Reviews for I'm A What Now?
Guest chapter 5 . 5/12
Oh noooo! You haven't updated in over a year?! But this is so good! You're a really talented writer and I would love to read more!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/11
I've only read two chapters but I'm already hooked! Finally! Something original for once! This deserves more reviews!
SilentEliza chapter 5 . 5/11
Please update. I'm dying to see what happens next!
Aista chapter 5 . 4/12
Loved it. Favorite scene was probably the hospital room when 'Andy' started having the panic attack, funny stuff.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/11
This is really good! It's gonna be a great story. I want to see where this goes so please please please update if you can. :) :)
Cyril chapter 5 . 4/5
I seriously like you fan fiction, I mean seriously, but you haven't update in ages! Excuse me while I curl up into a ball and cry in the corner.
Please update! You have spin on the classic OC insert story that has me addicted, don't leave me hangin' !
Cisselah chapter 5 . 4/2
Don't you dare end it like that! It is, without a doubt, the cruelest thing anyone has done to me this week. I find this amazing story, well-written, original, funny, fast-paced and smart, and then it ends after chapter 5, and there's a cliffhanger! A cliffhanger! How am I supposed to get anything done now? It's like buying a cupcake and thsn dropping it on the floor after one bite. I'm begging you, unknown author that deserves to be worshipped in seven galaxies and given a starwberrycupcake that has not been dropped on the floor, pretty, pretty please write another chapter.

P.s, I love the way youwrote the Doctor and totally laughed at the handholding and Andy's attitude to the Doctor's ire. Give me more!
Almadynis Rayne chapter 5 . 2/5
This is a wonderful story. I love your premise, and the writing style. I hope you keep it up!
Gladoo89 chapter 4 . 2/5
I just read again the whole story, I love it so much! :)

I hope you are well & that you'll update soon. :3
JediKendalina chapter 5 . 1/25
Great story, I was grinning like an idiot the entire time I was reading it. I hope you update soon!
Jesse Wales chapter 5 . 1/1
Just added my piece of spam via Fan Fictional Authorness. This is my second time reading your story, and I laughed harder the second time. It is a completely unique idea, and I looked forward to seeing how it progresses. Generally, when an author doesn't uodate for a while, I imagine how I would write the story. I must say, I have no idea what to do with yours. It's so intriguing and out there that the best continuation can only come from you. I wait in anticipation, and good job/luck.
lostiesgirl chapter 5 . 1/1
Now that's interesting, considering s/he remember quite a fair bit of the episode. Or is this foreshadowing as to the circumstances our protaganist ended up it? Memory loss or something?

Or is this the start of you becoming Joker jr?

Oh, so s/he not human then? Interesting...

Course, you're Time Lord fine.

Yeah, Doctor, not cool.

Well, Martha wasn't really that much of a flirt. But I agree with her awesomeness.

It's too bad you haven't updated in months, but I think this would be a great addction to my Doctor who community of oc companions.
lostiesgirl chapter 4 . 1/1
Oh come on, you're not Scrappy Doo!

Well, you did try to look for him, it's more like a not kidnapping.

You are one of the more ruder Doctors, Ten.

It didn't seem like filler, it's quite good.
lostiesgirl chapter 3 . 1/1
Oh poor little... person.

Nah, I think the first paternal Doctor was the first. Ten hasn't really been near any child to warrent a paternal stuff.
lostiesgirl chapter 2 . 1/1
Wow, this was interesting.

This is a fairly new spin on arriving in the Whoniverse, the fact that the protaganist is still of sound mind yet with the tendencies of a young boy.

Feels like a mashup of something innovating.

Also, s/he so got the Doctor's interest.
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