chapter. it clould have been one of the best in this story yet.
Except for that one BIG problem.
In the first story:
~ Everyone knew that Harry could do magic. They had SEEN him do it. He and Signum did lots of magical pranks.
~ Except for Hayate, they all knew about Reinforce being alive. They'd all just promised not to tell her.
~ Harry had told them a bit about his past and a lot about what the British Wizarding World was like.
In THIS chapter, everyone is acting like Signum was the only one that knew about terren magic & wizards, Harry being a wizard, and Reinforce being alive.
Paxloria chapter 3 . 6/6
"Harry's adult form"?
Paxloria chapter 2 . 6/5
Nice story so far!
I wonder if the medical advancements on an administrated world could do something for Harry's scars. it'd be a shame for him to have to wait until he is 17 to fix them.
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