Reviews for Tales of Fairies
AseCat chapter 1 . 11/17
omg! xD awwww! this was so cute and amazing! i love it! this brightened my day that was funny! xD OMG XD! I wonder how you came up with this!? it's so funny xD i could totally see that happening! this is hilarious OMG! this is so BEAUTIFUL! hilarious! i was dying from laughter at the end of this! omg! i was not excepting that at all!xD that was so cute!
mdmpinkie9088 chapter 540 . 11/17
This chapter is beautiful
I hope you write a continuation of this, although thats unlikely.
Ah well :) I still enjoyed this very, very much.
Brownkling chapter 9 . 11/16
Fcuk your nalu
quite-a-riot chapter 540 . 11/14
I'm honestly not even a fan of Harry Potter. But that was fucking hilarious. Thanks for that!
Nina of Fairy Tail chapter 64 . 11/13
Is it just me or am I reviewing every singlemone of your stories. I swear you need to start multichap fics for some of these oneshots. They're Fairy Tail Gold. Love this one. Fangirls for life. I mean I would at exactly the same way as Sabertooth did (except for the Rufus Part *mentally shudder*). REALLY GREAT JOB!
Nina of Fairy Tail chapter 61 . 11/13
GENIUS! I have never thought about it that way but that theory is super spot on. Plus, mixed with the hilarity of the other guilds (not to mention Fairy Tail) I'd say you got yourself a winner. I only wish you could do a multi-chapter fic. Hahhhh~, A Girl can dream.
Nina of Fairy Tail chapter 51 . 11/11
I LOVED THAT! THAT WAS GENIUS. NATSU AND LUCY FOR LIFE! Plus, could you imagine Gray's face at the end. Simply Invincible!
EminaHart chapter 400 . 11/8
pls update more about Hoarding Lucy Omake. thankies!
Reading Fanatic chapter 17 . 11/5
Okay... I just imagine this having actually happened during the anime. Who else can agree that this was actually a competition in the guild? Can I just ask if anyone else rolls around in books or if it's just me? It's not that weird! Stop looking at me like I'm insane!...Or looking at my review like the person who wrote it is insane... Did that make sense? I can't tell. Whatever. Can't wait for your next update!
LoveGlutton chapter 386 . 11/7
funkyunicorn124 chapter 150 . 11/5
funkyunicorn124 chapter 150 . 11/5
I soooooooooooooooo ship Ur and Nash!
funkyunicorn124 chapter 40 . 11/1
I have got to find out this whole other story you mention at the end of this one-shot
Guest chapter 183 . 10/29
I ship it
Guest chapter 181 . 10/29
Ribbons are powerful
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