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BrittanyMae chapter 23 . 22h
I just started reading this story and I can't wait for the next chapter!
mydelirium chapter 23 . 5/18
This has Rosalie written all over it.
I mean, Edward made her promise not to do anything stupid with Giselle and she hasn't. So she's doing it with Swan Lake. She's very sneaky, I wonder why she did all of this.
fanofstories chapter 23 . 5/17
Awwww, Cliffie!
Did she vomit some blood!? Need the next update.
Great story. I always appreciate a story that gives me new knowledge about a subject I'm not familiar about.
terriberry chapter 23 . 5/17
I don't know how she managed it, but this definitely has to be Rose's doing! The other girl getting sick on the plane, either she got it by mistake or she just did it so it wouldn't look so suspicious when she got to Bella.
Julia-S77 chapter 23 . 5/16
I presume rosalie has poisoned bella and arun
Guest chapter 23 . 5/15
What have Rosalie and Jessica done? I'm waiting for justice to be served to them, but I get that it's not always fair.
CullensTwiMistress chapter 23 . 5/15
Rosalie strikes again?
SLKerouac chapter 23 . 5/14
They all get to Italy but now Edward is having to deal with one of the girls getting sick. Another girl thought that it was something that she ate. Edward sees that Bella is tired and wants to get to the hotel so that she can eat and then sleep. Bella had gotten to their room and thought it was so big. She was looking out the window when Edward came in. He was upset about what was happening and then about the room. Bella told him that everything would be fine. He told her that Arun was not going to rehearse the next day. He was getting out of his clothes getting ready for a shower. He order their food before the shower. The next day was rehearsal and Rosalie was not doing well. Edward was agitated. Bella did really well and got the eye of another director. Edward talked to her about that but she told him that she did not want to leave him. Edward told her that she needed to do what was best for her career and that they would work out anything. Victoria came up to Bella and talked her into going out shopping. Edward gave her his credit card and told her to buy what she wanted. Bella did not want it but took the credit card to appease him. Bella found a dress and Victoria talked her into buying it with Edward's card. He would love it and it would be for their premiere. When she got back he was surprised that it was only a dress but he liked it. Bella found out that Arun was not any better and Edward told her that if Arun was not better the next day he was taking her to the hospital. Bella made a remark about something being put in her food. Edward brushed it off but told Bella that they should go out for dinner. Bella did not really want to go but did for Edward. They walked around for a while and then got back to the hotel only to run into Rosalie and Jess. Bella felt that they were up to something but Edward did not notice and made their way to the elevator. He just wanted to get Bella alone. They had their time together until Bella got a call from her mother. She talked with her mother for a short time and was told that they would all be there for the opening. Two days later Bella now was sick. Arun was in the hospital with the same thing that Bella had. Emmett now was yelling for Mr. Masen. When he came Bella was really sick now and Edward was calling for an ambulance. What was now happening? Did Rosalie or Jess have anything to do with what was happening to Bella and Arun? Will they find out something at the hospital? Will Bella tell Edward about what happened when she ran into Rosalie before they left for Italy? Will Edward get a feeling that something is going on and that Rosalie is involved? How many more get sick? Is Rosalie trying to sabotage the opening to get back at Edward for letting her go after this tour? With Renee coming will she get involved to find out more about what was happening with Bella? Will Bella's father do his own investigation? Will some things be brought out that points to Rosalie and Jess? What does Edward do now to make the premiere? What happens when Esme comes to Italy? Will there be more looking into what was happening when they see what is happening with Edward and Bella? Keep writing!
telaviv chapter 23 . 5/14
Loved it!
Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter...
roxiegirl chapter 23 . 5/13
Uh oh. Shit shit. How do Rosalie get to her? I'm assuming she did. Can't wait for more! Thanks!
sami69 chapter 23 . 5/12
What as Rose done now...horrible thing she is!
Midnight Cougar chapter 23 . 5/12
Oh, poor Bella; hope she'll be OK... Great chapter.
EdwardsKitten chapter 23 . 5/11
Someone needs to go 'Tonya Harding' on Rosalie's ass!
flyrbrd chapter 23 . 5/11
roxnroll chapter 23 . 5/11
Yep...Jessica and Rose are in on it! I don't know how, but just...yeah.
Can't wait for more! Loved it!
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