Reviews for Asphyxiophilia
morsandgarbage chapter 2 . 10/5/2016
I loved it! I love this pairing, I really, really love them together, almost can't find fanfiction about them, so this was like balm. xD
I love how you put Kardia in all that situation, but when he seem as if he didn't care I felt bad for him, lucky Degel and Calvera were there to support him. Then I specially liked when Rada invites him out, and when he lowered Huexda, it was so unreal, and Kardia was shocked xDD he couldn't believe it. Very good redacted also, the second chapter just had one or two misspelled words, but it happens sometimes. ¬°Un abrazo!~
Raixander chapter 1 . 5/2/2014
Thanks for your reply, so here I am :-)

I like your Rhadamanthys...although he's rough on poor Kardia here. Good that Kardia has Degel who can sooth him.

It's an interesting concept you put here, with RhadaxKardia who go into a "destructive" relationship and the angst from Kardia's side.

Will we see a happy end for them? (a.k.a, please continue LOL).
coraz chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
Your story is really nice!
I love messed up chatacters and you also manage to not overdo it. It is well balanced :)

Will you write a sequel? I don' t want to say goodbye to this universe ;)


P.S. if you need help with the proofreading, I offer my help. But I am French so if you have other offers by english people, you should pick them rather than me :)
Ale-chan chapter 1 . 4/7/2014
Hello, there!

I have no idea why there aren't more RadaxKardia fanfics. One gets weirder couples for much less than what we saw on LC. But, well, it is not like I have written anything about that couple jaja!

*_* Rada is so smexy and evil... which makes him even sexier. -.- I feel sorry for Kardia, but I loved the way you portrayed him: so proud and yet... so weak.

I don't think your grammar was 'really terrible'. There are certainly some mistakes, but in general you have a very good english, with good rhythm and style. I could volunteer for your beta-reader, at least for a while jeje! I'm not too busy this year and it would help me to improve my english.

Then again, English is not my native tongue either, so chances are that you can find someone better.

Just let me know, ok? I'm obsessed with SS, specially with the scorpions and either way I'll be looking forward for more of your work!