Reviews for When Signing a Contract, Always Read the Fine Print
Geistervogel chapter 42 . 6/23
Thanks for the great Story :) Was a bit wired out with the Storytitel. Got a picture in mind about the Story had the picture smashed and enjoyed myself reading this Story Start to finish from evening till 6:30 in the morning. Thanks god its sunday! Love and cheers
Neoacoya1 chapter 42 . 5/31
I know this story has been completed for years, but I just want to say that the epilogue here was one of the best ones I've ever read. It was a joy and a privilege to have read your story. Thank you.
kuraitja chapter 1 . 5/21
very interesting, i saw this before but the summary put me off, but i was bored and decided to read this. i am happy with my choice now.
CMVreud chapter 9 . 5/3
You know what an awesome team-up would have been? Omoi and Shikamaru.
Omoi going apeshit overthinking things and Shikamaru keeping track of things that may happen and forming counter stategies to.
Bob Schwartz chapter 42 . 4/25
This is the main thing that got in the way of studying for the fundamentals of engineering exam for me, and also what I spent most of my mid-test break doing in lieu of extra studying. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass anyway but dude it was a fun ride either way! Thanks for writing
FulMetalMon chapter 42 . 4/24
great story. also question, what fanfic was the guidebook talking about with Naruto being in a arranged marriage with 5 women from five different nations
Zedukel chapter 42 . 4/22
This is probably the corniest ending i've ever seen right up there with Noodlehammer's fourth naruto story the (questionable) burdens or leadership of a troll emperor (go to last chapter to see what im talking about)
NorthCross chapter 8 . 4/20
Mixed review, tbh. At the start it was rough on the writing part of things, but pretty good on the ideas. I'd say that writing improved steadily through the story, which is great. Unfortunately content, ideas and plot steadily declined. Had to stop reading at chapter 20 because character actions stopped making any sense.

As for the system - it is unusual (which is great) and mostly decent in it's simplicity. But merit part is broken to the extreme - example would be to gain Sharingan or Byakugan, one of the most desired blood gifts with one (1, Carl, 1) point? That's just beyond broken.

So all in all, not bad for a gaming fic, but definitely not in the top part of the list.
Ace McKnight chapter 32 . 4/10
Waiting for Naruto to remember what he just spent his merit points on... Kind of disappointed that he didn't realize he could pop back whenever he wanted so long as Jiraiya had a return seal.

Sorry if the last few reviews seem kind of like harsh nit picking. I don't generally review until the end of a completed story unless something about a chapter particularly catches my attention (usually it is something I don't think makes sense). That aside, I really have enjoyed the story. My gamer! crossover knowledge is limited to TGWP by Ryuugi, so this is definitely different, but handled extremely well.
Ace McKnight chapter 29 . 4/9
Why? Why with all the extra chakra control (enough to do medical jutsu!) does Naruto still need a clone for the Rasengan? Hopefully this isn't permanent, because honestly, with his control her should have no issues making it in one hand. I've really enjoyed the story so far, but this is always kind of a gripe of mine...
blakk dawn chapter 42 . 3/26
It was a blast
Shieldage chapter 11 . 3/23
Heh. Naruto forgot to give Karin a shadow clone to get her out of the forest. Great story, good mechanics, glad to see Anko step up. Kabuto has a overpowered healing factor, sad that he's still in the game. Nice assortment of Kage.
Stagking2012 chapter 34 . 3/1
sorry but u ruined the story be giving sasuke the book
Myanha chapter 3 . 3/1
Pitié, dis moi que tu ne fait pas un xover naruto gamer pour nous pondre une romance, fade et puérile...
Tenten1001 chapter 42 . 2/24
That was harsh that he died when he thought his love died. The concept at the end was cool. Just sucks that all the emotion and attachment I had to the characters in Game 3 no longer mattered and everything was for moot. It left me a little empty and unsatisfied. But I understand that that was the point. Great work. Thanks for your work.
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