Reviews for Belonging To The Fog
camillablue chapter 18 . 5/3
This story is so good! I am loving the character development - it's nice and slow and believable. I really like your writing style as well. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words. Can't wait to read more!
j0ph33 chapter 18 . 4/19
This is so amazing, i can't wait for the next chapter... oh my gosh the psychological drama although not very original was very awesome i love it.. please update soon, you make so giddy with this chap really i'm gushing like a baby (:
jacquig chapter 18 . 4/19
Ohhhhhh PLEASE update soon. I think I'm gonna die now! Found this on GE yesterday and thought to check FF, you know just in case, and look 12 more chapters! Happy me.

Great concept, it's really original and I've been reading fan fiction for awhile now. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Question, and feel free not to answer right now. Does the necklace contain her memories? Is that why Lucius took it away? Or maybe Draco gave it to her cause they had a relationship or something? Just a thought.

Anyway, love your work.
meldz chapter 9 . 4/18
i hate this chapter, i could just kill Lucius! poor Hermione!
meldz chapter 6 . 4/18
yikes, i wonder what would happen if she would just storm out of the manor and flee. i also think that maybe Lucius just glamoured all the windows to look like there's a snowstorm outside. probably it was Narcissa that is in that creepy room because she became crazy after the war and instead of placing her in St. Mungos, Lucius opted to keep her at the manor just like what happen in Jane Eyre.
meldz chapter 4 . 4/17
i just want to know if this is purely mystery and angst and no chance of romance?
Isola chapter 18 . 3/19
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I emerge on the other side of a, uh, HECTIC *screams into pillow* overseas move en famille, only to discover that you've not only updated Belonging...but ALSO Play Cissy... You wonderful creature you. Tis the perfect antidote to my moving related PTSD.

This chapter is just awesome and perfect in its interactions between those two. I literally can't wait to see what happens and where you'll take this. So happy to have you back.
gaaraa chapter 18 . 3/3
You killed me with this chapter! Who knew Bella was holding the reins? What was the end to that sentence? I think I'm in love with you? Ah! *throws phone across the room* yes everything did change. He's even having tea with her like that explains it all. I'm dying with curiosity of how are dear pair will develop going forth. Hmm I wonder if H. and the boy are lovers, if they'll find each other again, or if he is even alive. And after that nice guy move, I'm finally starting to feel the tiniest bit of sympathy towards Lucius who may have honestly never wished for any of this. What lies behind that man? Maybe he's just as broken up inside and held prisoner as she is. Sigh I don't know if I can survive until the next chapter. I had a great time reading and reviewing and look forward to your next update. What a wild ride indeed. Bisous! Thank you for every wonderful word :)
gaaraa chapter 17 . 3/3
Hmm...Draco? I'll keep my lips sealed for now and wait. Bella is so crazed and astute her character is great. Right. So now finally clearly reading the genre as mystery I realize why the story seems so unfamiliar since I rarely if ever read that genre. It's a nice change from what I usually read and you're making me a fan :) Don't worry about the 21 questions I've been asking that's just me talking to myself. The masochistic part of me loves not knowing haha. God only one more chapter to go :( definitely going to go through withdrawals from missing the awesomeness
gaaraa chapter 16 . 3/3
Yay! Thanks for the PM! :) my very first one. I usually don't write reviews but I became determined to do so out of respect and appreciation for wonderful writers. Hope they give you a form of support!

There's that scar. Knew it was hiding somewhere. Your portrayal of Bella was beautiful. I'm sure you had tons of fun writing her. The part about how she'd said she'll break him. Oh. Oh! Can't wait to see how that pans out. I wonder if she referring to Voldermort when she speaks of love as it is so difficult to imagine him as a man. Great writing! She's so wicked! Wish I could just live inside your mind and see the writing process. :)
gaaraa chapter 15 . 3/3
No it's not your mum you stupid girl! How could it be? I can't believe it. I was rather surprised by the narrow bed since I imagined her in a standard sedan sized taxi this whole time. Damn that can driver. Disgusting. But I guess there are many dangerous types out there. Gosh it just gets worse and worse for our girl. My nerves are wearing just as Hermione's must be. There was this teensy bit of hope created just to be snuffed out again. Putting me through this emotional roller coaster! I love it but I'm also feeling a lot of pity for Hermione. I've read so many stories but it's a first to have read this far into the story and not have it turn even the teensiest bit up for the main protagonist. She seems to continually tumble down the rabbit hole and I feel so sad for her. I wonder at the end of all this will she find the salvation she's looking for? Is there a happy ending in store for her? Will Lucius suffer and die? Or somehow learn to be human and care for her? Possibly both may happen. I mean I love happy endings but I'm not fooled into expecting them in these deeply psychological stories. Hope she'll be okay. Thanks for giving the story what it needs and not what we readers intrinsically hope for. Tough love.
gaaraa chapter 14 . 3/3
Don't know if she's in for sunny or stormy skies. Wish she could just make one friend. Would think there would be some powerful way of locating her from her belongings if possibly Harry or someone were looking for her, a locator spell of sorts. I wonder if there are going to be any references to the real alice in wonderland story but there hasn't thus far so maybe not. Wouldn't that be awesome though? A rabbit, a caterpillar, some magical mushroom, cat, queen even that kind of dog broom character that sweeps up Alice's path so she's lost and has no way of retracing her steps? Man that Disney movie is trippy! They don't make them like that anymore :P. She's bound to meet some interesting characters none the less...
gaaraa chapter 13 . 3/3
Woohoo! Freedom! Of course she'll be seeing him again though won't she? Very impressive feat of wandless magic. Run Alice run! Get far away from there! End of part one? So some new and exciting things will be happening? How many parts I wonder? Gah run like the wind! Lucius is quite the devil. I'm glad she's getting away. I can't wait for her to get her powers back.
gaaraa chapter 12 . 3/3
The abuse of the last 24 hours sigh. I wonder what is Lucius' game? He let's Bella in on Hermione's captivity, let's her torture the literal piss out of her, he cripples her and then forces himself on her and the next thing you know he bandages her and is feeding her? Oh what a complex web you weave my dear. Still pretty clueless about his motives, feelings, etc. Hope something true and telling comes along soon. I really like how she always argues out the possibilities and reasonings behind things in her head instead of unilaterally assuming something or feeling a certain way. It makes her feel so real and human like I'm inside her head and she voices out all my concerns. Great job beautiful !
gaaraa chapter 11 . 3/3
No! That did not just happen. I find it hard to believe he would push her that way even to prove a point. Would he really lower himself as to touch and kiss her? I imagined he would do it in a more slow and elegant way and to unnerve her with every torturous second of it. Like how his hair is never out of place, it's surprising to see him acting rashly, uncool. But I'm glad she didn't derive any pleasure from it. Any we even have a Voldermort reference in this chapter. Lovely. He's most likely out of the picture though. Hermonie must be close to or in her early twenties? Post hogwarts and in college do I could only assume. I wonder if she's with Ron... Or if she's even ever been with a man. God I wish Lucius has a loose thread somewhere and I would love to just see Hermione pull on it and unravel him! She keeps saying thank you to him and being so polite even though all he does is insult and abuse her. I don't know she still retains this weird innocence to her, probably an inherent hopefulness that can't be stamped out which will probably just lead her to getting hurt more. It's hard to see things continually bleak for my favorite girl. Still so in the dark about it all.
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