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dogman15 chapter 25 . 12/6/2010
By this point, I know there has to be some degree of separation from the canon timeline, because Cassie (nor the other Animorphs) never mentions having had a Yeerk in her. Of course, there's no hard evidence yet to completely disprove the possibility of these events occuring, but that's just me overthinking it again.

I had to look up who Ann Darrow was.
dogman15 chapter 22 . 12/6/2010
What, are they going to use stolen Helmacron technology to make Marco really big or something? Can they do that? Did they ever get a hold of Helmacron technology in the books?
dogman15 chapter 18 . 12/6/2010
Was Linda the name of Cassie's Chee in the books? Did each of the Animorphs have a specificly-named Chee that always portrayed them? I only own two books, so if you could accurately answer this question for me, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
dogman15 chapter 17 . 12/6/2010
I thought the bad news would be that, because the hologram projector would need a clear view of the truck, that the Yeerks had seen the Animorphs as humans.

And now I'm wondering if you'll be able to reign this story back into canon territory - it's venturing out a tiny bit. Unless that's what you intend? I prefer fan fictions that fit in fairly well with canon, no matter where in the timeline they're set, but even if this story goes into the territory of "mulitple teen Controllers around town, Cassie stays a Controller" route.

For this story to fit in well somewhere around books 29 to 40, Cassie must be proven free of a Yeerk and the Water Tower needs to be destroyed with no living Yeerks knowing the Animorphs secret. I hope the story ends that way, but I won't be disappointed if it doesn't, because it's so well written.
dogman15 chapter 16 . 12/6/2010
The news that Erek is bringing could be related to something Cassie's Yeerk did secretly with another Yeerk while Cassie was going to the bathroom.

That is, IF Cassie has a Yeerk.
dogman15 chapter 15 . 12/6/2010
I think, in this very VERY rare and unusual situation, being a one-time occurance, it would be okay for Marco to watch Cassie's back while she peed. Cassie the human would understand. If she had a Yeerk, that Yeerk would be pissed.

And peeing doesn't take five minutes... unless it's number 2. Either way, for a girl to have to "do her business" in the woods with leaf toilet paper would not be enjoyable... and I'm a guy.

Marco may have made a big mistake by letting Cassie go off by herself just for bathroom privacy.
Amethyst Asheryn chapter 7 . 11/4/2010
This is such a great story. Your characterization of everybody is great; special mention goes to Marco, though, since we're inside his head. I've read some pretty horrible Marco-centric stuff, so this makes me, as a big Marco fan, glad there are still people out there besides K.A. and her ghost writers that know how he thinks and acts.

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that the thing that convinced me to review this chapter was the conversation they have about what everybody's calling the restroom. Because that was just pure golden awesome, and I thank you so much for giving it to us.

This has been great from chapter one, though. I was referred here by the fanfic recommendations on the TvTropes website and I'm so glad I clicked!

Thanks for writing,

lily22 chapter 32 . 7/3/2010
This was amazing. It could seriously have been an actual book in the series - one of the good ones, not the crappy ones at the end.
elektra30 chapter 7 . 1/9/2010
Oops sorry. The quote I liked turned out funny when I reviewed. Here it is again:

One of your hours and seventeen of your minutes remain, Prince Jake.

Two things, Ax, sighed Jake.

Yes, Prince Jake. They are everybody's minutes, and I am not to call you 'Prince.'

Now that is classic.
elektra30 chapter 32 . 1/9/2010
Wow that felt like a book in the series... the tone, characterisation - you had it down pat! Excellent writing skills that mirrored KA's, and a great job with the characters. However, dealing with Rachel's Yeerk seemed a bit on the rushed side... surely that conniving slug would have a way to get out of being trapped? Hmm...

But anyway a good job in all, and I really liked this quote:

Two things, Ax, sighed Jake.

Arglefumph chapter 19 . 10/17/2009
Hey, the Marco/Jordan interaction was pretty good! I remember the Rachel book where Jordan mentioned she thought Marco is cute.
Arglefumph chapter 5 . 10/16/2009
This chapter was very well done. Ax is funny.
The Pterodactyl chapter 32 . 10/15/2008
ZOMG. I didn't think Animorphs fanfiction EXISTED, much less that GOOD Animorphs fanfiction existed. Thank God you proved me wrong on both counts. You must spend (or have spent, given how long ago this was published,) far too much time reading those books, as your style is nearly identical to KAA's. It';s been a long time since I indulged my very first fandom, and I thank you for the opportunity to do so. AWESOME JOB, DUDE!

The Pterodactyl
Switchblade237 chapter 32 . 10/14/2008
Oh. My. Goodness. This was by FAR the best Animorphs fanfiction that I have ever read - you kept them and their character dynamics eerily true to the actual books, and your plotline was consistent and intriguing all the way through :D Not to mention that it was hilarious - well done!
J the Drafter chapter 32 . 10/5/2008
This is an awsome story. Excellent characterization, great plot and pacing, and wonderful twists. It's nice how all the little details came together at the climax of the story. And man oh man are the Animorphs lucky that their pair of enemies were so incredibly stupid and greedy. If that pair of yeerks had put the slightest bit of thought into their actions the Animorphs would have been worse than dead. It was scary how well the yeerks played their roles, and how easy it was to forget Rachel's bizarre behavior. This was a superb story. I just wish the thoughtspeak quotes had shown up onscreen, because it was distracting to to see sentences without any marking what they are.
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