Reviews for A Measure of Grace
GetDrunkOnVictory chapter 52 . 7/1
I only remember bits and pieces of this story, but I do remember that I really liked it.

I guess I'll just have to spend the holiday weekend rereading it.
flyrbrd chapter 52 . 7/1
I am so glad you moved this story forward. Yay!
MsLiss chapter 52 . 6/30
Thank you
VryUnique chapter 48 . 6/29
I hope Emmett is ok. He should say he was only trying to find Gibbs to locate Bella. Renee is really worried and he knows she wouldn’t voluntarily go with him.
VryUnique chapter 47 . 6/29
Oh shit! I hope Emmett comes up with a good story.
VryUnique chapter 46 . 6/29
She’s mine? What the hell does that mean? He’s talking like she is the enemy. He can’t possibly think Bella would be with Gibbs voluntarily. They should have put stuff showing he probably had a girl tied up. Showing what a sick bastard he is.
VryUnique chapter 45 . 6/29
Good plan. What if they had let them find Gibbs? Put some of his gear where he fell. It could have looked like he fell and took his own life.
VryUnique chapter 44 . 6/29
I’m betting a stroke of brilliance. Maybe set up an empty camp somewhere else inside. Make them think they found what they’re looking for.
VryUnique chapter 43 . 6/29
Uh Oh…. I was just going to say… Yah! They are safe! For now anyway, until I read that last line.
VryUnique chapter 42 . 6/29
Yah! Thank god.
VryUnique chapter 39 . 6/28
Gibbs had mentioned Emmett to Bella when he attacked her. He may already suspect they have contact with Emmett.
VryUnique chapter 38 . 6/28
Yes, shivers…. I think they should all stay inside for awhile. Emmett should also stay away for a couple of weeks. Better yet…. Emmett should just join them. Once snow falls and there is no evidence of activity it will be thought they left the area.
VryUnique chapter 37 . 6/28
So it Gibbs, can’t think of anyone else who would leave a key.
VryUnique chapter 36 . 6/28
How far the the railroad tracks? I don’t remember.
prettymomma128 chapter 52 . 6/28
Omg I loved this. I was so happy when they they arrested Wesley. I'm so excited to see what happens next...and who's the guys with the dogs? Great chapter!
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