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Story Weaver1 chapter 22 . 10/15
Good job managing the mass combat. That can be tricky. I find it difficult resisting the urge to describe what everyone is doing all the time, and that causes pacing issues. I thought that was going to happen with Koneko, but you developed that scene into something relevant. Then back to Kirito for his reaction to the relevant thing. That was smooth.
Story Weaver1 chapter 20 . 9/22
Yes, now that you mention it, Kiba and Kirito both deal with survivor guilt. That is one of the appeals of cross-overs, finding those connections.

The first scene, the one with Asuna supporting her husband in this dilemma, was my favorite part of this chapter.
Story Weaver1 chapter 19 . 9/22
It is indeed nice to see Argo's peerage doing stuff. Not only is it interesting on its own, it is one of the changes from canon that you're talking about. Speaking of which, nice job on the Asuna vs Irina fight. Very different canon, and even though it has the same result as canon, it makes sense for the result to be the same.
Story Weaver1 chapter 18 . 9/15
Yui is adorable. That scene with her perspective was adorable, but you made that into more than just cuteness. You used it to set up a joke. In her defense, her particular situation does indeed make those sources appear legitimate.
Also, Suguha's chargin at being addressed as "Oba-chan" had me chuckling with Lizbeth and Silica.

The other scenes feel a little too cannon-y to comment on.
Story Weaver1 chapter 17 . 9/9
Klein as a P.E. teacher. That is perfect. He definitely fits the gruff image of a stereotypical P.E. teacher, but his personality would also fit. He would be a total teacher-friend to his students and help them develop; after all, he was the leader of the only clearer guild in SOA with a zero fatality rate.

Sparing scene was great. It was a good theater-of-the-mind scene and also a personal-emotion scene. Kirito knows that a spar would help Asuna relax, and he also knows that Asuna is strikingly beautiful when she is in lady-of-war mode, so it is a win-win.

As for Suguha the [knight], sure, that makes sense. The way it is staged from Kirito's perspective makes it appear like Argo does this to torment him, but it is incidental teasing (mild at most). Argo is scouting talent for her peerage, and Suguha/Leafa is promising talent.
Story Weaver1 chapter 16 . 9/1
Fantastic bridge chapter. It answers a lot of questions, and it is also funny. Poor Kirito, that is quite the bombshell Lizbeth dropped. Silica already appears to be on-board, and the thought may be wriggling its way through Sinon's mind. Asuna is not. That particular part of the scene was well done; tranquil fury of jealousy.
Although, I'm inclined to think there is some level of teasing going on, given how respectful Lisbeth and Silica are of the relationship in canon. If you go the Harem Route with Kirito, then it should be in a way that Asuna approves of. Whatever happens after this, it seems that Akeno will enjoy watching it.

More seriously, the sacred gears and Argo's peerage. Your explanations make sense. I'm fine with them. It's a good translation of abilities. Klein /would/ have a party-buff ability, for he is the only leader of clearer guild who never ever lost a subordinate.
As for Megumi Hikari, as long as she doesn't overwhelm the story, she should be fine.
Story Weaver1 chapter 15 . 8/27
PoH made a devil "fall from grace"? Yes, I believe that. Canon PoH is a corruptive poison in the form of a human being.

Kyuoji's swift defeat by Sugha was awesome. I enjoyed imaging imagining the scene you wrote; the sneak attack and three-hit combo. It was also kind of funny to hear him talk about how he is a mighty ascended devil, only to get clobbered by a human (a kendo champ human, but a human nonetheless).

Darn, Argo, you work fast! Not a minute after finding Sinon and her Sacred Gear, you're already offering a contract.
Story Weaver1 chapter 14 . 8/24
I must say, I enjoyed Yui's scene. That particular mindset of rational AI and childish innocence is intriguing when done properly, as it is here.
Also, Asuna going into Knights of the Blood Oath sub-commander mode, was an awesome moment for her. You set that up and executed it well.
Story Weaver1 chapter 9 . 8/17
Yes, I did indeed notice that Kikouka's discussion with Kirito is different from canon. I'm looking forward to seeing what those differences lead to your version of the GGO arc.

Also, that "machine made of ice" line. That is interesting.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/11
I'm glad to see this fic continuing beyond its inspiration. It has been fun so far.
When you wrote Kirito as appearing deep in thought, that came together with the word "otherwordly", and I thought, "he's gonna try summoning Yui!"
That made me excited. I eagerly read the next scene. It was a great setup and execution on your part.
Absolutely adorable.
Big sister Konneko. -
Story Weaver1 chapter 8 . 8/12
Yui is adorable. Picturing her reviewing data mentally and appraising her physicality while being nervous about the transfer-student-introduction was precious.

Also, Argo's scenes were fun. Greeting by piggy-back and then the teasing regarding Kirito's question about her true nature; very fun.

Poor Issei. And after Kirito's reassurance, too! _
Still it's nice to see Mil-tan enjoying the game.
cassnova5424 chapter 7 . 8/6
[This user died due to their heart melting]
The Black Wolf of the Arks chapter 32 . 7/8
...I have the feeling that Kirito and Azazel will get along really well... I feel sorry for Asuna for all the sheanigans they both will get into.
GreyAB chapter 32 . 4/2
Loving this story, has a nice pace to it and I am enjoying how you have mixed so and dxd.

One thing has bugged me (unless I missed something, which is possible) did something happen to the rest of Rias peerage as it seems that only Issei is being thanked by the ptb's? Or has Rias downplayed the involvement of the others in events to make Issei look good?

Anyway will look forward to the next chapter.
yellowgoodboat chapter 11 . 2/18
This is just going off on a tangent. omgg... its starting to get kinda bad.
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