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Southern Oracle chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
*is overjoyed*

I just read the other chapter yesterday and now I found the other one!... I can't belive my luck! *cannot stop smiling*-yeah, I check your story everyday lol!-

mmm*thinking* Snape is little bit more at ease with Hermione.. I loved Ginny and Harry and Ron.


Hoping to read the other one soon(?)*grins widely*

Your fan,

angel chapter 8 . 11/17/2002
just curious, what is samhain? i have read about it in ur fic and other fics. but i dont understand what it is. could you enlighten me?
Dragon3 star chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
I love the chapter and can not wait for the shoping trip in the next chapter! please please post the next chapter or Chapters soon PLEASE!
RoseFyre chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
Very nice! Please continue!

Quillusion chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
Surely Albus Dumbledore was Sorted into the wrong House? :-) Another great chapter- especially with Malfoy in the background and Ron slowly getting a grip on his testosterone levels. I was delighted to see another update so soon- what a lovely weekend you've given me! Keep up the good work; the slow and patient way you're manipulating the characters is fantastic to behold.

Q, feeling warm and satisfied
xanpetuk chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
Albus - will he ever stop scheming? Please, post the next part soon.
Veresna Ussep chapter 9 . 11/17/2002
Great chapter, again!

You are writing Snape and Hermione divinely, of course, but very nice to see some good conversation and interaction between Harry, Ginny and Ron. Malfoy's getting much too close for comfort, and I can't help thinking this is a bad idea for Severus and Hermione to chance being seen together. Ah, well-looking forward to more.

DarkFirePR chapter 8 . 11/17/2002
Yay, what a way. Love it. Update soon. ;P
61931 chapter 8 . 11/17/2002
Oh...oo...what a surperbly written chapter...I loved it! The Muggle magazines...and Severus doubting Draco will be able to escape the path he's on...that Lucius put him on. Just brilliant.
Logospilgrim chapter 8 . 11/17/2002
This story is absolutely incredible. You've taken the "Snape forced to rape Hermione" scenario and raised it to sublime heights... More soon, please!
Southern Oracle chapter 8 . 11/16/2002
Bravo to you, Ramos!

You have no idea how happy I was when I found that you updated..*grins contently*

I really love how Hermione is handling the whole situation..very realistic..I'd think.

Now for the next chapter..-yeah, yeah I know that it's been 2 days only since your last update.. but..hey! you just got a really obsessed fan here!-lol!

Thinking seriouly in re reading the whole story again,

Your fan..

angel chapter 8 . 11/16/2002
hey, hi. my fave story was updated. me one happy camper. great chap by the way. i absolutely love this story. i just saw hp 2 and oh my man, severus snape! gotta luv him.
Gabriele Schulz chapter 1 . 11/16/2002
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy this story immensely. The slow development of their relationship is a pleasure to witness. Keep up the amazing work!
Yezra chapter 8 . 11/16/2002
wow! that was a great chapter, Ramos - so much tension, and of *every* variety.
cocoa318 chapter 8 . 11/16/2002
hey i luv your fic it is really good and i can't wait for the next ch. to come out (as soon as posible please) i know it might take a while b/c the chapters are so long (which i really like) so try and get the next ch. out as soon as posible!

thankx soooo much!
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