Reviews for I'm A What Now?
Almadynis Rayne chapter 5 . 2/5
This is a wonderful story. I love your premise, and the writing style. I hope you keep it up!
Gladoo89 chapter 4 . 2/5
I just read again the whole story, I love it so much! :)

I hope you are well & that you'll update soon. :3
JediKendalina chapter 5 . 1/25
Great story, I was grinning like an idiot the entire time I was reading it. I hope you update soon!
Jesse Wales chapter 5 . 1/1
Just added my piece of spam via Fan Fictional Authorness. This is my second time reading your story, and I laughed harder the second time. It is a completely unique idea, and I looked forward to seeing how it progresses. Generally, when an author doesn't uodate for a while, I imagine how I would write the story. I must say, I have no idea what to do with yours. It's so intriguing and out there that the best continuation can only come from you. I wait in anticipation, and good job/luck.
lostiesgirl chapter 5 . 1/1
Now that's interesting, considering s/he remember quite a fair bit of the episode. Or is this foreshadowing as to the circumstances our protaganist ended up it? Memory loss or something?

Or is this the start of you becoming Joker jr?

Oh, so s/he not human then? Interesting...

Course, you're Time Lord fine.

Yeah, Doctor, not cool.

Well, Martha wasn't really that much of a flirt. But I agree with her awesomeness.

It's too bad you haven't updated in months, but I think this would be a great addction to my Doctor who community of oc companions.
lostiesgirl chapter 4 . 1/1
Oh come on, you're not Scrappy Doo!

Well, you did try to look for him, it's more like a not kidnapping.

You are one of the more ruder Doctors, Ten.

It didn't seem like filler, it's quite good.
lostiesgirl chapter 3 . 1/1
Oh poor little... person.

Nah, I think the first paternal Doctor was the first. Ten hasn't really been near any child to warrent a paternal stuff.
lostiesgirl chapter 2 . 1/1
Wow, this was interesting.

This is a fairly new spin on arriving in the Whoniverse, the fact that the protaganist is still of sound mind yet with the tendencies of a young boy.

Feels like a mashup of something innovating.

Also, s/he so got the Doctor's interest.
lostiesgirl chapter 1 . 1/1
That was a really interesting way to start this.

Right off the bat, I'm thinking Time Lady. But it's a guess.
kiddie1 chapter 5 . 12/30/2014
Oh please tell me you plan on continuing this story, it's fantastic. I think this is one of most original and realistic Doctor Who story i've ever read on here. You are a brilliant writer; I love the interactions between Annie(Andy) and the Doctor, their adorable. Is she(he) going to be a little Time Lord child? Then again I think someone would notice if they had two hearts. Now I'm really curious about what Annie is.

I'm so excited I cant wait for the next chapter. Lol poor Doctor he's going to have one bruised hand once this adventure is over, kids have really strong grips :). Annie is so adorable, I cant wait to read more of their interactions. You've got me addicted to this story and it's only just started.

I really really hope you don't abandon this story, or at least let us know if you plan on discontinuing it. Please update soon :)

twinbuster2 chapter 5 . 12/17/2014
Great story! A very unique main character that not only changes gender, but becomes a toddler! And it's amazing how you transition from the perspective of an adult to a child.
I hope you update soon!
OliviaIE chapter 5 . 12/17/2014
Love the story please update
Fan Fictional Authoress chapter 5 . 11/30/2014
Okay, don't feel offended or anything, but I got a bit annoyed with you for a second here. It's just that first you had Annie being able to quote and mime Martha, but then, all of a sudden, she says her memory is fuzzy? I don't really buy that. It annoyed me a lot, actually, especially since if she barely remembered him, then she wouldn't have thrown the fit that she did, do what she did during the whole Judoon on the moon, or even believe he was a fictional character instead of the actor. It does explain how she didn't realize she regenerated or assumed she was a Time Lord, unless she just was too preoccupied to connect the dots. I just... I found it irritating. It's just, if you don't want to edit the previous chapters, maybe just have her mind blank for a moment?

'For one terrifying moment, I forgot if the Doctor lived or died. My mind just went blank and I panicked because if he died, then we were all screwed. Looking back on it, I realized that it was a bit foolish considering how he was around for the later episodes in that saw regeneration, but come on! The guy just got zapped and irradiated in front of me, cut me some slack here.'

Or something like that.

Not that you have to change it, it doesn't detract from the tory at all, I've been rolling with it just fine. Just was a bit irate.

I love what you did there with Annie's reaction when it turned out that, yes, the Doctor was alive. You just broke her. *Cackles a bit madly myself* Then the interaction between Annie (now Andy) and the Doctor was wonderful (methinks the man was trying to make up for scaring her into tears).

Also, nice solid confirmation with her being alien and then with the Doctor being all protective, very nice. AND THEN YOU HAVE HER JINX HERSELF WITH THE PLANET OF DALEKS, YES!

Then the Doctor, treating her like a dog. *Giggles quietly to self*

And then the cliffhanger... so mean. Not letting us find out what happens next... *Sulks*

And, as usual, just spelling and grammar as well as what I mentioned in the begin of this review, otherwise, you're golden! :)

So, this concludes my review of this story (for now). I just could let it be any longer, I HAD TO say something. I'm going to try to send more people your way on the next update of my own story and will probably PM you, just a general heads up.

Thank you so much for writing this story (even if you maybe, possibly, probably don't plan on updating it).

Happy Monday,

FFA, the Fan Fictional Authoress
Fan Fictional Authoress chapter 4 . 11/30/2014
ASDFGHJKL; I'M DYING. SEND HELP. *falls into hysterical laughter*

Please, I just...It's too much. Forcing the Doctor to kidnap her, and then him trying to get away...I just... asdfghjkl; dying, just dying.

Even better (well, actually, this a lie, NOTHING could be better than the Doctor trying to escape from Annie's clutches, NOTHING) was her commentary on that random dude being stupid and going up to the giant, scare, and obviously not friendly alien. Actually, all her commentary is good and funny, but that was a good spot there. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THE DOCTOR HINT HIS SUSPICIONS OF ANNIE BEING AN ALIEN!

I start dying all over again when Annie mention how RELIEVED the Doctor was to have his hand back...only to get it taken hostage yet again. YOU HAD HIM POUT. HE POUTED. HIS FACE WAS POUTING. ASDFGHJKL; I can't even-asdfghjkl;

Then you had him become all Oncoming Storm. I could just kiss you for that (figuratively speaking anyway). THANK YOU FOR NOT IGNORING THE DOCTOR BEING SUSPICIOUS AND ACCURATELY WRITING HOW HE WOULD REACT! I mean, the guy threatened a rabbit because he thought it was a Zygon, a rabbit, A RABBIT. Also, poor Annie. But I couldn't help but let out an 'awww.' The fluff was just making me feel all warm and cuddly even though she was bawling and snort and tears were going everywhere but despite that it was just too adorable.

Than having her being hauled around? Too awesome. Just too awesome.

I like how you ended it on an action bit when tensions were high and there was a bunch of excitement! Really pumped me up for the next chapter. :D

And, as per usual, only "mistakes" (minor things that don't affect the quality of the story itself but would be frosting on top if adjusted) were the spelling and grammar, something that could be easily remedied with a beta.
Fan Fictional Authoress chapter 3 . 11/30/2014
Yes, I just-yes-so much win...! The first two sentences are awesome. I just love how Annie admits that she thought her reaction to everything was lame. Seriously made my day. :D

Even better was how she had to struggle just to go to the bathroom. How no one wanted to leave her alone. The peeing-in-a-cup bit killed me, totally un-alived me. XD I just died from hilarity.

Also like how she took to hiding in the bathroom, but I'm kind of skeptical that no one knocked on the door after awhile, especially if the adults considered her a priority and weren't even going to let her go into the bathroom by herself in the first place. It's the only major issue in this chapter besides some grammar and spelling, but even then, it's not too big of a deal.

Also, extremely nice touch that Annie didn't find the Doctor right away, only to just about get a concussion when she does! Also, you humor is showing. This is just too perfect...
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