Reviews for Harry Potter the Visored
Squarekiddo chapter 9 . 9/3
Honestly this is getting really stale really quick, im enjoying the Bleach parts but everything else is just Harry Potter, its honestly quite dull to read and I find myself skipping paragraphs in hopes to see something Bleach related (original content)
PrinceWeirdo chapter 20 . 5/8
Battle scene is cool, but come on man.. We all know how much gap Bleach and Harry Potter power level is...

But I wouldn't say much about it anymore.. Too late for me to comment or something..
PrinceWeirdo chapter 19 . 5/8
I imagine if this Harry had the chances to watch Canon Harry goes through the trap prepared, he would faceslap himself...
PrinceWeirdo chapter 18 . 5/8
Hands down, Hermione and Luna love good. Pick both to continue his Potter name and for Love good family name so his and Luna family both will have descendant. And Ron is nothing here, Hermione is wasted on him..
PrinceWeirdo chapter 15 . 5/8
Why did they thought leaving Harry along in Japan and suddenly the problem is solved? Is there any brain inside that fat head and horse face?... They literally abandoning a minor in another country, they are lucky that custom in airport didn't outright snatch them up for a cup of tea in FBI..
PrinceWeirdo chapter 13 . 5/8
Hurm... I would modified the broom to make it faster as shit...
PrinceWeirdo chapter 11 . 5/4
I thought they will scare the old man a bit by pulling his soul out and kicking him like a ball before shoving the old man back inside his frail body..
PrinceWeirdo chapter 10 . 5/4
Why did dumbledore talk about Harry like he watch him growing up? Lol..

He change... He talk like he knew how Harry supposed to be.. Freaking hell gay mate. Even your lover will look at you like you're a fool...
PrinceWeirdo chapter 8 . 5/4
I would vote for you finishing the Hogwarts arc in sixth year like in books. Maybe makes him fight voldy earlier before Christmas? Then you can directly get a call from kurosaki for rukia rescue at Christmas... Perfect timing..
PrinceWeirdo chapter 6 . 5/4
Oww, that is dangerous.. I thought he would at least leave a sliver of consciousness outside.. He wouldn't know how he died...
PrinceWeirdo chapter 5 . 5/4
To be honest, I think Harry should go to hufflepuff in Canon. With the kid depraved of love and acceptance, hufflepuff seems like an ideal place. Loyalty, solidarity, friends, loving, everything a kids like him should want. But the Canon throw him to Gryfinndor because that's the point Ma'am Rowling want us to focus on. The bravery and hero kind of stuff.. Its the focus of her story.. But if we really look into it, hufflepuff is actually the best house for Harry..
XxKonekoLoverxX chapter 54 . 4/29
it just occured to me that with harry's body being dead there is no way that Voldemort can be resurrected using his blood cause it's no longer his real blood from his real body.
AriaSkysong2 chapter 27 . 4/19
here he is (in name)!
AriaSkysong2 chapter 24 . 4/19
what happened to Norbert? did i miss the explanation?
Zandaino-Nova-Ari chapter 12 . 4/12
Harry and Tatsuki sounds good
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