Reviews for Belonging
RPGPersona chapter 20 . 1/10
Yikes, that was a close call for Beast Boy. His healing ability let him tank the damage he took from Malchior's flames, but it is clear that regenerating took a greater toll on Beast Boy then the flame breathing did on Malchior.

If Malchior didn't think so little of Beast Boy and took the fight more seriously, Beast Boy might not be alive right now. He did underestimate Beast Boy and in the end ignored his opponent's attacks until it was too late. It was clever of Beast Boy to think of putting his vemon in hollow knives to deal damage.

I hope someone friendly can pick him up.
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 1/3
Oh, looks like Beast boy is thinking about adding some ranged attacks to his arsenal. Well, Robin is probably the best choice of the group to help with that, though Starfire's aim is probably pretty good as well.

How adorable. So Beast Boy has an easier time sensing what Raven is feeling when she connects to him with his senses. It certainly made asking Raven out on a date easier. I do think they should pay a bit more attention to their surroundings.

Ah, so Bily Numerous was why the storm was getting in. The fight itself was a bit silly with Billy trying to dogpile everyone, but the team pulled through and that is what counts.

Oh great, Adonis grabbed the unconscious Billy. Just what the team needs right now. Now Adonis is definitely targetting Beast Bly. Using an emergency to force the others away and sending Malchior of all things against him. Let's see how Beast Boy handles this.
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 1/2
Didn't realize that Raven mind didn't revert after she left. Yeah, I can see Superman being in bad shape after all that. Cute that Raven used the last of her strength to grasp Beast Boy's hand.

Cyborg is right on this one, the battle was won. Playing the blame game and trying to decide who is more sorry will not help the situation or get Adonis caught. Or in Cyborg's case fix the tower. at last the tower wasn't completely destroyed, just made into Swiss cheese.

It does raise the question of Adonis' battleplan and whereabouts. The first fight was direct with the threat of innocents getting involved. The second fight was also direct, but not civilians were in danger, most likely to Adonis not having enough control. This probably contributed to how much Superman held back against the Titans. Is he going to keep up the strategy of sending mind slaves to attack? He clearly still has a grudge against Beast Boy. We also know he has the knowledge to contact Trigon.

So Rage spared the sex doll, and Happy's trees with her transformation. I guess she didn't want hurt Beast Boy r his kids. If Raven didn't want Timid to hold onto the doll while in her shelter, she shouldn't have made it so close to the doll. What kind of punishment has Rage thought of. It must be pretty well thought out if the other emotions are all for it. Maybe Rage plans to turn Adonis into a girl to see how he like being used like that.

Yeah, thinking about it, a cafe might bring back bad memories for Raven if Beast Boy picks it as a date spot. Hopefully he can find a movie Raven will like.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 1/2
I can Raven and Beast Boy being lax with grocery trip in order to spend time together, especially since Cyborg and Robin forced both of them to go.

Oh boy, that was rough fight, that the team survived by the skin of its teeth. Robin and Cyborg were pretty much nothing but trargets during the fight. Starfire had enough oomph to make Superman flinch, but made the mistake of getting too close and being taken out of the fight.

Raven held on pretty well compared to the others, using her magic to defend, distract, and detain Superman, but didn't have the strength to deal a decisive blow. Beast Boy's shifting let him take some hits, he ended up overextending himself and taking himself out of the fight.

Superman hitting him while he was down was a blessing in disguise, his the resulting Rage from Raven gave her enough strength to pull Superman into her mind for safe keeping and to heal any life threatening injuries the others had.

Hopefully Superman doesn't get into any trouble in her mind.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 1/1
He went all the way to Kishar. At least she talked some sense into him about what to do next. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speaking of being given advice, it seems that Raven is getting some from her emotions. Looks like they are tired of Raven not making a move on him. While Raven is guilty of being oblivious to the fact that Beast Boy likes her and that he has the qualities she has been looking for in a boyfriend. Knowledge was getting Raven to think about the important questions.

Had a laugh at Raven asking Cyborg and Robin how they would feel about being in the friend zone. I rolled my eyes at Robin's response. Cyborg with the sage response as well. Probably gave Raven something to think about.

Well, Raven is fully aware of Beast Boy's feelings for her now. She seems pretty happy being by his side.

Oh boy, Superman is being controlled again. The good news is it only for a few hours. The bad news is it is only a few hours.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 1/1
I for one am impressed at how good Raven has gotten at stealing Beast Boy's tofu dogs. Bast Boy doesn't even see any sign of it happening.

If the pair are so worried about Beast Boy or Raven going grocery shopping, they should have just gone themselves, or at least Cyborg should have gone. It was funny seeing them list off different cuts of meat only her Raven to be completely confused.

So both Beast Boy and Raven have to go to get groceries. Raven to make sure meat is bought and Beast Boy to make sure the meat is fresh. Even if he doesn't Pay attention to the various types of meat, his senses would be able to tell how fresh the meat is.

Wow, those two really never payed attention to the city layout beyond the stores that they frequent. No idea where a grocery store is and wondering randomly to find one.

Considering what there first guess was, they can only go up from here. I am impressed they mistook and adult store for a Grocery store.

The whole Grocery truck disguise was a smart idea, but speeding up before the heroes had a chance to speak really made them look suspicious. Not to mention the fact that they are going through Jump City and don't recognize the Teen Titans at all. I know Beast Boy probably shifted his coloring and Raven is in casual clothes, but come on.

I am sorry, but six hours is not a reasonable time frame to find a grocery store in a city you patrol on a regular basis. Not only does Beast Boy shift away injuries, but he can apply that to negate any damage from poor eating habits, lucky. Now that you bring it up, I don't really recall seeing much in the way of fruits and vegetables in the show.

In terms of filling out the grocery list, finding that employee was lucky. And here I thought that after the whole thing with her emotions, that Raven recognized what feelings her emotions were expressing towards Beast Boy, guess I was wrong. Looks like Beast Boy's day has officially gone sour.

That was random with the cashier talk. She is right to say that they are living together, but regardless of feelings, they haven't dated at all.

While Beast Boy was able to mostly hold back his resentment at the checkout, having Raven ask him what he thinks of Paul was too much for him to keep his cool. From Raven's perspective, she was just asking e opinion of a close friend about a boy she become interested in.

Trying to force her way in to check Beast Boy's emotion was probably not the best way to figure out what was wrong.

Well, Beast Boy's anger is reaching its boiling point. It was good that he recognized that he was taking out his anger on Robin for no good reason and left before he did something he might regret.

I hope Beast Boy will be able to calm down after a nice flight.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 1/1
Wow, nine hours of meditation for each ward and she asked Cyborg to make 13 to the power of three of them. Even just two a day is eighteen hours spent, which would lead to it taking years for Raven to complete all the wards.

So Adonis is using other villains as his minions now. He even adorned Cinderblock with runes. Didn't Kishar say that strength rune drastically reduced a person's lifespan. Makes me wonder how much time Cinderblock would have had left if the team didn't remove the rune.

That was nice at the end with Raven and Beast Boy just talking and enjoying each other's company.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 12/31/2016
Good job by Beast Boy to prevent Raven from shutting herself off again. We all saw have poorly that worked last time, so I am glad to see him able to cheer her up and get her fighting spirit back.

Raven's emotions seem happy that Beast Boy is back. Those are some extreme measure to go to in order to make sure the information they shared with Adonis is remembered. I guess writing in blood makes it more permanent. Haha, they turned the voodoo doll into sme kind of Beast Boy shrine in Happy's domain, that is both funny and adorable.

Huh, so Raven peeped in the envelope. I wonder what she thought when she saw it.

There we go, keep your eye on the prize. If you take down Adonis before he can do anything, then th problem is solved. Raven must have been really missing Beast Boy if she stole one of his Tofu Dogs. Since turnabout is fair play, Beast Boy returned the favor by drinking her tea.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 12/31/2016
Wonder why Beast Boy left? I am glad that Raven is in one piece with only some soreness and the after effects of the drug to deal with. It seems even with Beast Bly leaving, he made sure the others came to help. Well, Cyborg and Robin are ready to kill Mark for what he did to Raven.

So Kishar brought Beast Boy back because she wanted to protect him. She was worried that with the knowledge that Mark gained, Trigon would be free and destroy everything. Of course, Beast Boy is not one to hide when his friends are in danger.

Interesting history lesson from Kishar. So she created humans because she was the only one left after Trugon was sealed. I wonder what the significance of the stones she gave Beast Boy are. I doubt she gave them to him for nothing.

I see Raven is being the same negative nancy that Kishar is, wanting the others to run and hide to survive.

Looks like only Raven recognized Beast Boy's new look. She was also so glad to see him that she pulled him into a hug. Mark is Adonis confirmed. I don't think there is enough mouth wash for Raven to wash for mouth clean. She not only kissed him, but made out with him as well.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 12/31/2016
So like I was sue ting, Kishar gave some of herself to save Beast Boy's life as a kid. The nature of Kishar's existence is also revealed, a demon. So that makes Beast Boy par demon, like Raven. The explanation for the differences between Kishar's powers and Raven's was interesting. I also enjoy seeing these little extra bits. Have to wonder if it is common for demon to ravish their children.

So it was the later. Raven not acknowledging how she missed Beast Boy caused her powers to overreact to the topic of Beast Boy. With the more open Raven in terms Beast Boy being done, we see her express her concern about how long Beast Boy has been gone, where he is, and most interestly, the chance he may have found a girl. I wonder if either of the guys had the courage to ask why Beast Bly finding a girl would be such a concern for Raven. The fact she even brought it up must mean she acknowledges her feelings for him to an extent.

Oh boy, this is what I was afraid of with Mark. Raven let her guard down and ended up drugged again. Worse she gave information about how to summon Trigon. Then Raven gets drugged again and is about to be captured. I assume that Mrk plans to rape her based on his emotions. Beast Boy had perfect timing there. I hope he can save Raven.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 12/31/2016
I still wonder where this sudden surge of Rage for every little insult towards Beast Boy came from when it never happened before.

Okay, so Rage was the culprit. The name calling on her previous crimes I understand, but the talking about her sexually assaulting Beast Boy is something. Since Beast Boy's chastity still seems intact, I can only imagine that Rage was created some sort of substitute inside Raven's mind. Raven's other emotions sure are angry at Rage. All of Raven's emotions are going to end up a bloody mess at this rate.

So everything Rage did was to create a sex doll in Beast Boy's likeness. Brave's cloak was taken due to it being green I guess. Rage checked the book for doll building, but only found a voodoo doll, causing her to drop the book. Rage broke Happy's tree Peppy to build the doll. Rage couldn't bring herself to use her creation or part with it, resulting in her eventually capture.

Ha, I notice that Timid and Affection didn't get any revenge from Rage. Some interesting facts Rage gave out. Out of all of them, I would say Rude's is the least embarrassing. I would say Knowledge's is the most embarrassing, followed by Brave, with Happy and Sloth tied for third.

Ah, so the cause of Raven mood swings is her suppressing her emotions towards Beast Boy. Is it just coincidence that it happened after Beast Boy left to train, or did him leaving escalate the situation?
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 12/31/2016
Hard to tell if Kishar was serious or not about the whole ravish business. Reminds me of an episode of her show Medibots whee the main character didn't want to wake up so his mother got into bed with him.

I see Kishar has a new pastime, flustering Beast Boy by talking about intimate topics. Poor guy is really out of his element right now. Removing exhaustion can be beneficial to keep fighting at 100%, but it also means losing a way to gauge how much energy you have left. It can be a dangerous technique if not used in moderation.

Sounds like no one has told Raven about her little rage bursts related to Beast Boy, and she has no memory of it happening. Looks like it has nothing to do with Happy being sad either.

Well, one good thing about whole don't insult Beast Boy in Raven's presence is that villains are subject to her wrath as well.

Huh, the mysteries surrounding Kishar continue to mount. She also taught Azar. The teasing of Beast Boy continues as well.

So Raven is now more aware of what is happening, though still without sure about Gizmo, but I would say it is mostly Robin's and Cyborg's pride being hurt.

Wow, even Cyborg's nickname for BB is enough to set Raven off. The last one for Rpbin was just unfair. Just because the said certain words, it set Raven off. It didn't seem to matter the context. It is not like Beast Boy wants to eat moldy tofu.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 12/31/2016
Well, that was something. Raven seems a little off this morning. Unfortunately Cyborg and Robin took the brunt of it. Is Peppy a nickname for Beast Boy by one of her emotions. She seems to be bouncing between mourning Peppy and lashing out at the others for 'hating' Beast Boy.

Speaking of Beast Bly, his training seems to be going well. It also learn that Kishar is a touchy feely person to those she cares about, much like Starfire.

This is certainly getting strange. First the Cloak, then the book, and now Happy's tree. Is each emotion going to be targeted at some point? I am having a hard time figuring out the purpose of these attacks, not mention if they are coming from within or from an outside source. I am glad to hear that Raven plans to dump Mark if she doesn't find anything suspicious next time they meet. No point continuing to date him if he doesn't like her and increase the risk of something bad happening.

The theft doesn't explain the surges of anger and why she only felt them today instead of before. Beast Boy seems to be the reason she gets angry, but it is still strange she is only getting irrationally angry now.

I wonder if Adonis knows the consequences of the item he seeks, or if he is just that reckless. Mark is on a business trip and Adonis is searching for a magic ring. While it doesn't confirm anything, it does add credadence to my guess.

Kishar is right. Some taunts at the beginning of the fight is fine, but once the fight gets started, you should focus on defeating your opponent, not thinking of something snappy to say. Luckily, dispite his distraction, Beast Boy was victorious.

Doesn't look like Beast Boy detained Adonis, so he could still come back to Jump City on his own. The best way to hide something is to not know where you hid it.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 12/31/2016
We got a better glimpse of Kishar's connection to Beast Boy. So Kishar was like a babysitting after he was born. Looking after Garfield while his parents went to the more dangerous parts of the wilderness for research. That is quite the collection of photos she has. It is clear she holds Beast Boy dear to her heart. So I guess she is like an Aunt to him. So it wasn't just a test, but Kishar wanted to discourage him due to how hard this training will be. Interesting comparison to the Beast Boy's Colour and the fact that Raven's brave emotion is associated with Green as well.

So there is finally Nother date. I really hope Raven keeps her guard up. I am starting to get worried for her. Another theft, this time it was Knowledge's book. Strange that is was taken for a few hours and then abandoned. Even stranger was the fact that the bookmarks were removed. What was the purpose of the theft? Knowledge is calling for blood after someone touched her book.

That is quite the list of abiltiies that Beast Boy can gain. It raises some questions about Beast Boy's past. Speaking of which, that was a sad remark at the end about Beast Boy wanting to be normal and living in the Zoo.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 12/31/2016
Well, that was unexpected. It seems Kishar has been given a sacrifice from the village. How is Beast Boy going to react?

Last chapter I was thinking Mark was a horny pervert trying to get into Raven's pants. Now it seems that Mark has more sinister goals. We learn that he has been asking Raven about demons, while spacing out his questions between dates. It makes me worried about what he has planned for Raven. The lack of response after running put on their date is also weird. What is Mark up to now? The stealing of Brave's cloak is also worrying. Does Mark know enough about Raven to steal it? That would be disturbing, since it also means he snuck into the tower without anyone noticing. I can't imagine one of the other emotions or one of the Titans would steal the cloak.

Okay, you fooled me. I really thought Kishar was serious about what she was saying to Beast Bly. Turns out it was just a test of his spirit to see what lines he would cross to save the one he loves. It is good to see that Best Boy isn't willing to stoop to sacrificing pets just to get stronger. Now that Beast Bpy has passed the initial test, what is going to haen next?
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