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KingVessel chapter 45 . 9/12
Why is every chapter in here (excepting the Fairy Academy ones) not Canon?
Sky Poseidon chapter 50 . 8/5
Love this chapter!
DigiXBot chapter 369 . 7/20
Man, I find myself reading this again. Not hard to imagine that the fear of losing another loved one would eventually drive Lucy to kill
And after what we found out about Brandish, I bet she was thinking that Heartfilias are nothing but murderers in her dying moment.
Tsubaki chapter 244 . 6/20
Oh gosh, I just fell into rabbithole and found this gem again... I don't know if you're reading this, Stephy, but I teared up because of it, AND seeing it was dedicated to me! I completely forgot about the fact that you did it for me!
I still love it, your stories are such a source of comfort for me, and I felt I needed to let you know, if you are still around. I hope you are doing well, love!
Ame-Leah chapter 500 . 6/20
My goodness Steph you did such a wonderful job. I am crying as I am writing this review, I loved it to bits. So heartbreaking, yet heartwarming at the same time; truly bittersweet. Bravo, my dear. Bravo. ️
NeoJay7 chapter 558 . 5/17
Lack of Professionalism 25: Client fully expects Fairy Tail to be unprofessional, only to be mindscrewed when Team Natsu don't even react to their weird name.
bloomagreste21 chapter 558 . 5/16
I’m wheezing XD
bloomagreste21 chapter 555 . 5/16
Is this new? I was reading this amazing glorious fanfic for the bajillionth time and… is this newwwww?.?….
I think I’m going to faint.
Carla The Wizard chapter 38 . 4/27
This is canon you can’t convince me other wise XD
Carla The Wizard chapter 37 . 4/27
Pfft lmao the boys are traumatised XD
Carla the wizard chapter 36 . 3/6
Lmao I wish this was canon, it would be hilarious !
Carla the wizard chapter 35 . 3/6
We have nalu molesting one another.

We have happy in the kitchen hopefully he says theirs XD
Carla the wizard chapter 34 . 3/6
Ara!" Mirajane cooed as she clasped her cheeks. "Natsu is being so kind and considerate about Lucy's feelings! "

"That means I can't stay!" Natsu yelled frustrated. "I can't have any of her good food or sleep in her comfy bed!"

Mira ended up in a corner, depressed, as her fangirl-ing was ruined by Natsu's selfishness. Lisanna tried to smother a laugh at her sister's facial expression and merely patted her on the back. "Never mind, Mira-nee," she tried to comfort her, "there's always the next time."

"Stop being so selfish, Natsu," Erza scolded, "Lucy is our friend. A member of our guild. We are all entitled to visit her and ensure that she is safe while enjoying her company."

"Sure visit," Natsu stressed, "not invade her home like I do. You're eating all of my food, sleeping in my bed, bathing in my bath, breaking presents that I've given her, and more importantly the lot of you have been stealing my Lucy. It's all mine, you got it? MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!"

"Erm, Natsu…."

"If I see any of you breaking in again, I'll send you flying, got it?" Natsu snarled. "Because Lucy is mine. Not yours!"

"Natsu!" Erza shrieked. "Turn around!"

It was then when Natsu realised everyone, and he means everyone, even the likes of Laxus and Gajeel, had turned deadly pale as if their souls had vanished from their bodies in hopes to escape the upcoming carnage. He turned around slowly to find Lucy standing right behind him, her face bright red, her body trembling, and her eyes bright with an emotion he couldn't quite name.

"Err….Hi Luce!" he squeaked. "Ready to go on a job?"


And touch down! Your out !
Carla the wizard chapter 33 . 3/6
Aquarius teaching Lucy to use a whip was a very good idea , I can see Aquarius teaching her that (I can also imagine Lucy got her anger from Aquarius ?)
Carla the wizard chapter 32 . 3/6
Well said Bisca

Mummy," Asuka piped up, looking fearful, "why is Uncle Max is being so weird?"

"He isn't, sweetie," Bisca said as she dragged her child far away as possible, "he just needs some therapy."

Max ignored them as he began to rock back and forth.

He was a cheater.

He had cheated on Bertha the broom with Mindy the mop!


People began to edge away from him. He didn't care though. He was too busy freaking out. How on earth could he ever undo what he had done? How could he ever make it up? How would Bertha ever forgive him?!

("Psst! Lucy! Don't tell anyone but I swapped the broom with the mop to play a joke on Max, tee hee!"

"….You're an asshole sometimes.")
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