Reviews for Balançoire
Mayuri love cullens chapter 27 . 8/31
Lovely story :)
Danny2126 chapter 27 . 8/28
I have read this story three times now and each time I find some exchange or piece of dialogue or a small moment that I didn't pick up on before. It's probably one of the best stories I had read (and not just on this site). For me, it has all the elements of a great story - great, complex characters, an interesting yet powerful relationship dynamic and all set on a background of ballet! I so appreciate how much love and time you put into this story. If you decide to do any outtakes, epilogue or anything else to do with this story, I will be the first one to read and review it. Best of luck babe xx
Cullen Cousin chapter 27 . 8/26
I really enjoyed the story! Excellent job!
Amelia Mariee chapter 27 . 8/22
Thank you for this. It was wonderful. I even looked up the dances on YouTube to go along with the story. You're an excellent writer.
cuteascherries chapter 27 . 8/12
: )
shaffie23 chapter 17 . 8/12
i really really love your story and your way of writing.. my only objection is that edward's past is still really heavy for he still lives in it.. when a person lives in his past how can he really be free to love another and make a present and a future?
mommymac0508 chapter 27 . 8/7
I loved it thank you I went back and read it all not just the last few thank you I fell in love with it all over again
Gagika chapter 27 . 7/25
It's a lovely written story. I thought their age difference would raise trouble, but you teach me better.
I can't believe what a terrible person Rosalie is. I had wished they would sort things out but unfortunately this wish stayed refused.
I have seen swan lake in the past and could totally feel with the performance you just described.
vampdreams chapter 27 . 7/14
Awesome work
Great job :)
Kibachow chapter 27 . 7/5
Very nice. Well written.
LizziePaige chapter 17 . 6/30
Interesting, Edward tells Bella that Angela ruled his life both on and off the stage and that he regrets it and that it has left him bitter, yet I see him doing exactly the same thing to Bella. He's always telling her what she can and cannot do in her own time, to what she should be eating, what she should weigh, who she can and cannot trust to be her friends, what she should be wearing - it's relentless and it was annoying me no end - but to now know Angela was the same with him, the whole scenario is ringing big alarm bells for me. Same situation, older person who should know better, younger person falling in love quickly for their mentor who pretty much rules their life. I hope Edward doesn't end up hurting Bella deliberately, but I think it's going to happen regardless; add Rosalie and Laurent into the mix (and I don't really trust Victoria either) and I can see a world of pain coming for Bella.
Guest chapter 27 . 6/29
I've read this story so many times and it never gets old. The ending is perfect and sweet, you can feel the happiness and joy the future will bring, let's forget the bad stuff lol, it'd be really nice to have some outtakes.
azilized chapter 27 . 6/27
What a wonderful story ! I love Bella as a dancer ! This was a great idea! I really really their relationship here! Thank you so much for sharing this with us !
misstwilight90210 chapter 27 . 6/26
I just read this and I must say it is amazing! I stayed up all night and finished it! Thank you!
Guest chapter 10 . 6/18
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